Symptoms of umbilical hernia in babies and how it isto treat

Пупочная грыжа у грудничка – это проблема, которая
arises often enough and therefore often becomes the subject
delusions and disputes. In addition to the traditional and recommended children’s
surgeon measures such as massage or gymnastics, parents often
resort to conspiracies.

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  • 1 Symptoms of umbilical hernia
  • 2 Causes of umbilical hernia formation
  • 3 Treatment of umbilical hernia
    • 3.1 Видео: Массаж при пупочной грыже
    • 3.2 Видео: как to treat пупочную грыжу у младенца

пупочная грыжа у грудничка

Symptoms of umbilical hernia

The umbilical hernia is a hole in the muscle ring in the center.
belly, around the navel, caused by weakness
umbilical muscles. It occurs, as a rule, in newborns, usually
in the first days of a child’s life.

Symptoms of umbilical hernia у младенцев

Symptoms of umbilical hernia у младенцев легко заметить даже
inexperienced parents. After the baby’s umbilical cord disappears,
parents may notice a slight protrusion of the navel, which
appears when the child screams or strains. Such bulging
easily reset, this procedure does not cause concern
baby Over time, the hernia may increase. If muscle
umbilical rings are large (hernia also has
significant size), you can see that the baby’s tummy in the area
the navel gets a little swollen when the baby cries.

Most often, an umbilical hernia is diagnosed by a pediatric surgeon or
pediatrician during the examination, which is carried out when the child is full
month. When pressed in the navel finger falls into the abdominal
cavity (with normally developed abdominal muscles, this is impossible).

Causes of umbilical hernia

The main reason for its occurrence is heredity. Other
in words, if the parents of a baby had an umbilical in early childhood
hernia, great chance that their son or daughter will also face it.
Sometimes you can find the opinion that the cause of a hernia becomes
improper cutting of the umbilical cord in the hospital, which, of course, is wrong,
since the umbilical cord cut method has nothing to do with
the development of abdominal muscles.

Umbilical Hernia Treatment

Пупочная грыжа у младенца

Parents whose baby was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia,
конечно, должны знать, как to treat пупочную грыжу у грудничка.
The good news for them will be the news that a hernia is even pretty
large size, they often heal themselves: as
the development of the child’s abdominal muscles are getting stronger, the ring narrows and hernia
closes without special treatment, whether conservative or
surgical intervention.

In order to successfully cope with a hernia, as well as for
prevention of its occurrence is very important to ensure the child
proper care.

Before each feeding you need to lay out the crumbs on the belly on
a short time. The child should lie flat and firm.
surface, on a table or changing table, on which
put a diaper. Begin to spread the crumbs need after full
healing of the umbilical wound, and, of course, in no way
throw the baby unattended even if the parents are completely
sure that the baby will not turn over, because it does not know how
do, and therefore, will not go anywhere.

Хороший эффект при профилактике и лечении пупочной грыжи у
грудничка дает массаж животика. For this you need to turn to
professional masseuse (of course, after consultation with
pediatrician). In addition, it is very useful to do the massage yourself.

Видео: Массаж при пупочной грыже

Massages start from the second week of the baby’s life, with
provided that the umbilical wound healed and does not bother the baby.
It is recommended to carry out stroking movements (strictly clockwise).
the arrow, because in this way in the body passes fat
intestine), the so-called counter stroking and stroking
oblique abdominal muscles. In order to perform counter
stroking, you need to hold the left hand on the right side
belly up, and right – on the left side of the belly – down
(movements are performed synchronously). Stroking the oblique abdominal muscles
performed as follows: one hand should be put on the navel, the second
perform light stroking movements. All movements must be
easy and bring the baby pleasure. During the
Massage crumb should not cry. (How to properly massage

 как to treat пупочную грыжу у грудничка

If this treatment does not help, the surgeon recommends
an operation during which the umbilical ring is closed. how
As a rule, an operation is recommended until the child reaches five.
years old. 

It is also important to remember that in the presence of an umbilical hernia in
In rare cases, intestinal muscles may be injured, which is dangerous and can
cause serious illness. Therefore, if you suspect any
pain in the abdomen should be more likely to get to the doctor.

Видео: как to treat пупочную грыжу у младенца

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