Symptoms of a coronavirus by day

Symptoms of coronavirus manifest in humans in different ways in incubation period from 5 to 22 days. Coronavirus the infection changes in the human body and begins to affect organs, only multiplying. Symptoms of the COVID-19 virus dependent on the human immune system and coronavirus symptoms infections appear after a few days. Consider issues like after how many days do coronavirus symptoms appear?


Symptoms of a coronavirus in humans by day

Published symptoms of coronavirus by European doctors, later supplemented by Singaporean doctors and a German virologist give the ability to establish the most accurate manifestation of the Covid-19 virus. Chinese doctors reported coronavirus infections and how coronavirus symptoms appear in person by day: 1-4 days: the temperature rises accompanied by dry cough and headache, the appearance of nausea and muscle pain, sometimes the occurrence of diarrhea.
5-6 days: breathing is difficult – the onset of respiratory failure organs.
7th day: increased breathing difficulties and chronic fatigue.
8-9 days: in severe forms of the course of the covid-19 virus, lungs of people with coronavirus disease cease normally function, leading to oxygen голоданиюжизненно важных органов.The onset of symptoms of covid-19 by day10-11 дни: появляетсяabdominal pain.
12th day: decrease in body temperature and gradual recovery of an infected coronavirus.
17-22 days: the end of the disease with full recovery and recovery.
Important: The first symptoms of coronavirus may not manifest immediately after infection. Sick with a virus covid-19 may not feel the symptoms of the disease until five or even more days after infection.
The most current news on coronavirus is published on the channel in telegram.

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