Tablets, drugs to improve memory – harmor good, myth or truth?

Update: October 2018

There are diametrically opposed points of view about
medications to improve memory. Some say it is useful and
helps to cope with the increased intellectual loads that
it really helps and is effective.

Others say that it is only a myth that benefits from taking such
there are no drugs that can even have a harmful effect and
cause addiction to these medicines. Let’s try to consider both
point of view in more detail and figure out who is right.

Little memory

Memory is the mental function of higher nervous activity,
with the help of which the accumulation, preservation and
reproduction of previously received information. Memory allows
save a long time information about the outside world or reactions
effects of an organism, as well as it allows
use this information to properly organize
activities in the future.

The memory includes several different but related between
a process.

  • Memorization – entering new data, sensations.
  • Storage – the accumulation of data, sensations, includes
    their processing and assimilation. This process allows a person
    learn, develops his thinking and speech.
  • Reproduction and recognition – actualization of elements, actions,
    sensations from the past. Reproduction is involuntary.
    (elements “emerge” in the mind of a person without his will and efforts) and
  • Forgetting – loss of ability to reproduce and recognize.
    items that were previously memorized. It may be temporary
    or permanent. There is an incomplete forgetting when information
    is reproduced or is recognized with an error or in part.

Main types of memory

There are many types and subtypes in the classification of memory.
We will tell about its main types.

  • Sensory memory – saving information from the senses
    after stimulating them.
  • Tactile memory – saving information from receptors in
    the result of touch.
  • Motor memory – saving motion information, many
    may recall that there are movements that they perform
  • Semantic memory – the preservation of information about the facts,
    for example, learned stories, dates, multiplication tables.
  • Short-term memory – saving information for a short time.
    It has a small volume.
  • Long-term memory – saving information indefinitely
    a long time, including a lifetime.

The laws of memory

Few people know that there are a number of laws of memory. Is not
invention of the author, but real-life laws,
established and proven scientifically.

  • Закон повторения – информация запоминается
    much better if it was repeated several times.
  • Закон интереса – если человеку интересна
    information, he will remember it faster and better.
  • Закон края – лучше всего запоминается
    information submitted at the beginning and at the end.
  • Закон осмысления – если информация была
    deeply understood, it will be remembered better.
  • Закон оптимальной длины ряда – количество
    memorized information should not be larger than
    short term memory.
  • Закон установки – человек, давший себе
    installation that he needs to remember this or that information
    remember it faster and better.
  • Закон торможения – при запоминании похожих
    concepts, there is a “overlap” of the old information of the new.
  • Закон контекста – при запоминании вещей,
    which may be associated with familiar concepts,
    it goes faster.
  • Закон действий – если то, что запоминается,
    used in practice then memorization occurs more
    efficiently and quickly.

These laws can be used if you want to remember something.
faster and better, and also for memory training.

Causes of memory loss

  • Organic Brain Damage – Acute Impairment
    cerebral circulation, traumatic brain injury, tumor
  • Заболевания других органов и систем  — заболевания печени,
    of cardio-vascular system.
  • External factors – bad ecology, a sharp change in others
    living conditions, stress, sleep disturbances.
  • Age-related changes in the structure of the brain – decrease
    the number of interneuron connections.
  • Chronic intoxication – smoking, drug intake
    drugs, substance abuse, alcoholism, drug abuse
    means (sedatives, tranquilizers).

Treatment of memory disorders

If you need to improve memory, medication is not prescribed immediately.
First try to apply non-drug methods. To them

  • Прогулки на свежем воздухе быстрым шагом. With
    This increases the access of oxygen to the brain. it
    allows you to increase the efficiency of its work.
  • Нормализуйте режим сна и бодствования.
  • Вечерний тренинг — необычной тренировкой может
    become a habit of remembering all the events of the day in reverse
    order, that is, first and foremost remember what happened in the evening,
    and at the end – the morning events. Do it better before bedtime, lying in
  • Positive attitude, do not dwell on it
    – do not think that you have a bad memory, the effect of self-hypnosis
    nobody canceled. If in some point you can’t something
    remember, do not worry, do not get angry, but just get distracted,
    do something else, and then try to remember again
  • Ежедневные тренировки — решайте кроссворды,
  • Обучение — учите стихи, иностранные языки,
    do it regularly, gradually increase the amount of memorized

Drug treatment of memory loss

It is clear that to learn poetry, a foreign language, to solve rebuses is not
easy, you need to “strain” for walking and solving puzzles
should allocate additional time, which is working
there is practically no person.

It is much easier to take a pill, calm down and hope for a magical
medication strength – memory will immediately improve and nothing will be done
have to! The modern city dweller is so lazy and spoiled
the fruits of civilization, that now few people are so purposeful and
wants to spend your time and energy on training your memory. That is looking for
man the answer to your question – which pills to improve memory

So, consider two opposing views on this:


Positive opinion

Proponents of the use of these tools suggest that a number of
drugs helps improve blood supply to brain cells,
thereby, their nutrition improves and more oxygen is supplied, which
allows to improve metabolic processes in neurons (see preparations for
improve cerebral circulation).Лекарство для улучшения памяти

Nootropics help in this:

  • Piracetam (nootropil, piracetam, lucetam)
  • Noopept

Drugs that improve the rheological properties of blood:

  • Pentoxifylline (Trental, Agapurin, Vazonin, Flexital)
  • Vinpocetine (Kavinton, Korsavin, Telektol).

Herbal remedies are very common,
based on ginkgo biloba – this herbal preparation is not only
сам по  себе улучшает обменные процессы в нейронах, но и
enhances the effect of nootropic drugs:

  • Ginkgo biloba (Bilobil, Vitrum memory, Memoplant, Ginkgo
    Biloba, Tanakan, Ginkoum, Doppelgerts ginkgo biloba with vitamins
    group B).

Glycine is also a frequent recommendation of doctors, to whom
complained of decreased memory.

  • Glycine is an amino acid, it is involved in a number of
    biochemical reactions that produce GABA,
    which is necessary for the normal operation of neurons, which means for
    memory and attention.

But it should be remembered that any (absolutely any) medicinal
the tool has its contraindications and side effects, therefore
should be prescribed only by a doctor in each specific clinical

Negative opinion

According to some experts, there is a downside.
medals A few years ago, experts puzzled the question –
are these drugs effective or is it just a placebo effect (see
interesting facts about the placebo effect)?

As a result of numerous studies, the effectiveness
nootropics, including piracetam, has not been proven. No data
that it has a beneficial effect on memory has not appeared. One of
small studies on the efficacy of glycine have proven that
glycine is not very effective, but not heavy
cases. In America, glycine is not used to improve memory and
attention, it is only occasionally used in psychiatric clinics for
treatment of a number of patients.

Traditional methods and herbal preparations such as ginseng,
Vitamin E, Ginkgo biloba, practically have no research.
The evidence base is only about the use of gingko biloba in
patients with dementia. But no evidence of its effectiveness.
use in relatively healthy people is not.

В заключении хочется сказать, что думая о том,
which medications to improve memory are the best, do not forget that
they must be prescribed by a doctor. And evaluate the effectiveness in each case
must also be a doctor. Do not rely on the advice of friends, neighbors,

If inам кажется, что у вас ухудшилась память, обратитесь к
to the neurologist. Perhaps the problem is not at all, maybe
attention is disturbed, there may be some other problems. Also
need to find out the cause of this condition. And it can do
only a qualified doctor.

Автор: Ревус Олеся Григорьевна врач-невролог

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