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Today, doctors emit a lot of diseases that
can cause pain in
epigastric region. Symptoms of pancreatic disease in
men проявляются гораздо чаще, чем у женщин. This is due to
the fact that they are more abused alcoholic beverages.

The first signs of pancreatitis, as a rule, do not cause any
suspicion, but in the future they may lead to
such terrible consequences as cancer or diabetes.

панкреатит у men

Types of pancreatitis

There are several varieties.

  1. Хроническая форма заболевания – проявляется
    inflammation of the pancreas, accompanied by a violation
    digestive and hormonal functions. Most often it is observed
    in people over thirty. Pancreatitis can turn into chronic
    form, if the attacks of pain begin to repeat more and more, taking
    more pronounced. Typically, attacks of inflammation alternate with
  2. При острой форме заболевания часто происходит
    inflammation of the pancreas, severe enough hemorrhages,
    tissues begin to atrophy and this organ gradually
    calcined. In most cases, the disease is accompanied by
    problems with the gallbladder – it can become inflamed
    fully or partially;
  3. Реактивная форма панкреатита является одним из
    species of acute form. Its symptoms manifest unexpectedly when
    the occurrence of complications of gastrointestinal dysfunction.
    Чаще всего данный диагноз ставится menам с повышенным риском
    diseases of this internal organ.

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Causes of pancreatic disease in men

The quality of the pancreas is directly determined
way of human life, dietary preferences, the presence of harmful
habits, frequency of medication and other
factors. It should be noted that her diseases never
develop without any reason.

причины панкреатита у men

The most common causes of pancreatitis and
other inflammatory processes of this organ are:

  1. Biliary tract dysfunction – it is considered one of
    the most common causes of disease
  2. Quite frequent malfunctions of the stomach and duodenal ulcer.
    guts. After all, ulcers, gastritis and other similar diseases are negative
    affect the flow of bile and iron suffers from some
    own enzymes;
  3. Pregnancy or the presence of diseases such as hypertension or
    diabetes mellitus, lead to poor blood circulation and create
    optimal conditions for the development of pancreatitis;
  4. Alcohol poisoning, food, various
    chemical means (acids, alkalis and pesticides) leads
    to the appearance of various problems with the gland associated with the violation
    amounts of enzymes;
  5. We should not forget about such reasons as the admission of some
    medicines – “Furosemide”, estrogen, “Tetracycline”, thiazide
    diuretic drugs and others;
  6. Too frequent violation of the diet, as well as overeating
    contributes to a significant increase in the risk of pancreatitis.
    Especially it concerns the use of fried, fat and spicy
  7. Smoking;
  8. Some people are diagnosed with allergic development.
    pancreatic diseases;
  9. Getting physical injuries to the abdomen, including knife and
    gunshot wounds. Moreover, if during surgical
    interventions caused damage to the gallbladder, then in
    the consequence can also be a push of the inflammatory process;
  10. The transfer of diseases of infectious etiology: acute or
    chronic hepatitis, smallpox, dysentery, liver failure,
    pigs, sepsis;
  11. Some people have genetic
    susceptibility to the development of the disease;
  12. In childhood, violations can occur in the human body,
    the result of which immediately begin to slow inflammation
  13. Alcohol abuse is a bad habit.
    considered to be one of the main causes of acute

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