Symptoms of bronchitis in infants(treatment)

Bronchitis is a fairly common disease of infants
age and often leads parents to fright. Really,
the picture is terrible: the baby is breathing heavily, coughing with a whistle. What if
also the temperature will rise … It is very important to start treatment on time,
so that bronchitis is not complicated by pneumonia. Fortunately medicine is now
at such a level that to get an effective medicine for bronchitis
for babies is not difficult.

бронхит у грудных детей

Bronchitis in children under one year, symptoms

The process of developing bronchitis in infants begins with
in the path of respiratory infection, toxins or allergens that
damage the bronchial epithelium, which causes swelling, spasm
and respiratory disorders. And then the symptoms become apparent.
beginning disease:

  • cough appears – dry, frequent, disturbing
  • after a while the cough is complicated by shortness of breath and noisy
    whistling breath
  • listening to wet rales on both sides of the chest
  • body temperature may rise

Bronchitis treatment

When a disease occurs, a reasonable question immediately arises.
parents: what and how to treat?

The main directions in the treatment of bronchitis in infants
are as follows:

  1. Active fight against infectious manifestations.
  2. Removal of puffiness in the airways.
  3. Excretion of sputum from the respiratory system.
  4. Освобождение baby от сухого кашля.

Immediately you must specify the condition for the treatment of bronchitis in
деток в возрасте до 1 года: лечить таких маленьких детей
should only doctor!
The fact is that in such patients all
inflammatory processes occur several times faster than
older children and possibly irreparable. Bronchitis is treated at home
conditions when prescribing a doctor ways and ways to get rid of

An important point in the treatment of the disease is to
complete, prescribed by the doctor, the course of treatment. Otherwise
bronchitis will become chronic, and this is more serious
problem. In severe cases of bronchitis, treatment is carried out.
antibiotics, as there is a threat of pneumonia.

It is recommended for the course of the disease severe fortified
milk-vegetable diet and a must – drink plenty of warm
(juice, tea, dogrose broth, hot milk with honey and

Bronchitis treatment у младенцев народными средствами

In conjunction with the conduct of drug therapy and in order to
a speedy recovery can be recommended and various
proven traditional medicine. In the absence of temperature
It is very useful to carry out the following procedures:

  • Пропаривание. Hot Foot Baths
    just before bedtime (for babies, the best option is common
    hot baths) with the addition of infusions of herbs that have
    anti-inflammatory effect. These herbs include: sage,
    chamomile, tutsan, mint). You can add 2 spoons to the bath
    menthol inhalation solution – baby at the same time
    steamed and inhaled. Bathing – no more than 15 minutes
    at a water temperature of at least 37-39 degrees.
  • Использование горчичников. Can apply
    ready mustard plasters sold in pharmacies. They put on your back
    и на грудь baby. Often for babies doing this
    called mustard wrapping. To do this, mix 1 dining room.
    a spoonful of mustard with half a liter of water, in this solution moisten a piece
    fabrics, wring out and wrap the baby, cover with a blanket for 5-12
  • Ингаляции. For kids, this method is
    the most effective and safe, in addition, inhalation is good
    dilutes phlegm. Classical substances for inhalation are:
    ordinary mineral water, saline. Also in solution
    you can add infusions of medicinal plants: calendula,
    eucalyptus, garlic and onion juices).
  • Обильное питье. As expectorant
    use of the chest collection, which without
    labor can be purchased at the pharmacy.

Prevention of the disease in infants is hardening and
it must be started from an early age.

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