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The lack of red blood cells leads to such a condition as
anemia. Symptoms and treatment in adult women have their own
features due to physiology.

Anemia and its varieties

Red blood cells – red blood cells – are composed of protein
hemoglobin, one of the functions of which is transportation
oxygen to organs and tissues.

When erythrocyte synthesis is disturbed or the body loses a lot
крови, уровень гемоглобина падает. Anemia develops,
which is also called anemia.
She is not
self-pathology, and is diagnosed as a result
destructive processes in the blood system.

This condition can occur in both adults and children.
Most often it affects adult women.

6 main types of anemia are classified:

  1. Hypoplastic. It develops due to destructive
    changes in the bone marrow. Cells die and it is inevitable
    affects the function of blood formation.
  2. Hemolytic. This species is caused by problems with
    erythrocyte synthesis: the number of reproducible cells is not enough,
    to cover the deficit from their natural death. As a result
    insufficiency is formed, and anemia develops.
  3. Posthemorrhagic. Occurs due to imbalance
    blood components or its shortage due to significant
    blood loss. This form of anemia is a consequence of injuries and wounds. She is
    develops rapidly and requires urgent action.
  4. Deficient. This form, in turn, can be:
  • iron deficiency;
  • folic acid deficiency;
  • due to lack of vitamin b12.

Already from the name it is clear that such anemia is associated with
lack of trace elements in the body.

All types of anemia are dangerous to health, and sometimes
of life.


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Causes of anemia in adult women

Female anemia is not uncommon, unfortunately. She is может быть
due to:

  • long and abundant regulations, as well as blood loss in
  • pathologies of the digestive system, due to which iron
    starts to digest worse;
  • the presence of parasites in the intestines. Worms prevent
    normal absorption of vitamin B12, which has a negative effect on
    hematopoietic function;
  • gynecological disorders, including the presence
    tumor processes;
  • starvation and a diet that excludes meat and

Of particular danger are periodic intestinal
bleeding. They are small and inconspicuous, but regular.
Diagnosed by fecal occult blood test. Person
weaker and “melts” on the eyes, not knowing about the causes of anemia. BUT
meanwhile, such phenomena can be symptoms of malignant
process in the intestines;

причины anemia

In addition to the above, there are indirect risk factors
which can trigger the development of anemia:

  • diet that includes foods and dishes with insufficient content
    folic acid, iron and vitamin B12;
  • dysbacteriosis and frequent intestinal disorders, due to which
    nutrients do not get into the blood in full that
    adversely affects hemoglobin levels;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding. During these periods, the body
    it takes more iron and other trace elements, because it works
    �”for two”. Monitoring the health of a woman during
    childbearing and after childbirth includes mandatory
    her blood test for hemoglobin;
  • menopause. Hormonal adjustment due to aging
    organism and the extinction of reproductive functions, causes many
    changes in the state and well-being of women. One of these
    anemia can become a metamorphosis, although often the ladies age
    face an inverse problem – high hemoglobin,
    which also applies to health problems;
  • severe pathology of the liver, kidneys and other organs in which
    man loses blood;
  • genetic predisposition. Some types of anemia
    able to be inherited.

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In addition, the development of anemia to a large extent contributes to
depletion of the body by stress, bad habits and work without
regular and sufficient rest.

It is important to know that problems with hemoglobin levels may occur.
and in connection with the donation. A portion of blood, donated once, does not hurt
health However, if a person practices this on an ongoing basis,
not the name of the opportunity to replenish the resource with enhanced nutrition, the risks
are increasing.

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Symptoms of anemia in adults

The following is considered to be the normal hemoglobin in women.

  • on average, for everyone – from 120 to 140 grams per liter (g / l);
  • for smokers – up to 150 g / l;
  • athletes – up to 160 g / l;
  • in pregnant women – 110 g / l.

When these parameters are significantly reduced, signs appear
anemia. Symptoms typical of all types of anemia in women can be

  • fatigue and shortness of breath from any, even small, physical
  • frequent dizziness and “moths” before the eyes;
  • pale skin and mucous membranes;
  • recurrent angina attacks;
  • menstrual irregularities.

If we talk about additional symptoms, taking into account the variety
anemic condition, the picture will be as follows:

  1. Постгеморрагическая дает снижение температуры тела, с
    chills and sweating. Taste and smell change
    perception, which sometimes causes vomiting. Hair and nails
    Thin and skin becomes dry.
  2. Железодефицитная характеризуется проблемами с дыханием,
    headaches, tinnitus, and frequent fainting.
    Against the background of loss of appetite, the general tone suffers;
    drowsiness. Gums bleed, muscles weaken. Under the eyes appear
    dark circles. Nails break, hair fall out. As you can see, the problem
    iron deficiency is reflected not only in work and condition
    internal organs. External consequences are no less alarming.
  3. Гипопластическая. Its signs are ulceration of mucous membranes and
    skin, especially in the nose and mouth. The skin is thinning and easy
    damaged by even minor exposure. Often disturb
    fainting and dizziness.
  4. Гемолитическая. This form may be hereditary,
    acquired and be autoimmune in nature. Due to release into the blood
    large amounts of bilirubin develop signs of jaundice –
    the liver and spleen increase in size, urine acquires
    dark color. In addition to these, there may be other
    признаки, которые определяются подвидом гемолитической anemia.
  5. Caught by vitamin B12 deficiency. She is
    contributes to the deterioration of memory and difficulties in coordination of movements.
    Person может жаловаться на нечувствительность конечностей,
    difficulty swallowing food and burning in the stomach. Skin with
    time acquires a yellow tint.
  6. Фолиеводефицитная. Folic acid is a vitamin.
    soluble in water which is crucial for proper
    the formation and operation of the circulatory and immune systems. Her shortage
    may be associated with inadequate intake from the outside or poor
    absorbability of the intestine. This form is manifested by symptoms
    common to all types of anemia. Diagnosed by results
    clinical analyzes.

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Signs of anemia in women may manifest more or less
pronouncedly. For this reason, they are often confused with fatigue and light
health disorders. Many do not attach importance to this
believe that everything goes by itself. Great delusion.

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Consequences of anemia in women

Prolonged absence of therapy may result in others.
нарушениями здоровья, ведь низкий гемоглобин – причина
oxygen starvation of all tissues and organs, including the head
the brain.

The results of anemia will be such consequences as:

  • swelling and aggravation of digestive disorders
  • disorders of the central nervous system in the form
    increased emotional susceptibility, sleep disorders and
    mental activity;
  • �”Deterioration” of the heart muscle due to forced
    hyperactivity. To compensate for the shortage of red blood
    Taurus, the heart begins to work faster and suffers from oxygen
    fasting Excessive loads can cause it
  • decrease in the body’s defenses, which increases
    danger of infectious lesions and the development of autoimmune

симптомы anemia у взрослых

A special category in terms of risk is pregnant. Reasoning
about what is terrible for women anemia in carrying a child is worth
note that the lack of oxygen associated with it is detrimental,
including the formation of the placenta and the health of the future baby.
The risk of fetal hypoxia increases, and hence the central nervous system disorders in
him in the future. Among other things, anemia weakens the generic
activities of the future mother.

Timely access to a doctor will help to normalize the condition
and avoid complications.

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Treatment of anemia in adults

The treatment of anemia begins with the normalization of the regime and diet.
power supply. It is necessary to eat regularly and fully, by all means
включая в меню продукты с высоким содержанием железа и витамина BUT.
With mild anemia, this is enough to
restore health.

When improvement does not occur, the doctor may prescribe a pharmacy.
drugs that affect blood composition and promote normalization
hemoglobin level. In severe cases, it is shown and
hormone therapy.

How to treat anemia, only the doctor knows. Choosing the means and methods
therapy specialist takes into account everything related to health
women. Sometimes you need to consult a gynecologist and

лечение anemia

A feature of the treatment of anemia is that oral
preparations (tablets) with microelements are preferable to injections.
This is due to better digestibility of iron, for example, through
digestive tract, rather than entering directly into

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reveal oncology?

All this does not mean that any person with signs
anemia can self-prescribe drugs with missing
trace elements and take them. Very important
correct dosage. Insufficient can not give a result, but
excess is just dangerous.

When post-hemorrhagic form, in addition to all, apply
blood transfusion.

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