Symptoms with a lack of calcium in the body,foods containing calcium

Update: October 201eight

Calcium (Ca) is one of the most important macronutrients for the body.
human involved in the construction of tissues and metabolism. Element
ranks fifth in the list of all minerals available in
body, accounting for about 2% of human weight.

The role of calcium in the body can not be overemphasized. Besides all
known building material for bones and teeth, macronutrient
regulates the contractile function of the heart, nourishes the nervous tissue and
participates in impulses, lowers cholesterol,
regulates blood pressure, takes part in
transporting nutrients through the cell membranes and much

Calcium is extremely important for pregnant women – only with proper
its receipt ensures the physiological development of the fetus and
normal state of health of the future mother.

Calcium norm in the body

In newborns in the body is about thirty grams of calcium.
Gradually, the amount of calcium increases in adults and
is approximately ten00-1200 grams (on an average weight of 70 kg). Norms
daily calcium intake with food depends on
age and sex:

Age and sex group Norm
Children up to 6 months. four00 mg
Children 6-12 months. 600 mg
Children 1-ten l eight00 mg
Children from 11 l, young people up to 25 l 1200 mg
Women 25-50 l eight00 mg
Nursing and pregnant women 1200 mg
Women with 50 l 1200 mg
Women with 50 l, получающие гормонозаместительную терапию ten00 mg
Men 25-65 L eight00 mg
Men over 65 l 1200 mg
Athletes of both sexes 1ten0 mg

Causes of calcium deficiency

Behavioral and external causes

  • Inadequate intake of calcium with food that
    often observed with certain diets,
    unbalanced diet, vegetarianism, fasting,
    neglect of dairy products, etc.
  • Low calcium in water.
  • Smoking, excessive coffee infatuation (accelerate elimination

Diseases, pathological conditions

  • Violation of the absorption of the macro in the intestine, which
    occurs on the background of dysbiosis, candidiasis, food allergies,
    chronic enterocolitis, etc.
  • Diseases of the kidney, hematopoietic system, pancreas
    (pancreatitis), thyroid gland (familial, idiopathic,
    postoperative hypoparathyroidism in which hypocalcemia
    develops due to the increased production of parathyroid hormone parathyroid
  • Osteoporosis (treatment)
  • Lack of estrogen
  • Rickets
  • Lactose digestibility (dairy and other products,
    containing element).

Metabolic disorders

  • The excess in the body of the following elements: lead, zinc,
    phosphorus, magnesium, iron, cobalt, potassium and sodium, which
    promote the excretion of calcium.
  • Deficiency in the body of vitamin D3, which is involved in absorption
    element and embedding it in the cell structure (the norm for an adult
    ranges from four00 to eight00 IU).

Other reasons

  • Increased need for an element that is observed in the period
    accelerated growth, during pregnancy and lactation (calcium goes to
    fetal tissue construction or enrichment of breast milk), elevated
    physical and mental stress (accelerated consumption), menopause
    (lack of estrogen, absorbing calcium).
  • Advanced age (impaired calcium absorption).
  • Treatment with diuretic and laxative substances (accelerated

Symptoms of calcium deficiency in the body

  • Weakness, fatigue, decrease
  • Nervousness, irritability.
  • Dry and flaky skin, brittle nails. Elevated
    sweating of the scalp.
  • Tooth decay, caries.
  • Numbness of the fingers, face, cramps, pain in the legs and hands.
  • Signs of osteoporosis – brittle bones, frequent fractures or
    cracks, bone deformation.
  • Violation of cardiac activity up to the development of cardiac
    failure, tachycardia.
  • Subcapsular cataract (with prolonged hypocalcemia).
  • Increased bleeding, blood clotting.
  • Reduced immunity, which is expressed by frequent
  • Elevated чувствительность к холодной погоде (ломота в костях
    and muscles, chills).
  • Signs of calcium deficiency in children: impaired formation
    teeth and bones, pathological changes in the lens of the eye,
    nervous system disorders, excitability, convulsions, poor
    blood clotting.

Diagnosis of hypocalcemia

The condition is diagnosed based on the patient’s complaints and
laboratory determination of the element in serum (norm 2,15 –
2.50 mmol / l).

Treatment – how to fill the lack of calcium

  • Therapy of the acute state of hypocalcemia is carried out in conditions
    hospital because This situation is life threatening.
  • Chronic macro deficiency requires taking medications
    calcium, vitamin D3 and other elements, the normalization of the diet and
    exclusion of behavioral factors and products impairing absorption
    Ca or contributing to its loss.

Therapeutic drugs are prescribed so as to
the daily intake of the element was approximately 1.5-2 g
Vitamin D preparations are selected in individual dosage, based on
of needs organism. The course of treatment is usually long,
set individually. Modern Pharmaceutical
industry produces combination preparations containing and
calcium, and vitamin D3 and other pharmacologically necessary
active substances.

Calcium preparations

Pharmaceutical preparations are prescribed for the treatment and
prevention of conditions and diseases associated with
hypocalcemia, as well as to accelerate the healing of bone fractures.
Features of calcium preparations:

  • The composition must contain the number of elementary, pure
  • Better digestibility is achieved while taking with
  • Caffeine, carbonated drinks and alcohol significantly impair
    element absorbability;
  • Poor digestibility is also characteristic when combined with antibiotics.
    from the group of tetracyclines, laxatives, anti-inflammatory and
  • Calcium preparations often cause side effects in the form of pain.
    in the stomach, nausea, constipation.
  • Each drug has a number of strict contraindications.
    (pregnancy, urolithiasis, tuberculosis, chronic
    renal failure, childhood, etc.).

All drugs from this category can be divided into 3 groups:

  • The monopreparations containing a macrocell in the form of salt: calcium
    carbonate (four0% of the element), calcium citrate (21%), calcium gluconate
    (9%), calcium lactate (13%) and others.
  • Combination drugs, including calcium salts, vitamin D and
    other minerals. Vitamin D is involved in calcium metabolism, synthesis and
    maintaining bone architectonics, therefore such medicinal
    forms are more effective: Calcium D3 Nycomed, Calcemin, etc.
  • Multivitamins. Contain several vitamins and minerals in
    prophylactic dosages and are intended to prevent
    hypocalcemia, as well as appointed as an additional
    element source: Multi-tabs, Alphabet, etc. (calcium content
    1 tablet 150-200 mg).

Popular drugs

Calcium carbonate and Magnesium carbonate

Renny 170 -250 rub. (menthol, orange, mint). Contains calcium in
associated systemic form, 6eight0 mg of calcium eight0 mg of magnesium
hydroxycarbonate in 1 chewable tablet. It is applied for
eliminate the shortcomings of these elements, and also provides
antiacid action. Designed for use by adults and children.
over 12 years old – 2 tab. after eating, dissolving in the mouth (maximum 11
per day).

Calcium chloride


In 1 ml – 0.1 g of calcium chloride. Medicine,
prescribed for hypocalcemia, diseases of the thyroid gland,
vessels. Available as an intravenous solution.
adults (15 ml 2-3 r per day) and children (5-ten ml 2 r per day), in
diluted with glucose or sodium chloride.

Calcium carbonate + Colecalciferol

  • Calcium D3 Nycomed (500 mg + 200 IU 350-four00 rubles)
  • Complivit Calcium D3 (500 mg + 200 IU 3thirty rub)
  • Vitrum Calcium with Vitamin D3 (500 mg + 200 IU 500 rub.)
  • Натекаль Д3 (600 mg+ four00 ме four20 руб)
  • Neyches Bounty (600mg + four00 IU 650 rub)

Popular combination drugs that compensate for deficiency
element and improves its absorption. Under the action of the drug
elements absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is regulated;
synthesis of parathyroid hormones, increases bone resorption
tissue.  For therapeutic purposes, the dosage is selected in
individual order. With prophylactic:

  • children four-11 years old – 1 t 2 r per day
  • children over 12 l and adults 2 t 3 r per day.

Kalzemin Advance

thirty pieces fourfour0 rubles, 120 pcs. eight50-900 rubles. Calcium citrate + carbonate
500 mg, vitamin D3 5 mcg – a complex drug intended
to eliminate calcium deficiency and prevent conditions in adults
and children from 12 yrs. Contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, boron,
colecalciferol. Accepted 1 ton 2 times a day.

Sea Calcium

ten0 pieces. ten0 rub. Available in several variations – with magnesium,
zinc, selenium, vitamin C, iodine. Belongs to the category of dietary supplements and
acts as an additional source of these elements in the period
pregnancy, lactation and menopause in women, intensive growth in
adolescents and others

During the entire period of treatment must be monitored.
serum calcium level – every week for the first
month, then the multiplicity is reduced.

Eggshell from lack of calcium in the body

Many sources of traditional medicine promote consumption
eggshell as a natural source of calcium.
Indeed, the egg shell is 90% calcium. But
recent studies have shown that the digestibility of an element from
the shell is very low, even when consumed with lemon or else
somehow. Therefore, consider the eggshell as an alternative
balanced nutrition or therapeutic drugs not
worth it.

Sources give the following recipe for cooking egg
shell: thoroughly washing and removing a thin inner film from it,
the shells are dried and crushed into powder. Take with meals
half a teaspoon per day by adding a couple drops of lemon
juice. The course is 1.5-2 months, 1 time in half a year.

Calcium for the elderly – myths and reality

As you know, in older people, the risk of developing
osteoporosis, and many, caring for their health, increase
consumption of dairy products for sufficient calcium intake
into the body. Butвозеландские ученые поставили под сомнение
the need for increased calcium to strengthen bones for
people over 50 years old.

  • Mark Bolland with a team of University researchers
    Auckland analyzed 2 studies that related to the impact
    кальция на плотность костной tissue. One of them covered
    age group over 50 years old (13790 people). As it turned out,
    regular intake of calcium preparations and products with high
    elemental content increased bone density of the whole
  • Another study found a relationship between
    bone fracture rate and calcium intake. Participated in the survey
    более four5000 человек. It turned out that the regular reception of the macro
    does not reduce the likelihood of bone fracture.

Thus, the scientists summarized that no expediency
take calcium supplements or switch to diets with elevated
the content of the element in the products is not (in this case, calcium should
do with food in daily needs).

But enough physical activity, in particular, jumping into
2 minutes daily is a good preventive measure
osteoporosis for the elderly. But не будем забывать, что
this is just one study for a specific group
людей без учета сопутствующих патологий и особенностей organism.
If your doctor recommends taking Ca medications with confirmed
hypocalcemia or susceptibility to such, it should be performed

Prevention of hypocalcemia

Prevention of this pathological condition for healthy
people not suffering from diseases that lead to a deficiency of Ca,
consists in a number of elementary things, feasible to everyone.

  • Daily consumption of foods containing sufficient
    the amount of macronutrient able to satisfy daily
    the need for it;
  • Eating foods rich in vitamin D, providing
    transformation of sa in the body and its best absorption (fermented milk,
    vegetable oils, eggs, seafood, fish liver, fish oil,
    oatmeal, greens);
  • Prophylactic vitamin D supplementation for children in autumn and winter
    period (as recommended by the doctor);
  • Enough sunshine in safe hours
    excluding the period from 12 to 15.00, which provides the synthesis of vitamin D in
    human body;
  • Periodic use of a balanced vitamin and mineral
    complexes, but on the advice of a doctor and respecting the physiological
    dosage. Honeyикаментозная профилактика гипокальциемии особенно
    relevant for pregnant, lactating and elderly women;
  • Compliance with proper physical activity, sport possible.

Calcium-containing foods

Good nutrition with enough calcium is best
prophylaxis and hypocalcemia, and diseases associated with
macronutrient deficiencies. Calculate due consumption of those or
other products easily, knowing the daily rate and the amount of the element in
ten0 гр продукта. Much calcium in dairy products, however with
age, their digestibility is deteriorating, so rely only on
этот источник элемента не worth it. Also in large amounts of calcium
found in vegetables, seafood, nuts.

Some Features Concerning Calcium Absorption

  • Усвояемость Са из молока составляет всего thirty %;
  • Products of plant origin are characterized by 50%
    macrocell digestibility;
  • The diet should be rich in foods containing vitamins D, C
    and magnesium;
  • Nicotine, alcohol, coffee, soda (especially cola), sausages,
    smoked foods contribute to the leaching of Ca and impair its absorption;
  • Salt also contributes to the removal of macronutrients from the body and
    negatively affects the gastrointestinal tract, worsening absorption.
  • Average daily intake of calcium for an adult should
    составлять ten00-1500 мг. This amount is due to the fact that
    all calcium listed on food is digested
    by the body.

What foods contain calcium – table (amount of calcium –
мг на ten0 гр продукта)

Milk products Meat fish
Skim milk powder 1155 Sardines, canned 3eight0
Parmesan cheese 1thirty0 Mackerel  2four0
Dutch Cheese tenfour0 Salmon fish  2ten
Cheese “Cheddar”, “Russian” ten00  Crabs  ten0
Cheese “Poshekhonsky” 900  Shrimp  90
Swiss Cheese eight50  Oysters, anchovies  eight2
Cheese “Roquefort” 7four0  Carp  50
Natural dry cream 700  Squid  four0
Goat cheese 500  Milk Sausages  35
White cheese  5thirty  Pike  20
Cream Cheese 520  Rabbit  nineteen
Mozzarella 515  Hen  17
Feta 360  Beef, lamb  ten
Condensed milk thirty7  Beef liver, fatty pork  eight
Soft cheese 260  Pork fat  2
Simple yogurt 200  Овощи, фрукты, орехи
Bold cottage cheese 150  Sesame  7eight0
Ice cream 1four0  Almond  2thirty
Fruit yoghurt 136  Dill  20eight
Fat kefir (3.5%), acidophilus, yogurt, whole cow
120  White beans  nineteenfour
Сливки жидкие ten % 90  Hazelnut  170
Liquid cream 20% eight6  Brazil Nut, Arugula  sixteen0
Сметана, жирность thirty % eight5  Beans, Figs  150
Mayonnaise 50 % 57  Parsley  13eight
Sandwich butter 3four  Pistachios  1thirty
Creamy Margarine 1four  Walnut  122
Unsalted butter 12  Spinach  ten6
Grocery  Green onions, seeds, beans  ten0
Tea four95  Raisins, dried apricots  eight0
White chocolate 2eight0  Green salad  77
Milk chocolate 220  Garlic, peanuts  60
Coffee beans 1four7  Red Cabbage  53
Peas eight9  Red carrot  51
Barley grits eight0  Turnip  four9
Oat groats 6four  White cabbage fresh, sauerkraut  foureight
Chicken egg (yolk) 55  Kohlrabi, yellow carrot  four6
Cocoa 55  Wild strawberry  four0
Hercules 52  Radish  39
Rye flour four3  Beet  37
Wheat groats 27  Radish  35
Tomato Paste 20  Grapefruit, Orange, Brussels Sprouts  3four
Buckwheat, semolina 20  Onion  31
Pasta nineteen  Grapes  thirty
Pic eight  Apricot  2eight
Honey four  Fresh mushrooms  27
Bakery products  Cauliflower, green peas, pumpkin  26
Black bread ten0  Cucumber, asparagus beans  22
Wheat Cereal Bread four3  Peach pear  20
Bun 21  Apple, melon  sixteen
Wheat bread 20  Eggplant  15
Juices, drinks  Ground Tomato, Watermelon  1four
Cocoa с milkм 71  Potatoes  ten
Grape juice 20  Green pepper  eight
Apple juice, tomato 7  An Apple  7

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