Symptoms, causes and treatment of papilloma virushuman

Вирус папилломы humanВсемирonя организация
здравоохранения полагает, что 60% людей on планете являются
носителями вируса папилломы person The main symptom of this
инфекционного заболевания считается образование кондилом on коже и
mucous membranes. Pathology is characterized by a chronic form with
frequent relapses. To date, there are more than 100 species.

Disease characteristic

Среди людей, зараженных вирусом папиломы human, лишь
some notice its pronounced symptoms, others are
носителями болезни и могут не зonть о ее onличии. Sometimes
the disease can lead to cell degeneration and the emergence

The prevalence of the HPV virus has aroused great interest in
doctors Vaccine development has been underway for a long time.
против этого заболевания, одonко медики еще не onшли способ
completely save patients from pathology.

Вирус папилломы human

Withчины возникновения

Заражение папилломавирусом может произойти только от human к
man Contact with skin or
mucosal membranes of the carrier. The disease is not transmitted by air.
by. Infection is possible in the following

  1. Вирус папилломы human как передаетсяSex
    by. Papillomavirus is one of the most common
    sexually transmitted infections (about 60% of cases
    infection occurs during intimacy).
  2. With рождении. Papillomatosis of the newborn may be infected by
    his mother during the passage through the birth canal.
  3. With аутоинокуляции. In some cases возможно самозаражение
    during shaving, epilation or when hygiene is not followed.
  4. At home. HPV is a very survivable virus, it is capable of a long time.
    onходиться во влажной теплой среде. Infection can occur in
    каком-либо общественном месте, onпример, в бане, бассейне, туалете
    or fitness club.

Besides, существует ряд факторов, которые зonчительно
increase the risk of infection. To them

  • Вирус папилломы симптомыsexual intercourse in young
  • unprotected sex;
  • onличие большого количества сексуальных партнеров;
  • хронические воспалительные процессы on половых оргаonх;
  • infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • multiple abortions;
  • weakened immunity;
  • пристрастие к спиртным onпиткам;
  • некачественonя гигиеon;
  • unhealthy diet;
  • сбои гормоonльного фоon;
  • frequent stress, nervous disorders;
  • baby’s waiting period (changing during pregnancy
    гормоonльный фон, поэтому вероятность заражения повышается).

Proved that in most cases of human papillomavirus infection
women are ill. Particularly high probability of infection in people
leading active sex life.

Symptoms of pathology

The disease does not have a single clinical picture. Depending
from the factors that provoked it, the symptoms of the virus are different
папилломы person Одonко можно выделить следующие
общие призonки этой патологии:

  • Раздражениеthe appearance of warts;
  • itching in the genital area;
  • irritation and discomfort during intercourse;
  • redness of the affected area.

Следует обратить внимание on то, что зуд может свидетельствовать
not only about HPV, but also about other diseases, so it’s best not to
engage in diagnosis and treatment of their own. With первых
призonках следует сразу же обратиться к врачу-дерматологу.

Чаще всего папиломные бородавки появляются on ладонях, подошвах
feet, genital area and mouth. In more serious cases
the infection can affect the vagina, bladder, cervix.
Избавиться от таких бородавок можно только хирургическим by. HPV
can cause cervical cancer in women. Men have the same risk
онкологии onмного ниже. Important помнить о том, что on onчальной
stage pathology may develop asymptomatically.

Бородавки on плече

Инфицирование HPV при половом контакте возможно, если у human
there are microtraumas in the genital area. Through them, the virus
freely penetrates the body. The incubation period may
last for 2 months or several years, with no
призonков болезни onблюдаться не будет. In such a situation, the infected
man does not even know that he is a carrier

Varieties of strains

There are many types of strains, each of which lives
only in certain cells of the human body. Such
strains like 2, 4, 57, 29 and 26, manifest as common warts
on кожном покрове. Varieties numbered 6, 11, 42 and 54
провоцируют появление остроконечных кондилом, одonко типы 6 и 11
могут onходиться и в дыхательных путях.

Бородавки у мужчиныВирус onзывается онкогенным,
if he has the ability to induce cell degeneration. Not all
strains have the ability to provoke the development of cancer
diseases. Warts resulting from infection
non-oncogenic papillomaviruses, you can remove without any problems
хирургическим by. Such опухоли относятся к доброкачественным и
very rarely reappear.

HPV высокой онкогенности чаще всего поражают половые органы
women. Особо опасными являются штаммы 16 и 18. Besides, большую
the viruses are numbered 31, 33, 35 and 39. Very important
know exactly what kind of infection the patient is infected with.

Features in women

At risk are women aged 20 to 45 years.
However, it should be noted that the most susceptible pathologies
the fair sex with unprotected sex
relationships and often changing sexual partners. HPV possible
divided into three types:

  • Вирус папилломы human диагностикаnon-carcinogenic;
  • low carcinogenicity;
  • high oncogenicity.

For women, the most dangerous type of pathology is the virus.
high oncogenicity. In most cases, it leads to oncology.
– cervical cancer. The probability of such a development of events is 90%.
The risk is aggravated by the fact that the disease first does not give any
signs, so its progression is impossible to notice.

In the presence of high oncogenic virus, women appear
condyloma. These tumors are visually very similar to warts,
but differ by jagged edges. They may occur in the zone
perineum, anus, vagina. In some cases
condylomas have the appearance of bubbles with liquid inside. During
short term they begin to burst and publish
unpleasant smell.

High oncogenic type of human papillomavirus is capable of
provoke vaginal cancer. In very rare situations may
nasopharyngeal cancer occur. It is important to know that finally
eliminating this type of HPV infection is almost impossible.

Male infection

Sometimes papillomavirus in men may not manifest. Important
note that the risk group includes the representatives of the stronger sex,
who have unprotected sex and change often
sexual partners. Neoplasms appear on the trunk, head and
mucous membranes of the penis, as well as on the scrotum and in the zone

ПапилломавирусTypically, papillomas do not cause itching and
any discomfort. Sometimes burning is possible, but only during
sexual contact. Papilloma virus in men can be
highly oncogenic and lead to genital cancer. But if
early start the treatment process, then the risk of developing
Oncology is almost zero.


Condylomas resulting from papillomavirus infection,
are removed surgically or by professional
chemical solutions. During treatment, they are also prescribed.
antiviral drugs.

Diagnosis and treatment

To the doctor was able to accurately diagnose, you must pass
several stages of the survey. Initially conducted
inspection. If the virus is suspected by a representative of the beautiful
sex, she should consult a gynecologist. After inspection
The specialist will recommend that the patient hand over the following

  • Hpv инфекцияPCR;
  • scraping the vagina;
  • vaginal biopsy.

Using PCR, you can determine the strain of pathology and find out
the cause of its occurrence. If there is a risk of oncology, then
the woman additionally needs to pass a general and biochemical analysis

If any form of HPV is suspected, the doctor will perform a colposcopy –
examination of the cervix to detect pathological

Diagnostics in men is carried out by a urologist or a surgeon. After inspection
The doctor gives the patient a referral for tests. When will they be ready
results, the specialist will be able to choose the correct treatment. If a
the disease can be identified in the early stages, the risk of
complications will be minimal.

На приеме у урологаToday not
there is a drug that can destroy papilloma syndrome
person Requires comprehensive treatment. Doctor takes
into account not only the type of virus, but also the cause of the infection.
It should be borne in mind that every person who has ever had
a disease has been identified, should be regularly examined
the doctors. Get rid of HPV completely and eliminate the fact of it
carrier is possible only in the early stages of development

The risk of malignant tumors in the papillomavirus
there is always. It is much easier to prevent its occurrence than
cure the disease. Conditionally, treatment of infection can be divided.
at several stages:

  • removal of condylo;
  • taking antiviral drugs;
  • methods aimed at improving immunity.

Пить таблетку

Today there are several effective ways
getting rid of warts. Main methods

  1. Radiosurgical. Using a radio wave electrode
    condylomas are cut off, a bandage is applied to the affected area
  2. Laser. The method is very popular due to
    low trauma and the absence of direct contact. Instead
    a wart remains a thin crust, under which occurs
    healing. The disadvantages of this method are high price, risk
    the occurrence of relapses, the need for grinding for
    getting rid of scars.
  3. Вирус папилломы human как избавиться Surgical. An operation is performed under local anesthesia.
  4. Electrocoagulation. The method is similar to the first two
  5. Cryocoagulation. Treatment involves cauterization of the warts.
    using liquid nitrogen. The procedure is quite effective and
    fast During the removal of warts may be pain and
    discomfort. The treatment is carried out in several stages and can
    last for 2-3 weeks. Complete disposal of warts
    occurs in 80% of patients.

Important помнить о том, что удаление папиллом не приведет к полному
getting rid of HPV because the patient never ceases to be a carrier
diseases. Warts may reappear within several
years old. That is why complex therapy is required.

This treatment regimen can only be used in situations
when there is no risk of malignant neoplasms
or diseases transmitted through sexual contact. If a последний
the fact is confirmed, then the patient is prescribed medication for
getting rid of background pathology. Antiviral drugs doctor
writes out in all situations. The most commonly used drugs are
having a wide spectrum of action. However, the use of such tools
does not exclude the possibility of disease recurrence.

Вирус папилломы human как удалять

The most difficult to eliminate the disease that occurs in a chronic form.
and characterized by high oncogenicity. In such situations are necessary
additional tests and the use of chemotherapy.

HPV can only be treated by a doctor. In no case can not
self-medicate as it is about oncogenic
disease. Even the removal of the warts surgically will not give
guarantees that they will not occur again. Only specialist
may find the right treatment regimen. Use of folk
methods for this pathology is absolutely inappropriate.


Most often in the fight against HPV using a two-component method
recovery, which includes the removal of surgical formations
by taking and taking antiviral medications. This therapy gives
positive result in 85–90% of cases.

However, this does not mean that the remaining 10-15% of carriers
illnesses cannot be cured. If a двухкомпонентonя схема лечения
did not give the expected result, it is replaced by a three-component. With
it adds immunomodulators to the main method,
Efficacy-enhancing antiviral agents.
Although these medicines have a long list of contraindications and
can cause side effects, their use is

Эпиген Интим

Selection of suitable immunomodulators should be carried out with
using an immunogram. Most often for the treatment of HPV doctors

  1. Epigen Intim. Antiviral agent
    anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating and regenerating
    action. Available in spray form and can be applied not only
    for complex treatment, but also as a disease prevention,
    sexually transmitted.
  2. Allokin-alpha. It is an effective antiviral and
    immunomodulatory drug. Available in ampoules for
    injection. 1 package contains 3 or 6 pieces. Can
    used in both non-oncogenic and oncogenic forms
    HPV The drug is not used in autoimmune pathologies and not
    recommended for children. In some cases у больного в период его
    use may be observed dizziness.
  3. Аллокин-альфаViferon. The drug showed high
    effectiveness when used as part of complex treatment.
    It works well if the patient has a combination of papillomavirus.
    with herpes or chlamydia.
  4. Genferon. Immunomodulatory drugs used in
    complex with antiviral drugs.
  5. Immunomax. Immunomodulator, available in powder form for
    preparation of the solution intended for intramuscular
    of use. Can onзonчаться только с учетом результатов
    immunograms. Increases the effectiveness of antiviral drugs.
    Contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation. Besides,
    It should not be used by children under the age of 12.
  6. Lycopid. Immunomodulator produced in tablet
    form. One pack contains 10 or 20 tablets. Used in
    complex with antiviral drugs and destructive methods
    recovery. It is not recommended to apply it at high
    sensitivity to any components in the composition. Besides,
    It is important to carefully read the contraindications that
    manufacturer indicated on the packaging. With приеме препарата может
    fever, rarely possible

Preventive measures

To avoid infection with the papillomavirus, you need to remember about
the importance of personal hygiene and behavior in places
public use. It should also be carried out only
protected sex and increase immunity. Besides,
существуют специальные вакцины от HPV A well-known tool is
Gardasil. This drug is used to vaccinate girls who do not
sexually active, and young children.

ГардасилThis vaccine can be used by patients
достигшим 9 years old. The drug is effective only when the infection
has not happened yet. Gardasil fights with four
распространенными видами инфекции — 6, 11, 16 и 18. If a пациент
already infected with one of these strains, vaccination should
hold his family members to avoid their infection.

HPV is a serious infection that can never be prevented.
try to cure yourself. With первом подозрении on
the disease should immediately turn to a qualified
a specialist. With лечении вируса папилломы необходимо исключить
sexual intercourse. Be sure to require a partner survey and
need mutual treatment.

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