Symptoms and treatment системной краснойlupus

Symptoms and treatment системной красной lupusOne of the most
severe diseases – systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). She is
characterized by autoimmune inflammation with many others
symptoms. This disease is dangerous for its complications. With him
organs of many body systems suffer, but most of all problems
occurs with the musculoskeletal system and kidneys.

Description of the disease

Lupus develops due to impaired immune system,
in which antibodies are formed that adversely affect
healthy cells and tissues. This leads to negative changes in
vessels and connective tissue.

Description of the disease красная волчанкаThe term “lupus”
once used to refer to red spots appearing
on the face. They resembled wolf or wolf bites, which are often
attacked people and sought to get to unprotected parts
body like nose or cheeks. Even one of the symptoms of the disease is called
�”Lupus butterfly”. Today the name is associated with a sweet
the word “wolf”.

Autoimmune disease develops on the background of hormonal disorders.
The large role is played by increased estrogens, therefore
most often lupus is seen in women
floor. The disease is usually diagnosed in adolescent girls and
young women under 26 years old.

In men, SLE is harder, and remissions are rare, but
they have the disease is 10 times less likely because androgens
have a protective effect. In different sexes, the same symptoms may
manifest stronger. For example, in women, the joints are more affected,
and in men, the central nervous system and kidneys.

Lupus can be congenital. Symptoms of SLE occur in children
already in the first years of life.

The disease develops in waves, with alternating
periods of exacerbations and remissions. SLE is characterized by acute onset,
rapid progression and early spread of painful
process. Have детей симптомы системной красной lupus наблюдаются
same as adults.


На возникновение и развитие lupus влияет не одна причина. She is
caused by simultaneous or sequential exposure immediately
several factors. Scientists were able to detect the main
causes of disease:

  • exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • hypothermia;
  • Causes красной lupusstressful
  • excessive physical exertion;
  • acute and chronic viral infections;
  • the presence of certain antigens in the blood;
  • AIDS and HIV;
  • deficiency of the C2 complement component;
  • genetic predisposition.

The last factor, scientists do not include common causes
the occurrence of SLE, but they believe that the relatives of the patient
are at risk.

Means containing large doses of sex hormones, negatively
affect the status of women. Симптомы красной lupus
appear stronger because of alcohol, smoking and some medical
drugs that provoke exacerbation of an already arisen disease.

Stage classification

СКAT имеет широкий спектр symptoms. During illness occur
aggravations and remissions.

Lupus is classified according to the forms of its course:

  • Классификация красной lupus по стадиям Sharp
    . The most malignant forms are observed.
    continuously progressive course, a sharp increase,
    multiple manifestations and resistance to therapy. This type
    usually characteristic of children.
  • Подострая. Exacerbations occur periodically,
    symptoms are less pronounced than in acute form. The work of bodies
    нарушается в течение первых 12 месяцев lupus.
  • Хроническая. One or more first
    signs of disease are characterized by long-term manifestation and
    favorable forecasts.

Also distinguish the stages of the disease. Minimal characterized
weak headaches and joint pains, high fever,
недомоганиями и первыми проявлениями lupus на коже.

In the moderate phase, the face and body are strongly affected, and then –
vessels, joints and internal organs. In severe stage, disrupted
the work of various body systems.

Symptoms of the disease

At the beginning of SLE, only 20% of patients are concerned about skin lesions. Have
60% of patients with symptoms appear later. Have некоторых людей они
do not arise at all. Signs of the disease can be seen on the face, neck and
shoulders. On the back of the nose and cheeks appears rash in the form of reddish
plaque with peeling, reminiscent in the past wolf bites. Her
called “lupus butterfly” because it looks like it
insect. Have больного повышается чувствительность кожи к
ultraviolet light.

Have некоторых людей при волчанке выпадают волосы в височных
areas and nails break. The mucous membranes are affected in 25% of cases.
Lupus cheilitis appears, characterized by a dense swelling of the lips in the form
grayish scales. Small red sores may appear on the hem.
or pink. In addition, the mucous membrane is affected.
oral cavity.

When lupus affects various body systems:

  • Симптомы красной lupusДыхательная. Pulmonary
    pathologies develop in more than half of cases with SLE. More often
    total inflammation of the lining of the lungs (pleurisy). The sick
    pain in chest and shortness of breath. Lupus may occur
    pneumonitis, characterized by coughing with bloody sputum. With
    pulmonary hypertension affects the vessels of the lungs. Also possible
    clogged artery thrombus (thromboembolism).
  • Сердечно-сосудистая. Lupus is characterized by
    damage to the structure of the heart, the outer shell, the inner layer,
    valves and coronary vessels. Pericarditis often occurs when
    which inflame serous membranes affecting the heart muscle.
    With возникновении миокардита нарушается ритм сердца и передача
    nerve impulse, as well as developing acute or chronic
  • Пищеварительная. The esophagus may expand or
    violated the act of swallowing. An ulcer is observed as a side effect.
    stomach and duodenum. The disease may be accompanied
    nausea, indigestion and abdominal discomfort.
  • Общие симптомы lupusКровеносная. From the side
    blood systems may cause anemia, leukopenia or
    thrombocytopenia. Have пациентов, страдающих волчанкой, нередко
    detect enlarged spleen or lymph nodes.
  • Костно-мышечная. With СКAT часто поражаются
    joints of fingers and knees, bone density decreases,
    muscle pain and weakness.
  • Мочевыделительная. Renal damage
    The apparatus is observed in 50% of patients with lupus. In the urine can
    manifest protein (proteinuria). Nephrotic syndrome is possible,
    characterized by a decrease in protein in the blood and swelling.

Общие симптомы lupus у женщин и мужчин — поражения ЦНС.
The disease is characterized by rapid fatigue, weakness, a decrease in
memory and performance, deterioration of intellectual
abilities. Have человека, страдающего аутоиммунным заболеванием,
irritability, depression, headaches
and insomnia.

Have больного может снизиться чувствительность. Withпадки, психозы и
судороги тоже развиваются на фоне lupus.

Diagnostic methods

Подтвердить диагноз lupus можно с помощью дифференциальной
diagnostics. Her делают потому, что каждое проявление говорит о
pathology of a particular organ. For this system is used,
developed by the American Rheumatological Association

The diagnosis of SLE is confirmed with four or more symptoms.
from this list:

  • erythema on butterfly face;
  • discoid rash on the skin;
  • sensitivity to ultraviolet rays;
  • Diagnostic methods красной lupusthe formation of painful
    ulcers on the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose;
  • serous inflammation;
  • arthritis;
  • kidney damage;
  • change in blood composition;
  • psychosis, seizures;
  • immunological disorders;
  • the presence of antinuclear antibodies.

After the preliminary diagnosis of the patient is sent to
a specialist with a narrow focus, for example, to a nephrologist,
pulmonologist or cardiologist.


A detailed examination includes a thorough history taking. Doctor
it is necessary to learn about all previous diseases of the patient and
methods of their treatment.

Treatment methods

Drug therapy for patients with SLE is selected individually.
Methods of treatment depend on the stage and form of the disease, manifested
symptoms and characteristics of the patient.

Hospitalize a person with lupus will need
only in certain cases: a constant temperature above 38
degrees, a decrease in the level of white blood cells, as well as suspected
stroke, heart attack or severe damage to the central nervous system. If will
to progress the clinical signs of the disease, then the patient too
will be sent to hospitalization.

Лечение красной lupus включает в себя:

  • Treatment methods красной lupusHormone therapy. In
    during acute exacerbation, glucocorticosteroids are prescribed to the patient and
    cytostatic immunosuppressants. Hormonal drugs can
    appointed one time or for several days.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They apply
    with inflammations of small joints.
  • Antipyretic drugs. Ibuprofen or paracetamol will help
    cope with high fever.

Hormonal creams and ointments eliminate flaking and burning,
arisen in certain areas of the skin.

Special attention is paid to the patient’s immune system. In время
remission of the patient is treated with immunostimulants in combination with
vitamin complexes and physiotherapy procedures.

Treatment methods СКATAlso taken into account
associated diseases and complications. Since first place in
cases of lethality are problems with the kidneys, it is for them
need to constantly monitor for SLE. Need timely treatment
lupus arthritis and heart disease.

Dandelion P acts as a natural chondroprotector that does not
gives the joints to collapse and restores cartilage. is he
lowers blood cholesterol and cleanses the body from
toxins. Dihydroquercetin Plus is used to strengthen the walls
vessels. It also eliminates harmful cholesterol and promotes
improve blood microcirculation.

Diet for lupus

With волчанке людям прописывают продукты, которые облегчат
symptoms of the disease. The patient should prefer food
able to protect the brain, heart and kidneys.

Человеку, у которого выявили волчанку, необходимо
consume in sufficient quantities:

  • Vegetables and fruits. They contain vitamins, minerals and
    cellulose. Most of all nutrients in seasonal fruits, on
    which should be strained.
  • Diet for lupusCalcium and Vitamin Supplements
    D. They must be used to prevent osteoporosis. it
    disease often develops on the background of taking steroids. Of
    fermented milk products should choose options with low
    % fat or low fat foods. Take medication down
    It is recommended by milk, but not water, in order to be less irritated.
    gastric mucosa.
  • Whole grain cereals and pastries. These products are characterized by
    high levels of fiber and B vitamins

In the fight against the disease will help protein. Doctors recommend eating
veal, turkey and other dietary meats and poultry. In a diet
should include cod, pollock, pink salmon, tuna, squid, lean
herring Fish contains omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids,
vital for normal brain and heart function.

During the day you need to drink at least 8 glasses of pure water. She is
adjusts the gastrointestinal tract, controls hunger and
improves the general condition.

Some products will have to be abandoned or
limit them in your diet:

  • Fatty dishes. Foods that contain a lot of cream or
    vegetable oil, increases the risk of exacerbations from
    of cardio-vascular system. Of-за жирной еды в сосудах
    cholesterol is deposited. Of-за неё может развиться острый инфаркт
  • Caffeine. itт компонент в большом количестве присутствует в
    coffee, tea and some other drinks. Of-за кофеина раздражается
    mucous membrane of the stomach, often beats the heart and is overloaded
    nervous system. If you stop drinking cups of drinks with this
    substance, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of erosions and ulcers in
    желудке и двенадцатиперстной кишке.
  • Salt. Food should be limited because
    overloads the kidneys and increases blood pressure.

People suffering from lupus erythematosus should abandon
alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. is heи и так вредны сами по себе, а в
combination with drugs can lead to disastrous
the consequences.

Patient forecasts

The prognosis will be favorable if the disease is detected
at an early stage of its development. AT самом начале течения lupus ткани
and organs are not subjected to severe deformation. Mild rash or arthritis
easily controlled by specialists.

With запущенных формах СКAT потребуется агрессивное лечение
large doses of various medications. In this case, not
It is always possible to determine what brings more harm to the body:
large dosages of drugs or the pathological process itself.

Patient forecasts, болеющих волчанкой

Lupus erythematosus is not a cure, but it is not
It means that you cannot live with her happily. If in time to ask for
medical care, you can avoid serious problems. With
performing medical recommendations and proper lifestyle
the patient will not have to limit himself in many ways.

Complication and progression of the disease is possible if the person has
there are chronic infectious diseases. Influence also
have frequent vaccinations and colds. Therefore, to such
the patient must take care of his health and avoid factors
adversely affecting his body.

Preventive actions

Prevention of SLE will help prevent recurrence of the disease and
stop further progression of pathological processes.
Secondary measures promote timely and adequate treatment.

Профилактика красной lupusPatients should be regularly
undergo dispensary examinations and consult with
rheumatologist Drugs should be taken in the prescribed dosage at
over a period of time.

The condition of stable remission will be maintained with
hardening, medical gymnastics and regular walks on
fresh air. The patient must comply with the regime of work and rest,
avoiding unnecessary psychological and physical stress. Complete
sleep and proper nutrition are not only important for improving the condition
with the disease, but also for the normal functioning of the whole

If a person has isolated areas of the affected
skin, you need to find out if someone’s disease has been diagnosed
from his relatives. Lupus should be avoided
UV light and stay away from direct sunlight. AT
warm season need to use special ointments capable
protect the skin from the negative effects of the sun. A person suffering
СКAT, надо отказаться от вредных привычек, которые только усугубляют
his condition.

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