Symptoms, causes and treatment of painful PMS inof women

Предменструальный синдромAccording to statistics that
значит ПМС, знают более 80% всех девушек и of women мира. More often
manifestation of the syndrome occurs in the age range from 20 to 40
years old. In rare cases, precursors of menstruation manifest themselves in
severe form, therefore, the weaker sex is usually not
Appeal to the gynecologist with complaints. But the worsening of symptoms from
Monthly per month makes you consult a doctor, because
may be a sign of health problems.

Theory of occurrence

Specialists in the field of medicine for a long time conducted research
who could not help identify the cause of
premenstrual syndrome. There are many theories of his
occurrence. Among them:

  1. Hormonal.
  2. Violation of water-salt balance.
  3. Psychosomatic.
  4. Allergic reaction to endogenous progesterone.

If you believe the hormonal theory, the manifestation of signs
premenstrual period occurs due to level changes
половых гормонов в крови of womenы во второй фазе cycle. For
the patient’s normal functioning of the body is necessary
stable hormones, which include:

  1. Signs of пмс у of womenыAndrogens. Have an impact on
    sexual desire, increase performance and give
  2. Estrogen Contribute to the improvement of mental and physical
    state, creativity, tone, learning and speed
    assimilation of information.
  3. Progesterone. It has a sedative effect. Can lead to
    the appearance of depressive symptoms in the second half of the menstrual period

After ovulation, that is, in the second phase of the cycle, comes
hormonal changes in the female body. therefore
theory supporters believe that the cause of PMS
is the wrong reaction of the brain that responds
for the change of emotional mood and behavior, on natural
changes in the concentration of sex hormones. This feature is
hereditary predisposition.

Somatic and psycho-vegetative disorders before the onset
critical days occur due to unstable condition
endocrine system. The level of hormones, which can be
OK, not a decisive factor. Responsible for
Changes in mood and behavior are considered:

  1. Причины болезненных пмс Estrogen level increase and
    снижение progesterone. Changes in the concentration of sex hormones
    affects edema due to fluid retention in the body,
    sensitivity and breast augmentation, aggressiveness and tearfulness,
    disorders of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Hyperuptake of prolactin. Detains not only fluid, but also
  3. Excess prostaglandin. Leads to vascular disorders
    migraines, headaches and stomach upsets.

Features and stages

Как снять боль при пмсAs a rule, over the years the risk of gain
PMS, which means premenstrual syndrome, only
is increasing. The appearance of the syndrome of a resident of large cities
подвержены сильнее, чем сельские of womenы. About 90% Mature
girls notice a number of minor changes in their body and
the body. They начинают появляться перед наступлением критических
days This usually occurs 7-10 days before the onset of bleeding.

In some, the symptoms manifest in a weak form without affecting
familiar life Easy flow PMS do not require intervention
doctor and prescription treatment. Others have difficulty tolerating
Symptoms that are severe. This state
requires compulsory treatment at a medical facility for
professional assistance. The cyclical feature of the series
symptoms allows you to understand that this is PMS, and not some

Тяжёлые явления в физическом и эмоциональном состоянии of womenы,
which are observed before the onset of menstruation, immediately
прекращаются с началом кровяных secretions. If unpleasant symptoms
persist throughout the entire menstruation cycle, then
It is necessary to consult a gynecologist. The fact is that it can be
a sign of serious pathology in the reproductive system.
In severe emotional state, it is recommended to refer to

Specialists divide PMS into 3 stages:

  1. Виды пмс у of womenКомпенсированная. Signs of
    syndrome manifested slightly. They проходят сразу же после
    начала menses. С возрастными изменениями в организме of womenы
    the situation is not getting worse.
  2. Субкомпенсированная. Symptomatology has bright
    pronounced character. It has the strongest influence on
    работоспособность и продуктивность of womenы. Age degree
    The severity of PMS is only increasing.
  3. Декомпенсированная. This stage is characterized by
    тяжёлым проявлением признаков critical days. Besides того, может
    postmenstrual syndrome observed.

In most cases, PMS is considered a natural phenomenon.
поэтому of womenы не обращаются с жалобами к своему врачу. Sensations
before menstruation and at the beginning of pregnancy are very similar, therefore
girls are often confused. Severe pain and unwillingness to go to the hospital
make them not only take painkillers, but also
антидепрессанты без консультации со a specialist. Medicines such
groups really help relieve pain, but without
necessary therapy PMS can go to a more severe stage –

The manifestation of signs of premenstrual syndrome captures all
body systems of a woman, so they are often confused with
other diseases. This leads girls to seek
using the wrong people, such as a neurologist or therapist,
and do not receive proper treatment. Understand the exact cause of deterioration.
condition can only be with a professional inspection and full

Symptoms of manifestation

Every woman has PMS in its own way. This is due to the fact that
Any organism has its own individual characteristics.
Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome are divided into such

  1. Vegetovascular. Jumps in blood pressure, vomiting, strong
    headache, nausea, tachycardia, dizziness and pain in the area
  2. Neuropsychic. Depression, tearfulness,
    aggression and irritability.
  3. Exchange-endocrine. Swelling, fever, chills,
    chest soreness, flatulence, itching, thirst, shortness of breath, violation
    vision, loss of memory.

Conditionally premenstrual syndrome is divided into several forms, but
while its symptoms do not proceed in isolation, but in combination.
So, in a depressed state, the pain threshold of a woman is significantly
decreases and she begins to feel more cramped and

ICP Forms:

  1. Предменструальный синдромNeuropsychic. Panic attacks,
    melancholy, anxiety, depression, depression, fear, decline
    attention, memory impairment, insomnia, and irritability,
    mood swings and aggression.
  2. Crisis. It is characterized by tachycardia, heart pain,
    frequent urination, panic, disturbances in the digestive tract.
  3. Atypical. The temperature may rise to 37.7, vomiting appears
    and allergies.
  4. Edematous. Thirst and itching appear, arms, legs and face swell,
    weight increases, constipation or diarrhea, and pain in
  5. Cephalgic. It is manifested by migraine, nausea,
    sensitive to harsh smells and sounds, may be exacerbated

Способы снять болезненные ощущения

Women most often before the onset of menstruation suffer from
irritability, pain in the mammary glands, abdominal distention,
crying, headache and puffiness. Much less
weakness, abdominal pain, dizziness, nausea, vomiting
and weight gain.


Стоит помнить, что ПМС способен обострять следующие

  • Причины возникновения головной боли при пмсmigraine;
  • anemia;
  • epilepsy;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • asthma;
  • inflammatory processes in the reproductive system;
  • irritated bowel;
  • allergic reactions.

Common causes

There are many factors that can influence the development
PMS. Unfortunately, gynecologists and endocrinologists could not come
to the general opinion. Common causes of unpleasant
Symptoms are considered:

  1. Signs of воспалительного процессаDecrease in concentration
    serotonin. A lack of the hormone of joy leads to mental
    проявлению признаков PMS. There are whining, sadness, sadness,
    depression and longing.
  2. The lack of vitamins of group B. In this regard, there are
    mood swings, constant fatigue, fluid retention,
    breast tenderness.
  3. Magnesium deficiency. Accompanied by tachycardia, pain in the head and
    desire to eat chocolate.
  4. Smoking. According to statistics, women with bad habits, more often
    suffer from premenstrual syndrome.
  5. Excess weight. Fat ladies whose BMI is above 30,
    susceptible to PMS 3 times more.
  6. Hereditary predisposition.
  7. Consequences of abortion, heavy labor, surgical interventions
    into the reproductive system, severe stress and infections.

Differences from pregnancy

Some signs of PMS are very similar to the first symptoms.
pregnancies that occur before the delay. The thing is that with
the moment of conception in the blood of women increases the level of sex hormone
progesterone. The same process is observed before
menses. That is why these states are confused. Similar

  • rapid fatigue;
  • back pain;
  • increased sensitivity and swelling of the mammary glands;
  • mood swings;
  • irritability;
  • vomiting;
  • nausea.

Боли в пояснице

Guessing over the causes of unpleasant symptoms,
It is recommended to compare their character. So, with PMS chest discomfort
passes with the onset of menstruation, and during pregnancy continues
bother to the very end. In an interesting position, girls are inherent
desire to eat inedible things, drink beer with salted fish. Besides
In addition, their sense of smell is aggravated and they begin to feel sick from the usual
odors. The syndrome also appears to be sensitive to fragrances,
but there is no particular food predilection, it just rises

As for back pain, pregnant women are not always in
they are concerned about the beginning of the term. Fatigue appears already from 4 weeks
gestation It is then that toxicosis occurs. Belly with it
can sip a little, but it does not last very long.

Before menstruation, the back starts to hurt or right after
ovulation, or a few days before the start of the discharge. The discomfort
lower abdomen is not at all, because this symptom is very
is individual. Frequent urination cannot be forerunner
critical days. But nausea and even vomiting are enough

Of course, it is difficult to determine exactly what is happening in the body.
Often at very early stages, when a new life is only
is born, it is impossible to determine pregnancy even for an experienced
gynecologist when viewed on the chair. In such cases, he prescribes an ultrasound scan.
for a more accurate check. If you can not visit
specialist, it is recommended to wait for the delay and conduct a test on
pregnancy or blood test for hCG.

Diagnostic methods

Remember the date of the beginning and end of menstruation is not easy, it quickly
is forgotten. To facilitate the task, it is recommended to keep a diary or
calendar, where you need to record not only the flow
monthly, but also indicators of basal temperature, symptoms and
weight changes. This approach should be followed during
2—3 циклов для упрощения диагностики и лечения PMS.

You can determine the severity of the premenstrual period by
duration of symptoms and their intensity:

  1. Easy flow. There are a maximum of 4 symptoms of mild
    severity or 2 signs of strong.
  2. Heavy form. 2 to 5 intense symptoms. Also she
    diagnosed if at least one symptom deprives a woman

Cyclicity distinguishes PMS from pathological manifestations of others.
diseases of the reproductive system. The state of health worsens in 2-10 days
before menstruation. Unpleasant symptoms do not always go away with the onset
bleeding. Often they flow into the menstrual
migraine or painful critical days. Distinguish ICP from
pathology can be on the following grounds:

  1. If a girl feels well in the first half of the cycle, then
    diseases such as fibrocystic mastopathy, neurosis and
    depression are excluded.
  2. Endometriosis, dysmenorrhea and chronic endometritis occur
    intermenstrual bloody discharge and pain in the end

Gynecologists to establish the degree of pre-mens syndrome,
проводят гормональный анализ на прогестерон, пролактин и
estradiol. Besides того, специалист назначает дополнительное
patient examination. Depending on the complaints she may be
The following procedures are prescribed:

  1. Обследования при болезненных пмсMRI or computerized
    tomography to exclude brain pathologies prescribed with noise in
    ears, fainting, dizziness, blurred vision and migraines.
  2. EEG in chronic neuropsychiatric diseases to exclude
  3. Examination of the kidneys for frequent edema and an increase in the number
  4. Mammography and breast ultrasound with severe pain and increased
    sensitivity of the mammary glands.

To the diagnosis of patients who suffer from severe leakage
PMS also connects neurologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists,
general practitioners and cardiologists.

Symptoms and treatment болезненных пмс

Therapeutic approaches

Improving well-being is only possible with complex
treatment of premenstrual syndrome. It is selected individually for
set of parameters. So, by the course, form and symptoms
PMS women can be given the following:

  1. Релаксация при пмсWith sudden mood swings,
    irritability and depression are prescribed
    psychotherapy. Experts practice psycho-emotional relaxation,
    behavioral techniques and the appointment of sedatives.
  2. For quick relief of headache and abdominal discomfort or
    Lower back apply Ibuprofen, Ketanov and Nimesulide.
  3. Diuretics will help remove the retained fluid from the body
  4. After the special tests, they begin to treat the symptoms.
    hormonal drugs. From the 16th to the 25th day of the cycle, take such
    progestin like Medroxyprogesterone and Duphaston.
  5. Get rid of aggression, anxiety and nervousness will help
    antidepressants. You can take them only after consulting with
    a specialist. Most often, doctors prescribe Tazepam, Amitriptyline,
    Prozac, Rudotel, Sertralin and Sonapaks. Take pills need
    2 days after the onset of symptoms in the second half
    менструального cycle.
  6. If PMS is observed in cephalgic or crisis form,
    prescribed Parlodel. Take it also need after ovulation.
  7. With elevated serotonin and histamine in the blood in advance
    drink antihistamines a few days before
    unpleasant signs.
  8. It is possible to improve blood circulation with the help of Aminolone,
    Grandaxine and Nootropin. Take these drugs need to
    for 2-3 weeks.

Preventive measures

If the ICP does not allow to live in peace, depriving it of working capacity, then
Of course, without carrying out the therapy is not to be avoided. But sometimes
not enough. After the course of treatment is necessary
follow certain preventive measures. To them

  1. Аромотерапия для девушекHealthy sleep. Need to sleep not
    less than 8 hours. Inadequate rest of the body leads to
    anxiety, irritability and aggression. Besides того, это может
    adversely affect the immune system. With regular
    бессоннице рекомендуется заниматься дыхательной зарядкой и
    walk more
  2. Aromatherapy. Aromatic oil compositions help well from
    severe symptoms. You can use rose, geranium and sage. They
    have a beneficial effect on the menstrual cycle, normalizing it. Take off
    spasms will help basil and lavender. But you can improve your mood with
    using bergamot and juniper. Before using herbs is important
    make sure that they are not allergic.
  3. Physical activity. Regular walks, yoga, running,
    bodyflex, pilates and dancing performed well in
    предотвращении неприятных проявлений PMS. Besides того, тренировки
    improve mood.
  4. Taking magnesium and B vitamins helps you cope with
    cardiovascular problems, insomnia, irritability,
    fatigue and anxiety.
  5. The correct diet. You need to eat more vegetables and fruits, and
    also products with calcium and fiber. Recommended
    temporarily abandon chocolate, soda and coffee as they
    contain caffeine, which only aggravates anxiety,
    irritability and mood swings. Besides того, стоит
    restrict reception of beef.
  6. Having sex helps to get rid of stress, problems with sleep,
    and also strengthen the immune system.
  7. Natural medicines. Evening primrose helps from the head
    pain, vitex relieves sensitivity in the mammary glands, and
    Hypericum brings sexual desire back to normal and reduces

Balanced diet, vitamins and minerals, physical
activity, sex and a good sleep bring positive
mood and well-being that persists even before
началом menses.

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