Symptoms of Cervical Cancer

Update: November 2018

Cervical cancer is an oncological disease that
statistics is in third place in the frequency of occurrence in women
after breast cancer and uterine cancer. Malignant
cervical neoplasms make up 15 percent among others
tumors of the reproductive system of women, and this type of tumor
considered one of the most easily diagnosed types of oncology,
because visually more accessible for diagnosis.

However, in Russia, with the current state of medicine, the quality
examination, the effectiveness of the diagnosis is not high.
Diagnosis of cervical cancer in the first, initial stage of the disease
installed in only 15 percent of patients, and in neglected
stages in 40 percent of women.

Risk factors

  • Рак шейки маткиit is known that human papillomavirus is
    one of the causes of most malignant
  • also with a large number of sexual partners
  • not using condoms
  • with frequent abortions (consequences) and early childbirth
  • with sexually transmitted diseases also increases
    the likelihood of this terrible disease
  • smoking (see video of what modern cigarettes consist of)
  • unbalanced diet
  • weight loss diets
  • chronic fatigue and stress
  • overall reduced immunity are additional
    provoking circumstances for cancer

Specific and common signs of cervical cancer

For a long time, any malignant tumors are formed and
grow asymptomatic, without bright signs and noticeable ailments.
Oncology of the cervix is ​​no exception, it is often
found by chance, when a woman turns to a specialist in
other gynecological problems. When is the cancer process
leads to a significant disruption, malfunction of the reproductive
body systems of a woman, the following signs of cancer are observed

Signs of general malaise in a woman

which are characteristic of intoxication of the body and occur when
Oncology, not only gynecological, but also other localization. They
expressed in reduced appetite and weight loss, increased
fatigue, unreasonable fever, headache
pain, dizziness, skin becomes pale and dry.

Bleeding from women not related to menstruation

(see Spotting in the middle of the cycle, between menstruation).
One of the characteristic symptoms of cervical cancer is color exposure.
meat slop (dirty pink) when straining, after sex
act, outside of menstruation. Such bleeding is a sign of decay.
tumors, and also this is due to the fact that during cancer
cervical lesions, its tissues become very sensitive to
touch, and sexual contact causes injury
sore area. Sometimes bleeding may appear suddenly,
without external exposure, usually bleeding is not
abundant. In addition to blood discharge, the manifestations of cancer are
clear watery discharge with a yellowish tinge. And
the woman herself will not be able to determine – pathological
discharge from her or not. For any suspicious secretions,
odor and other ailments
should consult a gynecologist to clarify the diagnosis.

  • Selection of a particular color – dirty pink color (for cancer
    uterus or endometritis dark red or brownish).
  • Intensity – here is the danger of discharge in their
    непредсказуемости. May begin suddenly, against the backdrop of a complete
    rest and become profuse, even possibly profuse bleeding,
    which cannot be stopped by conservative methods
    (hemostatic drugs, vaginal plugging). Example from
    practices: female, 30 years old, cancer inoperable and extremely neglected.
    In the end, she was bandaged uterine artery.



Signs of malignancy are also pains below.
abdomen, sacrum and spine, pain during intercourse. but
pelvic pain are symptoms of hundreds of others
diseases not even related to gynecological
problems, therefore, in case of non-sexual pain
contact should not panic, but if every sexual act
causes pain and bleeding, should
get a gynecologist’s examination promptly.


A terrible sign of tumor growth in a woman is swelling.
genitals and legs. It occurs in advanced stages when
inguinal lymph nodes are metastatic and stagnation occurs
blood in the pelvis and extremities.


There may be problems with urination. Delays at
urination due to mechanical compression of the ureters
with an increase in lymph nodes. With advanced stages may
develop hydronephrosis and intoxication of the body with your own
life products that can not be removed from the body
cancer patient.


A serious adverse prognosis of cervical cancer occurs when
fistula formation that may appear between the intestines,
urinary bubble and vagina with the rapid progression
diseases. It also aggravates the woman’s condition
purulent infectious complications in the urinary tract.

It should be remembered that the survival rate of patients with oncology such
localization is directly related to the stage of the disease. Five year old
survival rate with early diagnosis of the first stage is almost
80 percent, second stage 60 percent, third 30 percent and
fourth only 8 percent. But today for women
even after 25 years, the risk of developing cancer
pathology, 7 percent of women under 30 already have cancer

And зачастую гинекологи общей лечебной сети не имеют
oncological vigilance when examining women under 30 years old, and so
insufficient attention is paid in our country to therapy
precancerous diseases of the cervical canal and the cervix of women that
could prevent the development of oncology in women and would reduce
рост заболеваемости раком cervix.

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