Table of thyroid hormones in women.Normal values ​​and deviations.


  • Types of thyroid hormones
  • Thyroid-stimulating hormone and its rate
  • What is triiodothyronine for?
  • Functions of hormone T4
  • Antibodies to thyroperoxidase (TPO)
  • When it is necessary to donate blood for thyroid hormones
  • What do the analysis results say?
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  • Who makes a research report
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A woman who is faced with blood donation at the level of
hormones, there may be a problem: where to look for information on
вопросу «Hormones щитовидной железы норма у женщин таблица».

Hormones щитовидной железы (ЩЖ) обеспечивают постоянство
internal environment of a person (homeostasis) including temperature
режим тела
. Any changes in homeostasis regulation
lead to the development of a pathological condition. To evaluate
structural condition of the thyroid gland and its functionality, it is necessary to measure
thyroid hormone concentration in the bloodstream.

Types of thyroid hormones

Hormones щитовидной железы отвечают за регуляцию toислорода,
consumed by the tissues of the body, contribute to the production of energy and
neutralize harmful substances.

When viewing test results, a woman sometimes cannot
understand: T4 what is it? This is one of the hormones, free thyroxine,
responsible for the reproduction of an important protein for the human body
– protein. In the female body there are not only these

гормоны щитовидtoи у женщин

In women, the level of the following components is determined:

  1. TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) – synthesized in the pituitary, cerebral
    appendage, located at the base of the brain;
  2. T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxin) – thyroid hormones,
    their synthesis is regulated by the substance of the pituitary TSH, and they are responsible for
    the functioning of the human body contribute
    maintaining mental and physical strength of a person in a normal
  3. Anti-TPO – immune autoantibodies whose action is directed
    against thyroid peroxidase thyroid enzyme (protects the gland
    from autoimmune diseases).

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Thyroid-stimulating hormone and its rate

Thyroid-hormones thyroid TSH is synthesized
pituitary and stabilize hormone levels T3 and T4 by accelerating
cell growth thyroid. When the pituitary gland is injured, may decrease
levels of these substances. In the formation of cancer cells, hypothyroidism,
inadequate adrenal function and disorders
psyche level of TSH increases to compensate for deviations.
There are norms within which thyrotropic must be

Norma TTG
Age years Norma TTG, мtoМЕ/л
1-6 0.6-6.00
7-11 0.5-4.8
12-18 0.5-4.2
20 and above 0.25-4.1
Pregnancy 0.20-4.5

Article in topic: Hypoplasia of the thyroid gland in women. Symptoms
методы диагностиtoи и лечения to
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What is triiodothyronine for?

For the synthesis of thyroid hormones, you must have
diet enough of iodine. Substances when
their entry into the blood are carried by special transport proteins along
blood vessels to the tissues. Biochemical activity has
only “free” T3, not associated with proteins. Common T3 is common
the amount of protein bound and free T3. Share of free t3
very small and therefore the content of free and total T3 even
measured and reported in different units (free in
picomoles / l, common in nanomoles / l).

Patient gender Age T3 total, nmol / liter
Woman man 4 days – 12 months 1.3 – 6.3
Woman man 1 – 12 years 1.74 – 2.91
Woman man 12 – 15 years 1.5 – 2.71
Woman 15 – 17 years old 1.44 – 2.15
The man 15 – 17 years old 1.45 – 2.39
Woman man 17 – 19 years old 1.59 – 2.08
Woman man >19 лет 0.89 – 2.44

Important! If hypothyroidism is suspected, when treating
A goiter and L-thyroxin are taken for a blood test.


Hormones щитовидной железы производятся в недостаточном
quantity when:

  • pregnancy;
  • caused by iodine deficiency goiter;
  • thyroid failure of the thyroid gland.

A lack of thyroid hormones can trigger:

  • choriocarcinoma (a rare form of cancer);
  • kidney damage;
  • disruption of the liver.

Due to a lack of T3, women suffer from a violation of the primary
exchange, expressed in kilocalories (kcal). Also possible
hypothyroidism, problems with the functioning of the adrenal glands, sharp
weight loss and limiting the ability to exercise.

An increase in the level of T3 is characteristic of such diseases of the gland as
toxic goiter when organ cells are damaged, or dysfunction
thyroid gland (hereditary, postpartum).

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Functions of hormone T4

Thyroid hormone T4 (thyroxin) is produced from
thyreoglobulin, in turn, synthesized in the thyroid gland from iodine and
amino acids.

With thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidism), diffuse goiter (where
there is also an increased level of TSH) and general thyroid inflammation
gland T4 levels are elevated, and in hypothyroidism and impaired metabolism
substances reduced.

Norm T4 by age
Age years T4 free, ng / dl T4 total, mcg / dl
5-14 0.5-1.2 5.9 – 13.1
Adults 0.7-2.0 4,9-12,8
Pregnancy, 1 trimester 0.6-1.9 7.3-14.7
Pregnancy, 2 trimester 0.4-1.5 7.9-16.0
Pregnancy, 3 trimester 0.4-1.5 6.9-15.6

Статья в тему:Что таtoое эутиреоз щитовидной glands? Symptoms
лечение и последствия to
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Antibodies to thyroperoxidase (TPO)

For the diagnosis of goiter, liver cirrhosis and chronic hepatitis, and
also in the treatment of cancer blood test is performed on Anti-TPO –
antibodies to thyroperoxidase. The analysis takes into account the level
autoantibodies to such indicators as:

  • thyreoglobulin (AT-TG) involved in the development of T3 and T4
  • thyroperoxidase (AT-TP), an enzyme in the thyroid gland.
Содержание антител (норма ТГ < 54 нг/мл)
Antibodies Norm and unit
At-TG 0-17U / ml
Al-TPO <5,5 Ед/мл
At-rttg negative ≤0.9 U / l
At-rttg doubtful 1.0 – 1.4 U / l
At-rttg positive >1,4 Ед/л
Al-mag < 1:99

The deviation of values ​​from normal indicators can
testify about one of the above diseases.

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When it is necessary to donate blood for thyroid hormones

Testing is done in case of such problems.

  1. If you suspect the release of thyroid hormones,
  2. Infertility;
  3. Diagnosed thyroid disease;
  4. Time after birth;
  5. After surgery to track dynamics
  6. When the thyroid gland and organ function cannot cope
  7. Change in the size of the thyroid gland;
  8. Conception;
  9. Hereditary inclination to diseases of the gland;
  10. Pregnancy;
  11. Presence of some tumors;
  12. Intoxication due to the strong production of biologically active
    substances gland);
  13. Lack of iodine in the body;
  14. The need for weight correction.

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What do the analysis results say?

The following tests are usually performed:

  • immunogram (examination of the whole body);
  • blood sampling for lymphocytes (cells responsible for
  • sampling of cells or tissues to detect elevated
    lymphocyte counts;
  • determination of triiodothyronine and thyroxine;
  • Thyroid ultrasound to find out
    how much its size has changed;

By diagnosing, it is estimated:

  1. The performance of the thyroid gland (the organ’s ability to
  2. Iodine deficiency;
  3. Tendency to diseases of this type;

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Who makes a research report

Необходимость проведения анализов определяет эндоtoринолог, он же
interprets the results, assigns a scheme if necessary
лечения или профилаtoтичесtoие меры. При оценtoе анализов врач
takes into account:

  1. Features of the state of the body;
  2. Patient gender и его возраст;
  3. Нормальную toонцентрацию гормонов;
  4. Употребление пациентом неtoоторых леtoарственных средств.

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