Symptoms of cystitis in women, treatment, causeswhat doctor to contact

Update: November 2018

One of the options for inflammation of the urinary tract – cystitis – is
The disease is 80% considered a female disease, due to
anatomical features of the female body.

In women, the bladder often needs emptying than in women.
men, and is also more susceptible to the attack of various microbes, bacteria
and viruses that can cause cystitis in women.

The symptoms and treatment of this disease are directly dependent on a number of
factors, nature of the process, localization, causative agent of infection and
classified by:

  • on the localization of the inflammatory process in urinary
    system – there may be a lesion of the mucous, muscular or
    submucosal layer of the bladder.
  • by the nature of the disease – acute or chronic.
  • by morphological changes – catarrhal, cystic,
    ulcerative, hemorrhagic, granulomatous, tumor-like and
  • by pathogen – can be bacterial (E. coli,
    Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Ureaplasma, Mycoplasma, Gonorrhea,
    микобактерия туберкулеза и etc.), вирусным, грибковым и
    non-bacterial (allergic, medicinal, toxic,
    chemical, radiation), can be caused by a protozoal infection

With cystitis – which doctor to contact?

Cystitis is quite painful, with rapid
urination, burning and sharp pains after emptying, with
persistent feeling of fullness in the bladder, low
body temperature, sometimes even mixed with blood and mucus in the urine.
Цистит у женщин симптомы лечениеIf a woman has appeared
listed symptoms, which doctor should I contact?

With cystitis in women to clarify the diagnosis should be first
Turn to turn to the urologist, since the diagnosis and treatment
Cystitis is the responsibility of this particular physician.
pass urine analysis – general analysis, for bacterial inoculation
Nechiporenko, to conduct ultrasound of the bladder and cystoscopic

In addition, you should definitely visit a gynecologist, since
often cystitis can be caused not only by banal bacteria,
but combined with sexually transmitted infections, therefore
examination by a gynecologist and delivery of a smear for microflora research
vagina also needed. With cystitis in women, treatment includes
antibiotics, and uroseptics, sometimes a doctor can be prescribed
bladder instillation, as well as physiotherapy.

Causes of cystitis in women

The most common cause of cystitis in women is infectious
agents, since the close location of the vagina, the anus,
short and wide enough urethra have
to the penetration of various pathogens into the urinary
bubble in ascending paths. However, there are other ways
penetration of bacteria into the urinary system:


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  • ascending path – urethral, ​​that is, from the urethra
  • descending path – on the contrary, from the upper urinary tract
  • lymphogenous – from other organs of the small pelvis
  • hematogenous – a rare way of infection from
    distant organs.

When a woman has symptoms of cystitis, you should not
self-treatment, because the causes of cystitis, pathogens
a large number, and for proper successful treatment should
сначала определиться с  ними, уточнить их чувствительность к
antimicrobial drugs and only then prescribed by a doctor
conduct a comprehensive treatment.

Cystitis in women is very rarely an isolated process
when hygiene, constipation, cold, abuse of acute
food or alcohol, use of thong panties, changing
партнера, редкое опорожнение мочевого пузыря и etc. вызывают
reproduction of banal pathogenic bacteria. 80% is intestinal
bacillus, in 15% staphylococcus, 5% other bacteria, such as
Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Klebsiella, Proteus.

  • Most often, cystitis occurs against the background of inflammatory processes in
    vagina or in diseases of the female genital organs, such as
    bacterial vaginosis, thrush, sexually transmitted diseases
    by (gonorrhea, mycoplasmosis, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis), sometimes cystitis
    accompanying female genital tuberculosis. Many hidden
    infections and tuberculosis are asymptomatic for a long time,
    imperceptibly, a woman only occasionally experiences some
    discomfort, subfebrile temperature, weakness, does not visit the doctor,
    and does not contact diagnostic centers to investigate the cause
    mild ailments.
  • Additional provocative factors for the development of cystitis can
    include pyelonephritis, bladder stones, urine stasis at
  • Very often, cystitis occurs in pregnant women;
    due to changes in the microflora and vagina, and urological
    tract, under the influence of endocrine and hemodynamic changes in
    in a pregnant woman.
  • If a woman has diabetes, the frequent manifestations of allergic
    reactions, it is subject to constant toxic effects or
    проводит лечение онкологических заболеваний с atменением лучевой
    therapy – these are also risk factors for the development
  • Sometimes after surgery, surgery,
    endoscopic examination, mucosal injury occurs,
    which contributes to the development of cystitis in women.
  • Symptoms of cystitis also occur during menopause, because
    at климаксе атрофические изменения в организме и недостаток
    Estrogens are also reflected in the urogenital tract.

In addition to acute cystitis, many women suffer from chronic
inflammatory process on the background of either sluggish infection,
listed above, or chronic cystitis in women is associated
with the omission of the uterus, vagina.

Symptoms of cystitis in women

After provocative factors such as injury,
cold, after unprotected intercourse, infectious
заболевания и etc. может возникать острый цистит у женщин, который
always begins very abruptly, suddenly:

  • Dysuria – frequent urination, cutting in the bladder,
    burning and pain in the urethra, the constant desire to empty
  • Перед мочеиспусканием обычно женщине atходится atкладывать
    effort, to push. The frequency of urging is so high that a woman
    atходится посещать туалет каждые 15 минут, иногда происходит
    involuntary incontinence.
  • Nocturia – the predominance of nocturnal desire to empty the urinary
  • Pain usually accompanies the beginning and end of the process.
    urination. Outside the emptying process, pain is localized only in
    pubic and perineal. Pain intensity can be
    different, from slight discomfort to unbearable, strong
  • Почти всегда at цистите у женщин моча мутная, гнойная.
  • With acute cystitis, the temperature may rise to 38 ° C,
    respectively, there is a weakness, deterioration of the overall
  • Very often, after the first acute process, relapses occur.
    diseases if a month after treatment develops again
    acute cystitis therefore this indicates conservation
  • In chronic cystitis, a woman has symptoms and treatment.
    the diseases are identical, it is only possible that the pain and frequency of the urge
    by urination not so sharply expressed. During exacerbation
    chronic process possible clinical picture of acute cystitis,
    and in the period of remission, neither laboratory nor symptomatic data
    indicate an inflammatory process.

Treatment of cystitis in women

For the treatment of both acute and chronic cystitis in women should
seek advice at the same time as a gynecologist, and
to the urologist. Обычно at остром цистите at адекватной терапии излечение
comes literally in a week.

Если подтверждается инфекционная atрода возникновения цистита у
women, treatment is mandatory for destruction
pathogenic microorganisms with antimicrobial agents,
antibiotics that pathogens are sensitive to:

  • Recently widely used for the treatment of cystitis in
    fluoroquinolone women, such as ciprofloxacin (Digran, Ciprolet A),
    Norfloxacin (Nolitsin, Normaks), fosfomycin (Monural), nitrofurans
    (Furadonin). These drugs for the treatment of cystitis in women have
    side effects and have a number of contraindications, so their
    atменение возможно только по назначению врача.
  • If the analysis reveals a specific microflora, then
    treatment includes possible antiviral agents,
    antifungal or antimicrobial.
  • For severe pains, antispasmodics are prescribed – No-Shpa, Papaverin
    or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – Diclofenac,
  • If there are no allergic reactions to medicinal herbs, then you can
    use different versions of herbal tea – lingonberry, field
    horsetail, bearberry. It is best to use herbs not packaged.
    packaging, and the form of collection, powder – brew and insist them as
    any ordinary decoction of medicinal herbs.
  • Monural – broad-spectrum antibiotic, uroantiseptic,
    который является эффективным средством at цистите, достаточно
    единовременного atема этого препарата.
  • There is also a mass of ready-made tablets.
    herbal products that are used as
    вспомогательные at затихании острого воспалительного процесса, их
    should be used for a long time, for a more lasting effect –
    Tsiston, Kanefron, Fitolizin. Cranberries also help a lot.
    клюквенный морс at цистите или таблетированная
    form of the preparation containing cranberry extract – Monurel.
  • In the treatment of cystitis, women should increase the daily
    the amount of fluid you drink, for the rapid elimination of toxins
    из организма, также стоит atдерживаться молочно-растительной

Cystitis Prevention – Tips for Women

  • Defloration cystitis and transient urinary infection
    путей, ассоциированная с сексуальной жизнью возникает at частой
    change of partners, if the man does not comply with hygiene and
    используются презервативы at половом акте.
  • Personal hygiene is the key to no relapse
    бактериального cystitis. Use for intimate hygiene products with
    neutral acid-base balance.
  • Monitor fullness and timely emptying
    bladder, do not let long-term stagnation of urine.
  • Hypothermia, especially wet feet in cold weather,
    provoke exacerbation.
  • Drink daily at least 2 liters of water, fresh juices
    or cranberry juice.
  • Не носите трусики стриги, если у вас хронический цистит, at
    wearing such linen E. coli enters the urethra very
    easy. And also do not wear too tight clothes, jeans,
    they disrupt normal circulation in the pelvic area.
  • Constipation also provokes relapses of cystitis, try to include
    in your daily diet of dried apricots, prunes, fresh cabbage and other
    fruits and vegetables.

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