Symptoms of gastritis with high acidity,treatment, diet

Update: January 2019

The diagnosis of gastritis, which is established after FGDS – is not
just a diagnosis, not a specific disease, but a collective overall
a concept that includes a whole range of different pathological
processes in the human stomach. There is a certain classification

  • the nature of the process – acute and chronic
  • the depth of the lesion of the mucous membrane and layers of the epithelium
  • по кислотности stomach — на гастрит с пониженной и гастрит с
    high acidity.

The symptoms of gastritis also depend on its type, but the most
the characteristic signs of any of these are pain in the adolescent
areas, heaviness after eating, nausea, belching, heartburn,
decreased or increased appetite, constipation, or diarrhea.

Signs of gastritis with high acidity

Earlier, when the term gastritis with elevated
acidity, it was often talked about superficial gastritis,
(Поверхностный гастрит, treatment, diet), рефлюкс — гастрите,
erosive gastritis on the background of high acidity and Helicobacter
Pylori. But today acidity is not important.
diagnostic sign, and gastritis are classified by type
mucosal changes on: atrophic, erosive and
hypertrophic. Симптомы gastritis:Гастрит с повышенной кислотностью симптомы

  • Ноющие боли в эпигастральной области, в левом
    hypochondrium, sometimes cutting paroxysmal. Antral gastritis
    hurts in the right hypochondrium.
  • Изжога — самый характерный симптом при
    гастрите с повышенной кислотностью stomach.
  • Отрыжка кислым — также характерный признак
    acidity in the stomach, this symptom is
    отличительным, так как при пониженной кислотности stomach
    (reduced secretory activity when food is poorly digested)
    the patient most often has belching rotten (see Symptoms
    кислотности stomach).
  • Тошнота и рвота — тошнота чаще всего бывает
    on an empty stomach, with long breaks in food, vomiting is characteristic of
    erosive process. Vomiting occurs when a person with
    gastritis with high acidity ate too much
    sour foods. In this case, it is the only option.
    для сокращения избыточной кислотности stomach.
  • ATздутие живота. Hyperacid gastritis
    prevails constipation, against which fermentation develops
    processes that cause bloating and gas formation.
  • Increased or decreased appetite.  Usually
    with superficial gastritis after eating a few acidity
    decreases and causes an increase in appetite, but with acute gastritis or
    выраженном поражении stomach, боли во время и после приема пищи
    naturally reduce appetite.
  • Ночные боли и голодные боли — боли беспокоят
    patients often with no food in the stomach, that is, on an empty stomach,
    at night and with a long break in food.

In chronic gastritis with acidity, symptoms do not
are so pronounced and only when provoking

  • overeating
  • big break in the meal
  • alcohol abuse
  • food poisoning
  • severe stress
  • the use of poor quality, too sharp, oily, hot
    or cold food
  • when smoking

may cause aggravation up to acute erosions or ulcers.
Chronic gastritis is a lasting change in the mucous membrane and its
exacerbation leads to acute gastritis of any severity.

Therefore, any change in the digestive process that
expressed nausea, pain, unstable stool, heaviness in
stomach, increased gas formation should force a person to pass
examination by a gastroenterologist, since not only gastritis, but also
more serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can cause similar symptoms,
especially in our time of oncological tensions.

Gastritis with high acidity – treatment

Today, almost ten are classified in medicine.
различных типов  гастрита, и каждый из них подразделяют на
several stages and forms of development. This is not casual, because
effective treatment of any disease should first
evaluate the state of an organ or system as deeply as possible,
establish the correct diagnosis so that the treatment is not wrong
or not adequate. Knowing the exact clinical picture of the condition
stomach пациента, вид, стадию, форму гастрита, лечение будет
determined by the doctor based on these detailed data for each
specific patient:

  • Gastritis is treated by a gastroenterologist.
  • Before treatment, the doctor should carefully examine the patient’s history,
    his general health, comorbidities, including
    including gastrointestinal tract, to clarify the possible contraindications for
    some medicines
  • According to FGSD, the doctor determines the type, stage and form of gastritis,
    acidity of gastric juice and find out the causes of
  • The effectiveness of the treatment of gastritis with high acidity
    depends on neglect of the inflammatory process, its type and on
    the discipline and responsibility of the patient himself, since
    With any treatment, medication, folk remedies – without
    keeping a diet and eradicating bad habits, cure gastritis
    is impossible.

Today in the selection therapies gastroenterologists do not rely on
кислотность stomach, а на состояние слизистой по данным ФГДС. With
acute gastritis is first prescribed symptomatic therapy,
since in the beginning it is necessary to reduce pain and reduce inflammation, and
this is possible by reducing the production of hydrochloric acid, i.e.
with acidifying drugs and
Of course, compliance with dietary nutrition.


Severe pain is relieved by antispasmodics (No-spa,
Drotaverine hydrochloride), or m-holinoblokatorami (metacin,
gastrotsepin) or antacids with local anesthetics (Almagel


These are drugs that neutralize gastric acid. AT
modern antacid medicines used
грамотная  комбинация соединений магния и алюминия. Have
antacid effect after use does not occur immediately, because
they are practically not absorbed into the blood. But at the same time extended
therapeutic effect for a longer time, besides these
drugs have an antiseptic and adsorbing effect. TO
These tools include:

  • Phosphalugel, Gasterin – composed of phosphoric aluminum salt
  • Almagel, Maalox, Gastracid, Altacid, Palmagel – composed
    aluminum-magnesium combinations.
  • Topalkan, Gaviscon – composed of aluminum-magnesium-silicon
    комбинации  с добавлением альгината.
  • Taltsid, Gastal, Rutacid – combinations of aluminum compounds,
    magnesium and calcium.

Drugs, proton pump blockers

Omeprazole, rabeprazole, lanzoprazole and preparations based on them,
снижающие секрецию желез stomach. H2 blockers histamine
receptors (famotidine, ranitidine) are considered obsolete,
second-line drugs. The action of these drugs is due to
exposure to mucosal cells so that hydrochloric acid
практически не выделяется в просвет stomach. Therefore, the application
such drugs for gastritis with high acidity, reduces
кислотность stomach на длительное время, при этом снижается и
mucosal irritation.

TOогда у пациента обнаруживают гастрит с повышенной кислотностью,
he is given symptomatic treatment so that the person becomes
easier, gone pain, heartburn and other discomfort. It is at first glance
correctly, however, I would like to warn patients against
uncontrolled and frequent use of drugs that reduce
acidity of gastric juice. With длительном применение лекарств
with gastritis with high acidity in patients destroyed
natural processes and ultimately by the age of 50-60
gastritis with low acidity, atrophic gastritis. And what
Atrophic gastritis is almost a precancerous condition.
stomach. Do not use any drugs without special
necessary and without consulting a doctor.

  • Бактерия хеликобактер пилори по мнению многих
    research is the cause of ulcers and gastritis with elevated
    acidity, treatment of these diseases always begin with
    research on the quantitative content of these bacteria.

Diet for gastritis with high acidityFor this
it is enough to donate blood by ELISA and determine antibody titers.
However, in 90% of people these microorganisms are always in the composition
gastric juice, only in moderation, and have no effect
on the development of pathological processes. If Helicobacter is in
increased gastric contents then this is
provoking factor of gastritis, but not his
the root cause.

If after the examination, the test results will indicate
increased reproduction of these microorganisms, the doctor may prescribe
appropriate treatment. Proton pump blockers are assigned, and
also antibiotics – amoxicillin + clarithromycin or amoxicillin
+ de-nol and trihopol.

Diet for gastritis with high acidity

  • The most important thing in the diet for gastritis with high acidity –
    take food often and little by little.
  • Food should be warm, not cold, and not hot.
  • Eliminate alcohol, spicy and salty foods, sour fruits,
    saturated meat broths, fatty meats.
  • TOогда начинается обострение, следует питаться исключительно
    porridges on the water, boiled rice and mashed potatoes. As
    reduce inflammation, you can gradually add other

If you have gastritis with high acidity, food should
to be balanced, fortified, fractional.

It is advisable to use all products in a shabby form, in the form of
vegetable puree, or puree soup, meat is better before eating
grind in a meat grinder, you can not get involved in particularly acidic foods,
eliminate spices and spicy snacks, give up
black coffee on an empty stomach.

AT таблице представлены продукты, которые можно, и которые нельзя
use with gastritis with high acidity – diet
продукты и вредные products. And also you can read our article What
you can eat with gastritis

Products Allowed Banned
TOрупы, макароны Buckwheat, semolina, rice, oatmeal, pasta, pasta corn grits, millet, all legumes, barley, barley
First meal Vegetables can be cooked in potato or carrot broth
soups. Milk soups from good boiled rice, hercules, etc.
permitted cereals, noodles. Soup from previously cooked meat or
Chicken. You can fill the soup with butter, cream.
Rich meat and fish, mushroom broths. You can not borscht, soup,
 Meat, Bird Only low-fat beef, rabbit, nutria, edged
pork, turkey, skinless chickens, meat without tendons. Good
eat steam burgers, souffles, chops, zrazy. TOуском мясо
you can only boiled or baked in the oven – veal, rabbit,
lean chicken You can also boiled tongue and liver.
 Жилистые и жирные  сорта мяса, утку, гуся, копченые
sausages, sausages, any canned meat.
 A fish Low-fat river fish – pike, zander, only boiled or
steam cutlets. From sea fish – hake, pollock, cod.
TOонсервированная, соленая рыба, жирные сорта – форель, семга,
 Bread Bread только пшеничный подсушенный или вчерашней выпечки.
Galetny cookies, dry. You can once a week rolls buns,
cheesecakes with cottage cheese, baked pies with meat, apples,
 Ржаной хлеб, а также свежеиспеченный любой  хлеб.
ATся магазинная выпечка из любого теста – сдобного, слоёного.
 Vegetables Carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, beets, vegetables cook on
Steamed or used in the form of puddings, mashed potatoes, souffles, you can eat
ripe sweet tomatoes, but not many.
White cabbage, mushrooms, radish, onions, spinach, cucumbers.
You can not pickled or pickled or pickled vegetables,
canned food.
 Fruit, sweets  Only sweet berries and fruits in the shabby, boiled –
Kissel, mashed potatoes, jellies, compotes. Honey, non-acidic jam, marshmallow, marshmallow,
butter cream.
 TOислые фрукты, сухофрукты,  шоколад, мороженое,
insufficiently ripe and sour berries.
 Milk products  Milk and cream can be with gastritis with increased
acidity, as well as acidless kefir, yogurt, cottage cheese and
low-fat sour cream. Lazy dumplings, baked cheese cakes, souffles,
puddings Cheese only not sharp, grated.
Fatty dairy products, spicy cheeses, sour cream in limited
 Butter Baked butter, unsalted cream. Vegetable oils
– sunflower, olive only added to dishes.
 Other fats and oils
 Eggs  1-2 soft boiled meals per day or steam omelets  Fried eggs and hard boiled eggs
 Spices, sauces  Haveкроп, петрушка, корица, ваниль.  Mayonnaise, ketchup, all seasonings, ginger
 The drinks Poor green tea, better with milk, coffee with milk, in
limited quantity and not fasting. Freshly squeezed juices only
sweet fruit.
 Carbonated drinks, soft drinks, Coca-Cola, kvass, juices from
citrus fruit, black strong coffee
 Snacks  Салаты только из отварных мяса, овощей,  рыбы,
tongue, you can liver pate. Allowed but limited to doctoral
sausage, dairy. Filler fish, sturgeon caviar, not sharp
 ATсе острые закуски, холодцы, копчености, консервы

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