Symptoms of sinusitis in adults, causes, types,complications

Update: October 2018

Sinusitis is a type of sinusitis when inflammation of the mucous membrane
occurs in the maxillary sinus – maxillary. This disease
not rare, it is very common, every year only
The United States affects up to 37 million people.

To establish the correct diagnosis and assign adequate
treatment should possess the necessary information about the signs
antritis in adults, types of maxillary inflammations, complex
treatment of sinusitis.

And also to consult a doctor in time and not to self-medicate.
To understand what signs of sinusitis are in a particular
clinical case, should be familiar with the types of sinusitis,
as the symptoms of the disease depend on it.

Causes of sinusitis in adults:

People with a weakened immune system are susceptible to this disease.
which nasopharynx permanent, favorable conditions for the development
infections. Most often these are patients with a curved nasal
septum, with chronic tonsillitis, rhinitis, diseases
teeth in the upper jaw. Older people are less likely to have sinusitis, more often
they suffer young people in the autumn-winter period. Main reasons
sinusitis:Признаки гайморита у взрослых

  • Infectious, viral diseases – flu, ARVI, tonsillitis,
    rhinitis. Неадекватное или несвоевременное  лечение этих
  • Immune system disorders.
  • Congenital or acquired abnormalities of the nasal cavity.
  • Obstruction of nasal breathing due to an increase in nasal
    раковин, вазомоторного ринита, аллергических diseases.
  • Chronic foci of infection in the nasopharynx – chronic
    тонзиллит, фарингит, rhinitis.
  • Regular supercooling.
  • Allergic predisposition.

Types of sinusitis and its signs:

Sinusitis in adults can be classified by the following
factors: According to the method of infection of infectious agents, sinusitis

  • From the nasal cavity – rhinogenous, more often in adults
  • Through the blood – hematogenous
  • After injuries – traumatic sinusitis
  • With inflammation of the teeth – odontogenic

Due to the occurrence and severity of the flow:

  • Infectious – it is caused by fungal, bacterial, viral
  • Allergic – characterized by the fact that the discharge from the nose
    transparent, serous or aseptic in nature. It has
    undulating course, with periods of remission and exacerbations.
  • Exudative option – most often is purulent.
  • Vasomotor – occurs in violation of function
    vasomotor as well as allergic it proceeds
  • Atrophic – atrophy occurs during long-term illness
    mucous membrane of the maxillary sinuses.
  • Necrotic – with an aggressive course in rare cases
    tissue necrosis occurs in the sinus.

According to the nature of the inflammatory process:

Acute sinusitis

the development of sinusitis occurs due to blockage of the output
openings of the maxillary sinus, it provokes the onset of inflammation and
leads to accumulation of pus in the maxillary sinus. Usually this
contributes to acute respiratory viral infection, flu, colds, as well as a risk factor for
sinusitis is the presence of chronic rhinitis. With acute
antritis symptoms occur abruptly along with other signs
colds – with pain in the forehead, cheeks under the eyes, congestion
nose, which do not pass in a week. As a rule, acute sinusitis
does not last more than a month.

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Симптомы острого sinusitis:

  • Increased body temperature, chills.
  • Nasal congestion with copious secretions, if discharge
    mucous character – it is catarrhal sinusitis, if purulent,
    mucopurulent discharge is purulent sinusitis.
  • Decreased sense of smell on the affected side.
  • Degradation of the general condition, weakness.
  • Headache from mild to severe, often radiating to
    forehead, bridge of nose, teeth.
  • When pressed, pain increases at the site of the affected
  • The nature of the pain is permanent, intense. There are sensations
    sneezing and coughing. When tilting the head down pain
    increases significantly, as if “shoots”.
  • Tearing and photophobia may occur if joined
  • Swelling of the lower or upper eyelid and swelling of the cheeks are observed.
    with involvement in the inflammatory process of the periosteum.

Subacute sinusitis

with inflammation with characteristic signs of sinusitis in
взрослых длится от  одного месяца до двух.

Chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis is considered to be if its signs and
general malaise lasts more than 2 months. He usually
develops due to lack of, ineffective or
inadequate treatment of acute sinusitis. Signs of chronic
sinusitis is not rarely mild, making it difficult
correct diagnosis. One of the hallmarks of the disease
is a dry night cough that defies traditional
treatment, because it is caused by the discharge of purulent discharge on the back
стенке носоглотки из пораженной гайморовой sinus Character
discharge from the nose depends on the form of sinusitis. So, the complaints at
chronic sinusitis have a maximum at the time of exacerbation.

  • Nasal congestion, nasal breathing difficulty, decrease
    sense of smell
  • Scanty clear or yellow-green discharge from the nose (usually with
    one side)
  • Headache, pain in the area between the lower edge of the orbit and
    the nose of the nose pain can give to the orbit or temple
  • Feeling of bursting in the face
  • Unpleasant smell from the nose

Objective signs (what the doctor sees):

  • Redness of the eye on the affected side, swelling of the mucous
  • Soreness when pressed in the infraorbital fossa,
    внутреннем углу eyes.
  • When viewed from the nasal cavity rhinoscope visible dense yellow-green
    overlay on mucous membrane, creamy discharge, swelling
    turbinates, sprawl choan.
  • When viewed from the pharynx on its back wall flows characteristic
    purulent path

Recurrent sinusitis

aggravation manifests itself several times a year.

Осложнения sinusitis:

Purulent discharge with sinus may fall from the sinus
the sinuses in the surrounding tissue, affecting the nearby nerves, orbit,
teeth, even the meninges:

  • osteoperiostitis of the orbit
  • reactive swelling of the eyelids and fiber of the orbit
  • otitis or eustachitis, retrobulbar abscess
  • venous thrombosis of the orbit, osteomyelitis of the upper jaw
  • pachymeningitis, meningitis, rhinogenic brain abscess, cerebral edema
  • meningoencephalitis, trigeminal neuritis

With the timely, effective treatment of sinusitis the risk of developing
complications after sinusitis is not great.

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