Symptoms, causes and treatment of diathesis in infantschildren (folk remedies for diathesis)

Diathesis – a fairly common disease in
ребенка грудного возраста. This is due to insufficient
the maturity of the baby’s immune system. Inherently diathesis
is a peculiar allergic reaction to
certain foods. Doctors often call it atopic

диатез у грудничка

Причины и симптомы диатеза у грудного ребенка

Основные симптомы диатеза у грудных детей –
This skin rash on the body of the child.

In this case, the inflammatory process is not only external
nature, allergic manifestations are also observed on internal
organs and mucous membranes.

Также среди симптомов диатеза у грудничков часто
there are redness on the face, buttocks, arms and legs,
diaper rash (especially in the inguinal and axillary folds, behind the ears and
under the knees). Under the hair on the head of the child may appear
yellowish crust that must be gently combed out after
bathing, pre-lubricated with baby oil or cream.

The main factors influencing the appearance of diathesis in
child can be:симптомы диатеза у грудных детей

  • excessive use by mom during pregnancy and feeding
    breastfeeding allergens (citrus fruits, chocolate,
    products with artificial flavors and dyes);
  • genetic predisposition to allergies;
  • violation of the digestive organs;
  • violation of intestinal microflora;
  • poor environmental conditions;
  • overfeeding the child;
  • early introduction of complementary foods;
  • Incorrectly selected foods for the introduction of complementary foods and
    etc.  (First baby feeding – when and how
    You can start to lure)

Often diathesis is a manifestation of intestinal dysbiosis in
baby It may also be the result of such problems with
digestion, like: protein intolerance to cereal plants,
lack of enzymes for the breakdown of cow milk protein and

Лечение диатеза у новорожденных

Antihistamines. Preparations from
1st generation allergies, in addition to the main action, have a mild
sedative effect, so it can be prescribed for severe
restlessness, insomnia, constant crying. Assigned to
10-14 days with the change of the drug every 5 days. Drugs
choice: suprastin, tavegil, pipolfen.

BUTнтигистаминные 2 поколения оказывают
pronounced antiallergenic effect, hypnotic activity is not
possess, therefore, can be assigned for long-term administration in
for 3-5 weeks. Drugs выбора: кларитин, зиртек,


  • Desitin
  • Bepanten
  • Fenistil for babies
  • Zinc ointment

The most effective method of dealing with diathesis is
taking drugs that clean the baby’s body of toxins and

Enterosorbents (Polysorb, Enterosgel) – help to bring
toxins and allergens from the body crumbs, eliminating the cause of skin
rashes. They can be taken and lactating mothers. Sometimes drugs
mixed with Sudokrem and put on a rash.

Принимать решение, чем лечить диатез ребенку,
should a pediatrician.

First of all, any doctor will advise to correct the scheme.
maternal nutrition (if the baby is breastfed) and
baby It is necessary to exclude from the diet all foods-allergens (What
можно кушать кормящей маме при грудном вскармливании — список
products). In addition, a fairly frequent practice is to assign
vitamin complexes in diathesis. They are able to support
the necessary balance of vitamins and minerals in the child’s body,
help him form the necessary enzymes to combat

Drugs для восстановления нормальной микрофлоры
intestinal and dysbacteriosis treatment:

  • Probiotics
  • Prebiotics

Symptoms of diathesis can be treated with drugs. Among
they are antiallergic, adsorbents, enzyme preparations.
Proper treatment helps the baby, and with proper care, each of
symptoms quickly passes.

For the treatment of infants from antihistamines (antiallergic)
means widely used “Fenistil”. It is produced in the form
drops and gel. «Фенистил» – это единственный из
antihistamine drugs that can be used for children from a month.
«Фенистил» в каплях принимают внутрь, растворив необходимое
the amount of the drug in 1 tsp. water.


Уже через 45 минут «Фенистил» убирает симптомы сыпи, отека
and pruritus. Treat your baby with drugs
strictly prescribed by a doctor. As a rule, “Fenistil” in drops
назначают 3 раза in a day. �”Fenistil” in the form of a gel is used
for local treatment. Apply a thin layer on baby’s skin 1-2
times a day depending on the severity of the disease.

Not bad removes rash and itching on the skin; local treatment by others
means. Часто педиатры выписывают препарат «Bepanten».
Выпускается «Bepanten-мазь» и «Bepanten-крем». In the case of dry
skin has the best therapeutic effect ointment, it is faster
absorbed into the skin of a small patient.


Действующим веществом препарата «Bepanten-мазь» является
Dexpanthenol, a precursor of vitamin B5. Getting into the skin
baby, provitamin is transformed into vitamin B5, which, in its
turn, accelerates regeneration (tissue repair), skin mitosis
(cell division), strengthens collagen fibers.

«Bepanten-мазь» разрешается при диатезе даже у новорожденных.
Smear need a thin layer of all the affected areas of the skin.
Many mothers only use diathesis in their infants.

«Фенистил» и «Bepanten-мазь» убирают симптомы диатеза, сыпь
gradually passes, itching decreases. We must remember that the treatment
diathesis medication removes only the manifestations of its various forms,
not a reason.

Treatment of diathesis folk remedies

The main recommendations for the treatment of diathesis folk methods

  1. A fairly common means of treating diathesis
    является яичная скорлупа
    . With well washed
    (preferably with soda) boiled eggs are removed and the shell
    dried for 2-3 days in a dry and warm place. Then shell
    crushed into powder (for example, using a coffee grinder) and given
    child twice a day, 1 teaspoon. Shells can be given along with
    food, lemon juice or other additives. The course of treatment is
    2-3 months. This method removes the acute manifestations of diathesis due to
    high calcium content.
  2. Bathing in the series and chamomile. Dry grass and chamomile
    It is filled with water and boiled for 15 minutes. Next you need
    let it brew for 30 minutes, then strain and add
    her before evening bathing in the baby bath. Shoots very well
    itching and inflammation of the skin.
  3. Preparation of ointment on the basis of fir oil. 1 is required
    part of fir oil mixed with 3 parts of any baby cream
    (preferably with vitamin C). Affected skin areas are lubricated by two.
    once a day – in the morning and in the evening.
  4. Настойка корней одуванчика. One dining room
    a spoonful of dandelion roots is poured with one glass
    boiling water, 1.5-2 hours infused in a warm place in a tightly closed
    the container, after which it is well filtered. Accept received
    tincture should be 50 ml for half an hour before meals, preferably 3 times
    in a day.
  5. Настойка из измельченного корня лопуха.
    It is prepared and taken the same way as the tincture of the roots

Before using any folk remedies
consult with your pediatrician.

In order to prevent the occurrence of diathesis in breast
a child with a tendency to allergies, you must:

  • correctly administer supplements (preferably with hypoallergenic
  • eliminate or minimize the use of sugar, honey,
    chocolate and other sweets;
  • exclude fish and fish broths to children under one year old;
  • exclude from the diet citrus fruits, butter and fat
  • Be careful with fruit smoothies and juices. Juices from
    citrus fruits, carrot, pomegranate, tomato, grape
    juices should be excluded;
  • enter eggs with care (starting with the yolk or
    quail eggs).

It should be noted that with the right diet diathesis in children
after a year in most cases passes without a trace. However, if not
adhere to such a diet, diathesis can go into more complex
проявления – пищевую аллергию, бронхиальную астму, экзему и etc.
The health of children in this case depends entirely on
the consciousness of their parents.

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Food allergies or diathesis in infants

Diathesis – School of Doctor Komarovsky

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