Symptoms of increased estrogen in women


  • Hormone estrogen and its functions
  • Symptoms of excess female hormones estrogen
  • Reasons for increasing hormone levels
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  • How to reduce the level of estrogen in the body

This article will address this topic as an excess
estrogen in women, the symptoms and causes of this phenomenon. This topic
is extremely relevant, since this hormone has
significant impact on reproductive, psychological state
and the woman’s appearance.

Hormone estrogen and its functions

Consider in more detail what it is?

Estrogens are female hormones that play a special role in
the body’s work. The main of about 30 species are considered only 3:
estradiol, estrone, estriol.

The main functions of estrogen:

  • Participation in ensuring a healthy childbearing process.
    Under their influence the proper development of the uterus occurs,
    breast function is ensured during the feeding period
  • Normalization of the menstruation cycle.
  • Optimization of metabolic processes.
  • Participation in the formation of genitals.

The excess of this hormone affects not only
reproductive, but also on the condition of the woman as a whole.

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Symptoms of excess female hormones estrogen

Elevated levels of estrogen in a woman’s blood mean that
the body produces it in excess. Also reasons
level increases may be hiding in progesterone deficiency.
Lowering the latter, you can increase the level of estrogen.

Избыток эстрогена

The main symptoms of elevated estrogen:

  • Overweight.

Obesity is a major symptom with an excess of hormone. With
increased female hormones have a dramatic improvement in appetite,
which contributes to the deposition of excess pounds. Adipose tissue
has a special hormonal activity that contributes
produce more estrogen. Excess estrogen leads
to the accumulation of adipose tissue which releases an excess amount

  • Irregular menstruation.

With избытке синтеза менструальный цикл нарушается – могут
copious discharge or menstruation may appear completely

  • Some types of tumors.
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.

With повышенных эстрогенах показатель триглицеридов также
increased These are harmful fats that can disrupt work.
cardiovascular system, since it thickens the blood.

  • Malfunctions of the thyroid gland.

With отсутствии лечения данные нарушения могут привести к
reduce the functionality of the endocrine system as a whole.

  • Ovarian cysts.
  • Vaginal dryness.

The article in the topic: What is a hormone antimühler responsible for? What are the normal
AMG values ​​in the female body?

Normalize the balance and alleviate this condition
using folk recipes (decoctions and tinctures).

  • Psychological disorders (constant irritation,
    overexcitement, memory lapses).
  • Neurological disorders (increased fatigue, insomnia,
    emotional instability).
  • Swelling and pain in the mammary glands (possible appearance
  • Reduced sexual desire.

High estrogen levels often weaken libido or not.
дает женщине возможность испытывать оргазм
. In this
In the case of a woman, you can use various medications such as
as estrogenolite, which increases attraction and returns past

Головные боли эстроген

  • Severe migraine, headaches.
  • Hair loss on the scalp.
  • Acne, acne.
  • Reducing the strength of nails, the appearance of fragility.

Important: if you find signs of increased hormone, then
It is recommended to immediately register with an endocrinologist.

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Reasons for increasing hormone levels

Hyperestrogenism is a pathology characterized by an increase in
estrogen levels. It leads not only to hormonal failure, but
and to the malfunctioning of many organs.

Why hormone levels rise, and development occurs

Withчины недостатка эстрогена

There are certain reasons for this:

  • The use of a number of products, often dairy and meat. it
    due to the use of hormone-containing substances for dilution
    animals. Soy and legumes also contain vegetable
  • Illiterate distribution of loads (both high activity,
    and inactivity).
  • Alcohol, cigarettes.
  • Coffee.
  • Withменение гормональных препаратов.
  • Lack and lack of vitamins.
  • Premature puberty (before seven years).
  • Bearing a child. Vomiting in the first three months occurs exactly
    due to increased estrogen production.
  • Irregularity of sexual life.
  • Stressful situations and depression.

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