Symptoms, causes and treatment of allergies

АллергияAccording to WHO, 40% of all people suffer from allergies.
people. Habitat is increasingly polluted, and in things and
Products contain synthetic and chemical compounds. therefore
The risk of allergies is growing rapidly. Any home has at least five
sources of disease. The fact of heredity is also important. If a
one of the parents is allergic, then with a probability of 30% this will be born and

Work of the immune system

Immunity protects the body against viruses using lymphocytes. Their
divided into T and B types. T-lymphocytes destroy infected and
antigen-damaged cells. And b-lymphocytes affect
production of glycoproteins (immunoglobulins) that fight against
diseases. For each antigen, the body produces
selective antibody.

IgG, IgM, IgA, IgD antibodies are aimed at the destruction of bacteria and
viruses, IgE – for the destruction of parasites and allergens, they
provoke the appearance of allergies.

Withчины аллергии

The development of the disease

Allergy organism in the role of antigens perceives wool, pollen
flowers, mold and many other harmless substances. With their
penetration into the body even in the smallest quantities begins
production of IgE in large quantities. After immunoglobulin
discovered an allergen, it connects with it into a complex that together
with blood spreading to the lungs, skin, stomach, nose. In organs
these complexes remain fixed until the allergen is again
does not attack the body.

When this happens, the complexes will release histamine, which depresses
allergen. The body is on such a process (the presence of allergens in
blood) reacts with spasms, swelling, decrease in blood pressure and thickening

Causes of

The disease may not manifest itself immediately. Predisposed to
allergies people can contact for a long time with various
substances, but it will not lead to allergies. However, when
some conditions (which are still not fully understood)
the body’s defense system produces to the substances that it
remembered antibodies. And when they re-enter the body
develops an allergic reaction.

The main substances that can cause allergies

  • Симптомы аллергииhouse or street dust;
  • pollen;
  • household chemicals;
  • animal skin and coat;
  • mold spores and fungi;
  • fruits, eggs, nuts, milk, fish, soy;
  • poison from the bite of a wasp, bumblebee, bee or ant;
  • medicines;
  • latex.

Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms depend on the allergen. More precisely, from the place of contact
body (skin, airway, digestive system or nose) and

Symptoms of internal allergy can be

  • Аллергия развитиеStrong and frequent sneezing.
  • Heavy breathing, coughing and shortness of breath.
  • Itching and strong discharge from the nose.
  • Eye itch, eyelid swelling, redness and tearing
  • Itching and redness of the skin, peeling and rash.
  • Puffiness of the face (tongue, lips) and neck.
  • Indigestion, nausea and vomiting.

Very rarely, the disease leads to such a serious reaction.
organism, as anaphylactic shock. Such a reaction may be
deadly if a person does not help in time.

Mostly allergic reactions are localized at the site of contact.
тела и allergen. With anaphylaxis, allergies spread to the whole
the body is pretty fast, it only takes a few minutes.

therefore перечень симптомов анафилактического шока может
включать весь список или совокупность нескольких

  • Puffiness of the mouth and throat.
  • It is difficult to talk and swallow saliva.
  • Rash in different parts of the body.
  • Weakness and discomfort.
  • Itching and redness.
  • Low blood pressure.
  • Vomiting, cramping, nausea.
  • Rapid or slow pulse.
  • Headache, loss of consciousness.

Аллергия симптомы

Allergen detection methods

When the disease appears for the first time and the allergen is unknown,
Need to see a doctor to relieve allergy symptoms. Treatment
can only be assigned after testing and receiving
research results.

If a есть подозрение на аллергическую реакцию, назначаются
skin tests. The advantages of this method are low cost, simplicity and
quick result.

Кожные пробы

The study will accurately determine the allergen, for it is injected into the skin.
different allergens in small doses and monitor the reaction to
skin. Such a study is allowed for any age.

Samples are made on the forearm or back. At one time you can spend
25 samples. To do this, the skin is divided into the desired number of parts, these
Allergen plots drip in liquid form, then skin is slightly
injured by scratching it with a special medical tool. With
positive reaction will itch and swelling, the skin on the site
turn red. Before you conduct skin tests, 2 days can not
take antihistamine medicines.

Analysis for glycoprotein IgE

Such a study shows how much blood is present.
IgE antibodies. For this you need to take some blood from a vein and through
a week or two results will be ready. A blood test is performed then
when it is impossible to test the skin, as the patient takes
antihistamine medicines on an ongoing basis. And also this analysis
assigned to make sure skin indications

There are two types of such research:

  1. Determination of the total amount of antibodies in the blood. But such
    the result does not always help, as under certain conditions
    A large amount of antibodies is possible without allergiya.
  2. Detection of specific antibodies in the blood makes it possible
    determine the level of hyperesthesia to certain species

Analysis for glycoprotein IgE

These results will clarify whether the patient alergia has or not.
however, they are not able to indicate the degree of danger of the disease.

Skin and provocative tests

The study is suitable for determining the origin of such
manifestations like eczema and contact dermatitis. For testing
preparing the composition of vaseline and paraffin, which is made
предполагаемый allergen. Then the composition is applied to special
plates that are attached to the back for 2 days.

Как выявить аллергиюWith the help of metal plates can
detect allergy to the antibiotic neomycin, animal wax,
Benzocaine anesthetic, nickel, perfume, colophon resin,
epoxy polymers, formaldehyde gas, steroid hormones, chromium,
1,2-diaminoethane and cobalt.


Only a provocative test with 100% probability will give the result.
The essence of the procedure: to cause allergies in the patient by taking
hypothetical allergen or food. Do this research
possible only in a medical institution and only with such

  1. Previous types of research have failed.
  2. The reaction to the established allergen disappeared.

Provocative test involves the introduction of an allergen in the place
where allergies were previously observed. With её повторном появлении
the study is terminated and the patient is eliminated allergic

First Aid

Различают лёгкие и тяжёлые аллергические manifestations. With лёгких
Symptoms such as mild itching around
the eye, as well as other sites where the allergen occurred;
slight redness and swelling; signs of a cold and
frequent sneezing. In rare cases, blisters may appear.

With появлении такой симптоматики стоит проделать

  • Первая помощь at аллергииBoil water, cool and
    wash the place where the allergic reaction manifested itself.
  • Stop interacting with a possible allergen (cat,
    dog, flower).
  • If a аллергия спровоцирована ядом от укуса осы, пчелы, муравья,
    need to remove the sting and put a compress from the ice.
  • Withнять антигистаминное лекарство. For example, Claritin, Zyrtec,
    Suprastin or Tavegil.

If a лучше не становится или симптомы ухудшаются, нужно срочно
call an ambulance or contact the nearest medical center.

With тяжёлой реакции наблюдаются такие

  • It is very difficult to breathe.
  • The voice disappears.
  • Accelerated heart rate and heartbeat.
  • Headaches and abdominal pains are felt.
  • Vomiting.
  • Redness, swelling and itching on large areas of the body or
    all over the body.

Боли at аллергии

Self-cope with such manifestations of allergy is very
complicated. Urgent care is required. Before
её atезда нужно выполнить следующие действия:

  1. If a человек не потерял сознание, то ему дают выпить препараты
    against allergies in pills or injections.
  2. With рвоте больного поворачивают набок, чтобы предотвратить
    vomit entering the respiratory system.
  3. If a у больного остановилось дыхание, выполняют массаж сердца и
    breath mouth to mouth.

Первая помощь at аллергии

Treatment methods

In the event that the allergen is known, it is important not to contact
by him. Drug therapy involves the elimination of symptoms,
as well as reducing the likelihood of re-manifestation of allergies.
Beforeполнительно во время лечения необходимо atнимать сорбенты,
that cleanse the body. These drugs include Enterosgel.
It is completely harmless as it is produced based on
organic soft silicon. In addition to allergens, are derived from
organism and toxins.

Таблетки at аллергииTelfast, Cetirizine, Loratadine, Tavegil,
Suprastin are anti-allergens of the first group. Appointed by the most
the first to partially relieve symptoms by reducing the number
histamine, which is secreted by the body. However, all the symptoms to them
can not remove.

Antiallergic drugs are characterized by such adverse
effects like drowsiness, nausea, nervousness and dryness in the mouth
cavities. Decongestants are used to eliminate the common cold. Among
them: Oxymetazoline, Pseudoephedrine and Xylometazolin. Often
Available in sprays and drops. Drugs in this group constrict blood vessels.
mucous membrane that prevents swelling of the nose. Decongestants
not assigned to individuals under 12 years old, during lactation and

Leukotriene receptor antagonists block the reactions of substances
allergies that cause puffiness and inflammation of the respiratory system
system. These include the drug Singular. Used mainly
with bronchial asthma. Leukotriene inhibitors allowed
Combine with other drugs. Side effects virtually
never manifest.

Hormonal sprays are aimed at reducing inflammation in
respiratory system. Among них препараты Беклометазон, Флутиказон,
Mometasone Their всасываемость практически нулевая, поэтому побочных
reactions are not observed. Bleeding from the nose and pain are only possible.
at длительном atёме препарата.

The method of immunotherapy is that in the body in the form
Injections are gradually found in small doses of allergens.
Gradually their number increases.

This allows you to reduce the body hyperesthesia on the input
allergen. With достижении поддерживающей дозы её нужно будет вводить
2 times a month for another 2−3 years. This treatment is appropriate.
только at тяжёлой форме и at аллергии на укусы насекомых.

Nutrition Restrictions

With пищевой аллергии важно atдерживаться диеты. However she
имеет место и at наследственной предрасположенности, которая
определяет особенности в функционировании иммунной system. therefore
there is a possibility that the body is hypersensitive to substances
which cause disease. Compliance with special nutrition will help
Avoid potential allergen products.

Питание at аллергии

Any form of illness implies the exclusion of such

  • Seafood. Consumption of marine fish is desirable to limit
    and sea cabbage and caviar completely excluded.
  • Dairy products need to be included in the diet rarely and in moderation.
    doses. This applies to store products. Beforeмашняя же продукция
    contains many proteins, so they should be completely abandoned.
    Factory dairy products undergo a series of treatments, as a result
    which causes a lot of protein to break down, and the risk of allergies is reduced.
  • Nutrition Restrictions at аллергииPreservation contains many
    nutritional supplements to enhance taste and extend shelf life
    goods. Such elements are not harmful to humans, but are
    powerful allergens.
  • Fruits. Among распространённых аллергенов — клубника, ананас,
    sea ​​buckthorn and melon, as well as citrus. Allergies can even manifest
    из-за компота или джема из этих products.
  • Foods high in supplements. These include
    chocolate, soda, gum and marmalade. They have a lot of dyes and
    sweeteners. They may be allergens.
  • Very carefully it is necessary to use honey, with unique substances.
    which the body rarely contacts. therefore риск появления
    The allergic reaction increases.

Forms of manifestation of the disease

Allergies in severe cases may affect system performance.
respiratory tract or cardiovascular system. In such
case the disease is more serious and turns into edema
Quincke, bronchial asthma or anaphylaxis:

  • Отек квинкеAngioedema or angioedema
    characterized by swelling of the fat layer. It can develop on any
    part of the body, but often manifests itself on the face. Danger
    lies in its localization near the throat. Дыхательные пути at
    edema closes, which can trigger a lethal outcome.
  • Asthma. With таком заболевании мелкие бронхи сужаются, в
    resulting in a disturbed breathing process. It threatens to
    the patient may suffocate.
  • Anaphylaxis is the most dangerous form of allergy since it
    affects several organs at once. Frequent anaphylactic outcome
    shock is death.

Астма at аллергии

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine is divided into those that are partly affected.
on immunity, reducing symptoms, and those that work locally,
– compresses and ointments.

Among самых эффективных средств выделяют

  • Мумие at аллергииMumiyo Для внутреннего atменения готовят
    solution at the rate of 1 g of substance per liter of boiling water. Beforeзировка — ½
    cup fasting daily for 20 days. For children dose
    divided in half.
  • Calendula. Для atменения готовится настой: 2 ложки сухоцвета +
    a glass of water, boil and insist about an hour. Withнимать по ложке
    twice a day.
  • Celery root. About 50 g of minced raw should
    insist in a glass of water for 3 hours. Withнимать по 50 мл
    three times a day.
  • Nettle flowers. Из них готовится настой для atмочек: 2 ложки на
    glass of water.
  • Dill. Spoon of juice is squeezed out of the shoots, which is diluted
    two spoons of water. The solution is used for compresses.

If a есть хоть малейшее подозрение на аллергию, не стоит
delay a visit to an allergist. It is better to spend the first stages
tests and identify sensitivity to a specific allergen. it
will give the opportunity to no longer contact with him and avoid heavy

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