Symptoms, treatment of pink lichen inhuman

Update: October 2018

Pink lichen, or pitiriaz, or lichen of Giber – enough
распространенное кожное заболевание, которое поражает human чаще
after a cold or viral illness, when the immune
the system is weak. It is believed that women have pink zoster
occurs more often than men. And most exposed to it
appearance of children after 10 years and adults up to 40 years.

Переболев однажды, у human должен возникнуть стойкий
immunity against this disease, however, is sometimes recorded
cases of deprived relapse with a sharp decrease in the body’s defenses.
Also in most medical reference books and other sources.
it is believed that this is the case of the disease when no treatment
розового лишая у human проводить не стоит.

Within 6-8 weeks after the onset of the onset of lichen, should
self-healing occurs, then repeated relapses be in
no further. However, there are severe cases when the area
skin lesions are extensive and a person experiences both physical and
psychological discomfort, besides the duration of the disease can
delay up to 3 – 6 months. Therefore, to relieve symptoms and
For signs of pink lichen, various ointments and liquids are used,
folk remedies treatment.

Причины возникновения розового лишая у human

It has not yet been clarified what causes deprivation
Giber, and that is its causative agent. Some researchers
allow for the relationship of pink lichen with herpetic viral
infection, namely the herpes virus 7 and 6.

Это объясняется тем, что в начале появления сыпи у human
иногда возникают симптомы гриппа и то, что пик заболеваемости
falls on autumn and spring when there is a sharp
temperature drops, immunity weakens, outbreaks are recorded
colds, flu, ARVI.

The question of how the pink lichen is transmitted remains open.
от human к человеку и вообще заразен ли розовый лишай?
It is assumed that the mechanism of its transmission is possible
by airborne droplets. However, with a strong immune system
man is not afraid of this type of disease, because the defenses
the body easily cope with it.

There are also several theories of its occurrence, one
based on the fact that it is an infectious – allergic reaction,
the other is that this kind of licking is neither allergic
manifestation, neither a fungal disease, nor a symptom of an internal
diseases, but simply the body’s response to hypothermia,
colds of the skin on the background of reduced immunity. Therefore, if
human был сильный стресс, длительное нервное перенапряжение,
body defenses weaken and one of the causes
Pink lichen also consider a nervous breakdown or shock.

Signs, symptoms of pink lichen

  • The onset of the disease is usually characterized by the appearance
    one fairly large 2-10 cm. pink spots. It’s taken
    call the maternal stain, it can be a different shade from
    pink to red, the skin is dry, and itching and burning
    present in only 50% of clinical cases.
  • Localized spot most often on the chest, neck, back, and,
    hands, feet and face usually pink versicolor does not affect.
  • After 7-10 days after the onset of maternal lichen, on the body
    a lot of small oval or round spots are formed,
    which are clearly visible on the background of healthy skin, their size does not exceed
    1.5 cm
  • Secondary spots have a feature grouped as
    Christmas tree, a little peel off and the edges of the spots have clear

Many patients are not treated by a dermatologist and independently
establish a diagnosis of pink lichen on the description and photos,
because the spots that appear are pink. Most
other types of lichen also begin with only one spot and also
have different shades of pink and red. Especially
confused scaly (color, multicolor lichen) with pink.
You can not treat any skin diseases on your own,
should contact a specialist, he will establish the correct diagnosis and
prescribe treatment.

 Как выглядит розовый лишай у human

Лечение розового лишая у humanMany people when appearing
pink lichen not notice any other signs and symptoms
except the skin lesions themselves.

Only some patients with significant overheating, after
hot shower or severe stress, itching and burning in place
skin lesions.

Also in some cases, especially in children, rosy versicolor
accompanied by cold symptoms – headache,
unmotivated weakness, loss of appetite, runny nose and pain in

Pink lichen should be distinguished from a variety of other diseases.
skin that can be very reminiscent of a lichen lesion. Therefore,
for any skin rash should first turn to
dermatologist, pass a skin scraping for a possible fungal infection,
since lichen pink should be differentiated from ringworms,
от  цветного лишая (отрубевидный), стригущего лишая,
microsporia. Other types of lichen can be found in our article – How
выглядит лишай у human. Syphilis, HIV should also be excluded.

Without an accurate diagnosis established by a doctor, you can not use
no ointments and preparations, since for the treatment of pink lichen is not
intensive therapy is required which can only aggravate
recovery process. Only a doctor after a thorough diagnosis.
can differentiate rosy versicolor from the following diseases,
symptoms that are similar to the symptoms of pink lichen, and treatment
completely different:

  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis (Psoriasis – causes)
  • Ringworm that is caused by fungi – trichophytia
    smooth skin, ringworm, microsporia.
  • Many people confuse pink versicolor with color (multi-colored or
    scaly), which leave discolored spots when tanning.
    After a cure for pink lichen the skin at the site of the rash does not
    it becomes discolored, it distinguishes it from pityriasis versicolor. BUT
    lichen-colored lichen is treated only with antifungal
  • Syphilis, symptoms of secondary syphilis may resemble pink
  • BUTллергическая сыпь, в том числе от приема лекарственных
  • Chronic lichenoid pitiriasis.
  • HIV infection can also be accompanied by a rash similar to

The treatment of pink lichen giber

What to do NOT:

  • You can not treat pink lichen iodine, alcohol,
    pure salicylic acid ointment containing sulfur
    salicylic acid and iodine are very irritating and dry

Никакого специфического лечения при розовом лишае у human не
required, as it most often passes on its own. But,
in order to avoid any complications, observe some rules in
time of illness should still be:

  • You can not steam, soak the skin, wash it with very hot water.
    affected skin. You can not take bath with pink lichen,
    in order to avoid the spread of rash, because the lichen spore disputes
    are carried by water to the whole body. It is advisable not to wet the area at all.
    lesions, in a pinch to take a shower, do not use a washcloth
    and soap, and after a shower you should not wipe yourself with a towel, but only get wet
    body. Also immediately after the shower should be treated dried rash.
    means, solutions, oils, described below.
  • Exposure to direct sunlight, in contrast
    from other types of lichen, with rosy lichen, UFOs can worsen
    condition, therefore it is necessary to minimize the influence of ultraviolet.
    If sun exposure improves skin condition, and blemishes change
    the color is light, therefore, it’s not a pink shingles, but a color
    (varicolored, scaly).
  • No synthetic clothing should be worn.
    underwear, clothes, it aggravates the process of inflammation.
  • Try to avoid prolonged exposure to sweat.
    пораженную skin Therefore, чтобы не было зуда и чтобы не
    provoke the progression of rosy lichen should be avoided
    physical overvoltage, overheating of the body, not worth it
    play sports or allow excessive physical
  • It is necessary to follow a hypoallergenic diet, since many
    Doctors tend to believe that pink versicolor arises as
    allergic reaction, and alcohol should be excluded,
    because it provokes any inflammatory processes.

Tablets during treatment

  • In case of severe pruritus it is possible to take antihistamines.
    remedies (allergy pills) such as Cetrin, Claritin,
    Suprastin, they do not cure the lichen, do not shorten the recovery time, and
    only eliminate itching. Cetrin, Zodak, Zyrtec are antihistamines.
    3rd generation products that do not cause sedation,
    have drowsiness, and effectively relieve itching.

Treatment of pink lichen ointments

Do not use ointments that can be annoying.
действие на skin Also, you can not apply the ointment,
containing corticosteroid drugs, they can only be prescribed
doctor with severe itching.

A complete list of all known hormonal ointments and their harm
read our article Hormonal and non-hormonal ointments from
psoriasis. These are effective tools that lead to fast
reduce symptoms but have a devastating effect on
the body becomes addictive to them, they thin the skin and cause
to its atrophy, as well as after a clear improvement in the relapse of dermatitis,
allergic reactions, psoriasis are increasing and occur with even worse
manifestations. Try to avoid using
hormonal creams and ointments.

  • Можно смазывать сыпь маслом для смягчения кожи  —
    peach, sea buckthorn, rosehip, or St. John’s wort, oil
  • In order to avoid penetration of the infection on the affected skin,
    обрабатывать сыпь антисептиками —  Сангвиритрином,
    Chlorophyllipt, Romazulan ointment, can also treat the skin
    natural apple cider vinegar up to 7 times a day (see how to cook
    homemade apple vinegar alone).
  • Celandine juice or tincture can also be used to
    pink lichen therapy (see how to make juice from celandine).

    BUTвтор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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