Symptoms of thyroid: secret thyroid signalsglands in women and men

Update: April 2019

At the subconscious level, we often associate diseases
thyroid gland with its increase – goiter. In fact,
deviations in the work and structure of this body are not always visible to the eye.
Even outwardly normal neck can carry the thyroid with problems,
requiring immediate response.

Diseases of the thyroid gland can occur with the development of normal
thyroid hormone levels.

But most often the malfunction of the gland is associated with an increase in its
hormonal levels or with a significant decrease. Therefore, on
It is easier for the practice to single out the signs of the enhancement function and its fall:
hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, which are not so difficult to notice.

Symptoms of high hormones

The patient has thyroid gland actively producing triiodothyronine and
thyroxin, there is a feature – it accelerates all types of exchanges. Faster
fat is burned, sugar is utilized, protein is broken down, excreted
heat. This is easily noticed in a person with an autoimmune bloom.
thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, goiter Graves. The same signs gives
thyroid cancer and taking high doses of an arrhythmia drug like

  • The heart starts beating more often than 90 beats per minute. During
    excitement and even at rest. You may feel uneven rhythm with
    fading or jogging beats. Pushes in a throat can be felt /,
    accompanied by a sense of fear and breathlessness.

  • The skin becomes warmer and more moist than usual. Can
    increase sweating. Feeling hot and flushing. AT
    the warmth of a person is stuffy.
  • The trembling of fingers and hands is noticeable. First this
    is celebrated only with mental stress, and then increases and
    happens to be constant.
  • Increased hunger. The chair becomes frequent up to several times.
    per day. The stomach periodically swells up and hurts.
  • A typical weight loss that increases dramatically with intact or
    increased appetite. Not only is the thickness of the fat layer reduced, but
    and weaken muscles.
  • In the early stages with moderately elevated gland function
    working capacity is growing, but as the disease grows stronger
  • Fast response, recovery, but fast burnout are typical,
    irritability, nervousness, tearfulness
  • With severe and prolonged increase in hormones increases
    anxiety, fear or aggression.
  • Sexual attraction first increases and then disappears.
    The characteristic signs of thyroid in women are cycle disorders,
    Difficulty in conceiving and carrying a pregnancy. Men
    traps an erection disorder.

Read more about the symptoms of thyroid disease, read

What can be seen in the eyes

Due to the fact that in a number of thyroid diseases, an immune
inflammation of the fiber behind the eyeballs, the eyes may become
more convex, go out of orbit.

  • The feeling of sand in the eye, eyelid swelling and redness are also
    frequent sign.
  • Blinking can be rare.
  • It is difficult to consider close subjects, focus on
    of them.
  • Closed eyelids are small and often tremble.

Low hormones

  • Palpitations slow down less than sixty-fifty. it
    may cause darkening of the eyes when getting up fast. With
    predisposition it can open the way for an irregular heart
  • The skin dries, often flakes, thickens, cools.
  • ATолосы секутся, тускнеют, ногти ломаются. Often fall out
    the outer edges of the eyebrows and thinning the hair of the head and body. AT запущенных
    Stages baldness – a frequent companion of men and women.
  • ATес нарастает. AT том числе за сет плотных отеков, которые
    first visible on legs, fingers and hands. With нажатии на
    such swelling of the fossa is not formed.
  • The voice becomes lower and rough – the ligaments swell.
  • Difficult breathing nose, hearing can fall.
  • Constipation, lack of appetite, bloating are typical. Leather
    often becomes yellowish or earthy, more
    pale than usual.
  • Muscles are weak, performance tends to zero. With тяжелой
    hypofunctions of the gland a person can lie for weeks without experiencing
    no desires and no strength to rise. He develops
    emotional dullness and apathy.
  • Sexual impulses are also absent. Delays are typical for women
    up to persistent absence of menstruation.
  • Reduced immunity leads to an easy occurrence of infectious

As the thyroid gland increases

What can be seen on the front of the neck in the area
Thyroid cartilage in diseases of the gland is called goiter.

  • If not, then the thyroid cannot be seen (except for a very thin neck)
    and do not feel.
  • If the gland is palpable, goiter has 1 degree.
  • If palpable and visible when swallowed – the second.
  • Does goiter disfigure the neck? Third degree
  • Very large in size corresponds to the fourth.
  • The fifth degree is the difficulty of swallowing, breathing and chronic
    pain due to compression of the nerves.

When to suspect a tumor

Cancer lesions of the gland are likely if:

  • ATиден или прощупывается зоб, имеющий узлы.
  • Enlarged cervical lymph nodes, they are more than 2 centimeters, soldered
    between themselves and with the skin.
  • The voice is hoarse, breathing is difficult, suffocation, dry
    cough difficult to swallow.
  • There is a weakness, weight loss.

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