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Type 2 diabetes – metabolic disease,
characterized by chronic hyperglycemia, that is, elevated
blood sugar levels. It occurs on the background of a decline.
sensitivity of the cells of the body to insulin – protein hormone, with
through which the body regulates carbohydrate metabolism.

Doctors say that in most cases, help the patient
help the correction of his diet. Will it help completely
eliminate diabetes mellitus type 2 diet and the treatment of what format
would be optimal in this situation?

диабет second type

What is type 2 diabetes?

The main causes of diabetes mellitus 2nd
type, as directed by the doctors themselves, are as follows:

  • генетический фактор (наследственность);
  • избыточный вес (любая стадия ожирения резко
    increases the likelihood of diagnosing the disease);
  • нерациональное питание (в котором большую
    part is carbohydrate and protein food);
  • малоподвижный образ жизни (при котором глюкоза
    simply not synthesized into energy, but is actively fed into

Диабет second type, по указанию ATОЗ (ATсемирной Организации
Health) is also more common in representatives
Caucasians that prove a lot of

What it is? Diabetes is a disease when
the body’s blood sugar level exceeds the acceptable level of 5.5
mmol / l, and, regardless of the patient’s age. Short term
sugar increases up to 9 mmol / l are not considered a sign
diabetes. Most likely, before analysis
the subject simply ate so-called “fast”

Over the next 3-4 hours the sugar level returns to normal. BUT
But if the level of more than 5.5 mmol / l is maintained for
a long time (the analysis is carried out in the morning on an empty stomach), then it is already
a clear sign of carbohydrate imbalance in the body.

What sugar is the norm, and which is the excess of the norm,
indicated in the following table:

Level (in mmol / l) Medical evaluation of the patient’s condition
3.3-5.5 Norm for a healthy person
5.5-6 Pre-diabetes state
6.1 and above Diabetes

The above norm is relevant when taking an analysis on an empty stomach (blood
from the finger). When exceeding the figure of 5.5 mmol / l every other day
re-analysis, and after that sent to
consultation to the doctor.

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Causes of diabetes

What happens in the body with diabetes? For one reason or another
cells of the body lose their insulin sensitivity to hormone,
produced by the pancreas by which and
stimulates the process of splitting glucose (which is synthesized from
carbohydrate). That is, with second-degree diabetes, the body simply
does not start the natural metabolic processes, because
the brain does not respond to increased insulin levels.

What is this accompanied by? The fact that the pancreas begins
produce more insulin.

причины диабета


However, it has its own boundary resource, that is, the level of the hormone
can not grow constantly. Sooner or later it will not be enough and
glucose will cease to be processed in the necessary for the body

The hardest possible complication of diabetes is
this is pancreatic insufficiency.
the state of natural deterioration of pancreatic cells. Worth
notice that it synthesizes a whole set of hormones using
which regulates most metabolic processes. And at
pancreatogenic deficiency metabolism is disturbed

Sooner or later, the amount of insulin that produces
the organism will not be enough. Therefore, it will have to enter
self by injection. No insulin sugar
will begin to rise above 11-12 mmol / l, which carries the real
a threat to human life.

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Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

The main symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:

  • constant feeling of thirst and dry mouth, throat;
  • frequent urination;
  • muscle weakness;
  • obesity;
  • delayed wound healing (due to impaired process
    blood clotting).

Симптомы диабета

Often, patients have itching, rash. Many patients
mistakenly confused with the manifestation of allergies. If a
the above symptoms are combined, then you should not postpone the hike
к врачу
. For help, you can contact the therapist,
He will then send him to the endocrinologist for examination (after his
all necessary analyzes).

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Treatment of type 2 diabetes

How to treat and what drugs will help get rid of diabetes? By
According to doctors, the disease is incurable, but its
can be transferred to remission, that is, when no symptoms
not manifest. The most effective treatment options are:

  1. Diet. Byдразумевает исключение из рациона
    carbohydrate-rich foods. Still mass normalization required
  2. Substitution. Artificial increase
    the amount of insulin that stimulates the breakdown of carbohydrates.
  3. Physiotherapy. Speeds up the process
    splitting carbohydrates and fats (the latter can be formed from
    glucose, which simply was not claimed by the body).

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diabetes. What do the test results mean?

What food will be the most acceptable? Most doctors
назначают диету по Певзнеру. Carbohydrate, fat and
protein food is present in it, but the advantage is given exactly
easily digestible dishes. Lack of glucose (if it occurs)
offset by fruits and fruits rich in fructose.

But a universal diet that would fit all diabetics,
does not exist. It is made up to each patient individually (this is
the task of an endocrinologist and a nutritionist who necessarily take into account
physiology of the patient).

BUT вот таблетками избавиться от диабета не получится. AT
In most cases, diabetes of the 2nd type can be prescribed
the use of sugar substitutes. They, unlike the usual
carbohydrates, virtually no effect on glucose levels in the body.
Также врач может назначить Метформин – это один из
most common sugar-reducing drugs. BUT для
pancreatic stimulation is most often used
Новонорм или Старликс.


Но нужно понимать, что вышеуказанные лекарственные средства не
treat diabetes, and only eliminate the painful symptoms and reduce
the likelihood of complications. The basis of therapy is
exactly diet. And the more responsibly it will stick
the patient is, the higher the chance of avoiding the cardinal
insulin resistance (insulin insensitivity).

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