Symptoms of cystitis in men – treatment, causes,the signs

Update: November 2018

It is known that cystitis often happens in women, but in men
can cystitis or not? And if he happens, what are his characteristic
симптомы и чем лечить цистит у men? Among the representatives
strong sex this disease is recorded much less frequently than
in women, mostly in men over 45, and is only
about 1% of all diagnosed cases.

Поэтому, однозначно — бывает цистит у men. Symptoms that
may indicate cystitis – this is frequent urination, with burning sensation,
rezmy, with pain in the area above the pubis, the occurrence
mucus, blood in the urine, night urge to urinate. it
due to inflammation, which affects
bladder mucosa, which leads to disruption of its normal

For the diagnosis of cystitis, urine is examined as bacteriologically,
and microscopically, a bladder ultrasound is performed, although it is not
always informative, ultrasound of the kidney, prostate, and
held cystography, multi-detector spiral computer
tomography. Treatment of cystitis in men включает обязательную
антибиотикотерапию, симптоматическое лечение,  использование
various herbal remedies, physiotherapy.

Causes of cystitis in men

It is very easy for a young man not to get cystitis, while
just follow the rules of personal hygiene. But the main
причиной цистита у men who особенно с возрастом, является
urolithiasis, chronic genital infections, stricture
urters and weakened immunity (for example, hormones,
cytostatics, radiation therapy, HIV infection, etc.)
women cystitis occurs most often due to ascending infection
from the urethra, anus, vagina, and in men from
prostate gland, urethra, epididymis, seminal

Цистит у мужчин симптомы и лечение

If a man has any urological problems,
accompanied by a narrowing of the urethra and how
due to stagnation of urine, then this is the starting mechanism

it могут быть механические преграды, такие как инородное тело,
stones coming out of the bladder, as well as more serious
diseases such as prostate adenoma,
malignant neoplasms, diverticula, etc.

Cystitis in men is rarely an isolated process, because
elongated narrow urethra obstructs
penetration of any infection into the bladder. Therefore, most often
Infectious cystitis is associated with prostatitis, urethritis, vesiculitis.
As with women, the main causative agent is intestinal.
chopstick, staphylococcus, pyocyanitis stick, Candida mushrooms.

Male cystitis can be caused by hidden infections,
sexually transmitted diseases – gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, chlamydia
men who микоплазма. Very rarely does cystitis accompany such
diseases like purpura, actinomycosis and schistosomiasis.

If the penetration of the infection occurs in a downward mechanism,
then it is most often caused by pyelonephritis, tuberculosis
the kidneys.


We should also pay attention to the tuberculosis etiology of cystitis,
because sometimes the urogenital tuberculosis process in men
is erased, chronic, manifests itself only
subfebrile temperature, weakness, small symptoms and
периодическими признаками, цистита, chronic простатита,
pyelonephritis, urethritis, etc.

Today, the country has an epidemic of tuberculosis,
population decreases immunity, and mycobacterium infection
adult tuberculosis is 90%. With favorable
for tuberculosis conditions – stress, overwork, poor nutrition,
alcohol abuse – it easily comes out of latent
state and affects not only the usual light to all, but others
organs – prostate, testicles, kidneys as well.

What is more, the cunning of extrapulmonary tuberculosis is that they
disguised as banal infectious processes, and crops on
identification of Koch sticks in chronic course are often
false negatives, especially during treatment with fluoroquinolones.

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Influenza, sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis and other infectious and
viral diseases localized seemingly remote from
bladder organs of the respiratory system may hematogenous
by (through the blood) put pathogenic bacteria and urinary
bubble. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the complication of any infectious processes in
bladder inflammation may also be present in the body.

Infection is also possible during cystoscopy itself,
bladder catheterization.

Injuries to the abdomen, spine, diabetes mellitus men who
constant hypothermia, chronic stress and lack of sleep, all
which reduces the body’s defenses, also contribute to the development
cystitis in men.

Symptoms of cystitis can also appear after operative
interventions in the abdominal cavity, transurethral operations of the urinary
bladder, prostate resection, malignant neoplasm of the urethra and

Symptoms, signs of cystitis in men – acute and

  • При остром цистите основной симптом  — это частые позывы к
    urination, with a single volume of urine may be only 10-15
    ml, urinary incontinence can sometimes occur.
  • Pain and difficulty urinating are also
    признаками цистита у men who им приходится прилагать усилия для
    start the process of emptying the bladder. Especially painful
    sensations accompany the beginning and end of urination. Pain when
    this is described by patients as burning, cutting in the urethra (causes
    pain, burning sensation when urinating). Sometimes pains are very
    intense nature, sometimes tolerable. In the periods between
    emptying, men are concerned about pain in the sexual
    penis, groin, in the pubic region.
  • Острый цистит у men who протекает с симптомами общей
    intoxication, with high temperature, increased sweating,
    headache, chills, general weakness, etc. In such cases
    hospitalization of the patient is shown.
  • In difficult situations, when gangrenous develops,
    hemorrhagic form of cystitis in men urine becomes turbid
    color, contains blood, mucus, can be putrid smell and 
    the amount of urine can becomes no more than 400 ml. in a day.
  • Что касается chronic цистита у men who симптоматика его
    is more restrained, pain may be minor,
    the frequency of urging is also not high, impurities in the urine are most often just
    mucous character, without blood particles. However, as any
    the chronic process of cystitis also proceeds in waves, with
    periods of remission and exacerbations.

Treatment of cystitis in men

With the above symptoms, a man should refer to
to the urologist. Any treatment the doctor prescribes only after carefully
patient history, thorough diagnosis in all

  • Bacterial urine culture, identifying the pathogen and its
    antimicrobial susceptibility.
  • Urogenital smear for hidden infections – STIs
  • Urinalysis – it is informative in case of high values
    leukocytes, erythrocytes, mucus. Reason for suspicion
    Tuberculosis is the acid reaction of urine.
  • Bladder ultrasound is usually not performed because the patient
    it is impossible to save enough urine for informative
    examinations, but ultrasound of the kidneys and prostate are mandatory, because
    can help identify the cause of cystitis.
  • In chronic cystitis, cystoscopy is indicated, revealing
    foreign bodies, stones, neoplasms, also during this
    The procedure is performed biopsy. Cystoscopy can be prescribed and
    persistent acute cystitis and it is designed to determine the type and
    localization of cystitis itself, that is, visually above all
    assess the condition of the mucous, although foreign bodies and stones, too
    may take place.
  • Sometimes cystourethrography, uroflowmetry,
    to confirm or exclude an organic obstruction which
    often with cystitis in men.

Treatment of acute cystitis with persistent urinary retention and strong
pains that are not stopped by painkillers – is carried out in conditions
hospital, after a thorough diagnosis, identification of the pathogen or
concomitant diseases of the genitourinary system. How to treat cystitis in
men? General recommendations for the treatment of this disease are as follows:

  • Постельный режим в остром периоде заболевания,
    temperature reduction with antipyretic drugs, copious drinking until
    2.5 liters per day, diet food without salty, spicy, sour
  • Антибиотики при цистите у men. After
    identify the pathogen, determine its sensitivity to
    antibiotics need antimicrobial agents: usually
    these are fluoroquinolones (Nolitsin for cystitis, Normaks, Tsifran, Tsiprolet
    А),  нитрофураны (Фурадонин), цефалоспорины, в течение недели,
    only prescribed by a doctor.
  • Phytotherapy. Be sure to have cystitis in men
    treatment should include herbal diuretics,
    противовоспалительные средства, такие как фиточаи —  чай
    bearberry, lingonberry leaf, field horsetail. Provided that
    a person is not allergic to medicinal herbs,
    well help herbal medicines that have
    auxiliary action, relieve symptoms of inflammation – Kanefron,
    Cystitis in cystitis, Fitolizin. You can also use useful
    cranberry properties – either drink cranberry juice, juice with cystitis, or
    Take Monurel tablets with cranberry extract.  Insofar as
    herbal remedies reduces the concentration of antibiotic they are used only
    after completion of antibacterial treatment.
  • Painkillers. To relieve pain
    antispasmodics are suitable – No-Shpa, Papaverin, as well as nonsteroidal
    anti-inflammatory drugs – Diclofenac, Nimesil.
  • ИППП. For the treatment of diseases transmitted
    sexually exist certain treatment regimens that
    назначает врач, в случае обнаружения таких инфекций методом
    PCR, since they can also be causative agents of cystitis in
  • Symptoms and treatment of cystitis depend on concomitant
    , которыми чаще всего являются  —
    prostatitis, pyelonephritis, prostate adenoma, urolithiasis,
    adenomectomy. Therefore, in such cases, the treatment of cystitis is
    in the treatment of these diseases.
  • Bladder washing. Sometimes a doctor
    can be carried out by washing the bladder with
    antiseptics or procaine blockade.
  • Физиотерапия. After окончания острого периода
    inflammation, for resorption and speedy recovery spend
    electrophoresis, UHF, ultrasound, magnetic laser therapy,
    mud therapy
  • Санатории. During periods of remission very effective
    carry out treatment in various specialized sanatoriums –
    Krasnodar and Stavropol Territory.

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