Syrup Мангустина для похудения

Лишний вес — широко распространенная проблема актуальная
for women of any age. Besides being full, fatty
folds on the sides, wide hips, cellulite and big tummy
generates complexes and prevents to lead a full life, it can
lead to health problems: shortness of breath, problems with
vessels, heart and joints. With the modern pace of life and
permanent employment not everyone has the time and opportunity regularly
go to the gym. Diets provide only a temporary effect: discarded
kilograms most often returned.

Solving the problem of overweight and getting in shape will help
unique remedy – Mangosteen syrup.

Syrup для похудения Mangosteen

The principle of syrup

Syrup «Mangosteen» — инновационное средство, созданное на основе
fruit mangosteen, which is called in the east “fruit of the gods.”
The unique properties of the syrup help get rid of excess
kilograms without hard diets and grueling workouts. Thanks
the unique properties of the syrup is accelerated metabolism
fat deposits are burned, increased appetite is suppressed. Besides
In addition, a pleasant bonus is that the drug rejuvenates and
cleans the entire body, while hormones are restored,
нарушения которого приводят к набору лишнего weights. You are not only
you will lose weight and improve your health, but you will also become much
younger and more attractive. In just 1 month you can reset to 15
kilograms without changing the usual routine of life and
power supply. Unlike many other drugs for weight loss,
which are useless at best, and at worst are simply dangerous for
health, mangosteen syrup heals the body and improves


Syrup действует следующим образом:

  • Accelerates the process of burning fat, which could accumulate
    some years;
  • speeds up metabolism, making extra calories go to
    energy, not depositing on the body;
  • reduces hunger, causing satiety after even
    small portions of food, because the tool activates the synthesis of glycogen
    – an appetite suppressant. Thanks этому процесс
    slimming occurs easily and quietly, without interruption, as during
    compliance with diets;
  • normalizes hormones and endocrine function
  • Effectively cleanses the body of toxins and waste, promotes
  • reduces swelling and cellulite;
  • improves the gastrointestinal tract.


Syrup Mangosteen имеет целый ряд преимуществ в сравнении со
by means of a similar action:

  • Pleasant taste;
  • natural composition;
  • lack of contraindications and side effects;
  • fast long result in a short time;
  • lack of painful hunger;
  • cleansing and rejuvenation of the body;
  • increase of protective forces;
  • normalization of digestion;
  • tone and energy;
  • ease of use;
  • affordable price.

Where to buy, price

It is recommended to purchase Mangosteen syrup on the official website.
manufacturer to insure against buying fakes and
save money. Discount syrup costs 990

On the site, you can verify the originality of the funds by checking
unique registration code on the package. Shipping orders
carried out in all regions of Russia and CIS countries. Payment – at

To place an order, follow the link to the site and
fill in the form, specifying the country, full name and phone number where
you will be contacted in the near future manager for further details.
order. Оплата производится после получения order.

Beware of shopping on unverified sites!
The original jar of slimming syrup “Mangosteen” black
the colors on which the product name and image of the fruit is made
in turquoise and pink tones. In addition, on the official website
The supplier has the opportunity to check the originality of the syrup.
It is enough to find on the package means a unique registration
code, enter it in the window for the code on the site and

Remember that the official implementer does not require any
prepaid and consults buyers. Delivery
carried out in any city of Russia and neighboring countries. To pay
drug you can cash on delivery, only after receiving
parcels Here is the official website of the supplier:

Official сайт дистрибьютора, нажмите здесь, чтобы купить

Цена Syrupа мангустина составляет:

  • in Russia – 990 rubles;
  • in Kazakhstan – 5600 tenge;
  • in Belarus —310,000 Belarusian rubles;
  • in Ukraine – 360 hryvnia.


Syrup состоит из концентрата мангустина. This exotic fruit
contains xanthones – unique antioxidant substances,
promotes weight loss and rejuvenation of the body. Their number in
этом чудодейственном плоде в 40 раз больше, чем в BUTлоэ Вера.

�”Fruit of the Gods” contains a complete set of vitamins of group B, also
присутствуют в нем витамины BUT и D. Он богат фосфором, кальцием и

Mangosteen helps boost immunity, helps fight off
viral and bacterial diseases, destroys pathogenic
fungi and particles, and in Thailand it is even used in the treatment
cancer diseases.

With regular addition of mangosteen night food is normalized
rest, work of a cardiac muscle is adjusted.

Allows you to control appetite, stimulates the immune system and
protein metabolism, improves blood composition.


It improves the work of the digestive tract and the endocrine system.
Therefore, even in the case of hormonal disruption, the remedy will

Syrup is created by innovative technology that allows you to save
all its valuable substances. Каждая баночка сиропа содержит 25
ripe fruit of mangosteen. The lack of synthetic additives is
a big plus and has a positive effect on the process of losing

Instructions for use

To achieve the best effect, you need to follow a simple

  1. Dilute 0.5 teaspoons of syrup in any drink (tea, juice,
    water, yogurt).
  2. Take before breakfast and lunch. You can also drink a spoon
    at bedtime so as not to wake up at night from hunger.
  3. The course of reception is designed for 30 days.
  4. If you want to start the second course, it is recommended
    consult a nutritionist.

Чтобы избавиться от сильного приступа голода просто выпейте
1 teaspoon and hunger will pass!


Syrup is absolutely safe for health. Contraindication may
only individual intolerance, pregnancy and
lactation. Before you start taking the funds is recommended to visit
your doctor

Clinical researches

The drug was tested on volunteers. In the process of research
its safety and high efficiency has been proven.

Volunteers (overweight women) were divided into groups in
according to the method of losing weight (exercise, diet,
diet + sport, mangosteen syrup). Neither exercise nor diet
did not give such a result, as the reception of syrup. For the week of the woman,
dieters, on average, dropped 0.5 kg, those that were engaged
physical loads – 1 kg. Sport combined with diet allowed
volunteers lose weight by 1.5 kg. Women using syrup
�”Mangosteen”, lost 5 kg. Such a result struck even

Doctors reviews

Andrei G., a specialist in healthy nutrition

�“The syrup contains a high concentration of nutritious and beneficial
substances. The tool effectively controls the appetite, normalizes
hormones, so that women lose weight easily and quickly, and
the main thing is safe. In the process of receiving all patients note
improvement of state of health, vigor and lightness “.

Marina A., Dietician

Syrup прошел ряд исследований, показал впечатляющие
results and approved by world nutritionists. Properties of this drug
are unique. Он воздействует на саму причину появления лишнего weights.
I recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight and at the same time cares about

Ссылка на Меджурнал: Интервью с
an expert

Customer Reviews

Despite the fact that the drug has recently appeared on the Russian
the market, reviews Mangosteen syrup got quite good. Most
experienced its effect on the notes persistent and fast
results with little or no effort.

Olga, 37 years old

From childhood I was pyshkoy. I sat all my youth on diets, exhausted
yourself in the gym, but the effect was short-term. Worth the time
stop the hunger strike, as the arrow on the scales immediately crawled up. I
Already desperate and resigned to his fullness, as a given. Although
every year it became harder for me: after all, the extra
kilograms have a significant impact on all body systems.
When I read about the mangosteen on the Internet, I immediately thought that
This is another “miracle remedy” and can not help me. But here
A friend said she took it and pleased with the result. Decided
take a chance and i. What was a surprise when after a month the scales
showed minus 12!

Victoria, 40 years old

I was advised to urgently lose weight after my planned
survey. It turned out that I have serious problems with blood vessels.
feet. And the reason for this – my excess weight. Start playing sports
at the age of 40 it was impossible for me. The maximum that I could go –
this is walking. And diets for me were sheer agony. Besides,
I constantly went angry, irritable from hunger. Syrup
Mangosteen has caught my eye on the internet. The price was low, and
composition – completely natural, so I was not afraid of him
to purchase. In a couple of weeks I could already fly to my floor
stairs walk. A month later, my doctor did not believe the results:
минус 10 килограммов, ушли отеки с feet.

Svetlana, 26 years old

The extra pounds began to spoil my life after giving birth and
long lactation period. I еще молода и хочу нравиться мужу. BUT
then you look at yourself in the mirror – and to yourself is unpleasant. I tried
do physical exercise, but with a child in their arms especially do not run
in gym. Therefore, I was looking for a method more accessible to me. To me
told a friend about a new drug from an exotic fruit,
which literally burns fat. Syrup мангустина в аптеке найти не
I could, so I ordered it from the official manufacturer in
the internet. Saw, as written in the instructions, and after a month my husband
I could not tear off my admiring eyes! I вновь стала стройной и
a younger girl he fell in love with for ten years backwards


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