Symptoms and treatment of ectopicof pregnancy

ATнематочная беременностьThere are a number of reasons for the onset.
внематочной of pregnancy. The embryo may begin to develop in the neck.
uterus or tubes, and sometimes even outside the female organs, in the abdominal
cavities. In such cases, the fetus has no chance to develop and appear.
to the light. Not all doctors can identify pathology in the early stages.
However, this development of the embryo requires immediate
прерывания of pregnancy.

Description and features of the pathology

For the normal development of the fetus and the safety of women’s health
it is important that the egg passes through the fallopian tubes, out into the uterus,
connected with the sperm and infiltrated the mucous walls,
endometrium. Unfortunately, there are a number of causes
внематочной of pregnancy, когда зародыш может не попасть в место
assignments, attaching and developing in any other body
reproductive system. This means that the future life of the fetus
is impossible.

AT зависимости от места прикрепления выделяют несколько
видов патологической of pregnancy:

  • Патологическая беременностьpipe;
  • ovarian;
  • abdominal;
  • cervical.

The development of the fetus leads to the destruction of the organ in which it
rooted. The mother may bleed, which puts her
life threatened.

Ovarian pregnancy is internal and external. In the last
In this case, the embryo develops on the ovary itself. With
внутренней of pregnancy зародыш развивается в фолликуле. Going on
This is due to the fact that the male reproductive cell – the sperm –
is introduced into the follicle when the egg has not yet had time to mature and
get out of it. Thus, fertilization and attachment of the fetus
happens in one place. There is a case in history when a woman
was able to carry the child to the end of the term, since the tissue of the ovary
quite elastic.

Pathology in the cervix occurs in the case of the merger of germ cells outside
uterus. Rolling down, the cells are attached to the tissues of the body. Such
Pregnancy is considered one of the most dangerous. According to statistics, about
50% of cases are fatal for the mother. Save
a woman can only be by surgery, with
which removes the uterus.

Яичниковая беременность

Abdominal attachment may be:

  1. Primary. Яйцеклетка сразу крепится в брюшной cavities.
  2. Secondary. Fetal egg is ejected from the fallopian tube immediately
    outside the female organs. Its introduction to a place where there is not enough
    blood supply, leading to the rapid death of the embryo. In others
    situations, fetal development contributes to internal damage
    organs of the woman. In addition, the child may experience violations.
    in development due to oxygen starvation. Most often the fetus dies
    before birth.

Often there is pregnancy outside the uterus, occurring in
pipes. With the growth and development of the embryo, the tissues of the organ expand. AT
As a result, the pipe may burst. In addition, there are
inflammation and bleeding that may also
threaten the life of the future mother.

Main symptoms

AT домашних условиях на ранних сроках выявить внематочную
pregnancy is extremely difficult. It develops asymptomatically and may not
make themselves known up to 8 weeks. The first sign of pathology
becomes a pressing feeling that arises due to an increase
the size of the ovum and the pressure on the organ where it stuck. AT
one moment the patient’s life can be compromised if on time
Do not seek medical attention.

Some women recognize that in the body at the very beginning
something has changed. In time to determine the presence of violations
need to know what the symptoms are with ectopic
of pregnancy.

На фоне роста показателей ХГЧ в крови могут также
be observed:

  1. Main symptoms патологииbloody issues;
  2. pregnancy test with a pale colored second strip;
  3. lack of menstrual flow;
  4. nagging or sharp pain in the lower abdomen of varying intensity;
  5. pain that gives to the rectum or lower back;
  6. discomfort during sex;
  7. increase and tenderness of the mammary glands.

Symptoms begin to appear depending on the period. They often
похожи на признаки обычной of pregnancy. Nausea appears and
weakness, basal temperature rises.

It should be borne in mind that such signs are not only when
внематочной of pregnancy. They can be noticed if the viability
the embryo is extremely low due to genetic cell disorders,
involved in fertilization. Fetal death can also threaten
health of the woman.

Обследование женщины у врачаExperts recommend
пациентке при проявлении симптомов патологической of pregnancy
seek medical attention immediately. Modern methods
diagnostics, for example, ultrasound, will help the gynecologist understand that
happens in the female body and assign the necessary

AT самом начале of pregnancy пациенткам необходимо обращаться в
antenatal clinic, to which they relate to the place of residence.
The earlier the specialist conducts an examination of the development of the embryo, the less
consequences will be after a forced abortion. If during examination
in the early stages, the gynecologist will be able to determine that the ovum is
is in the wrong place, you can delete it with
using gentle means.

Withчины occurrence

Embryonic development outside the uterus leads to serious
abnormalities in the genitals and the ovum. Medical statistics
shows that this pathology often occurs in a completely
healthy women at a young age. If previously there was pathological
pregnancy, the risk of re-scenario increases by 25%.

Существует множество причин внематочной of pregnancy.
Among them:

  1. ATоспалительный процесс в репродуктивной системе женщины.
    Often, improper attachment of the fetus leads to infection,
    sexually transmitted diseases. For example, trichomoniasis and chlamydia. They
    cause deformation and contraction of the fallopian tubes and inflammation in
    of them.
  2. Withчины внематочной of pregnancy. ATозраст матери старше 35
    years old.
  3. ATнутриматочные спирали. Long use, longer than 5 years,
    contraceptive of this type contributes to the increased risk
    ectopic attachment of the fetus several times. Going on это
    due to changes that occur under the influence of a foreign
  4. Neoplasms in the appendages or malignant uterus
  5. Numerous abortions. After such operations occurs
    inflammatory and adhesions occurring in the genitals.
    Кроме того, могут наблюдаться изменения в маточных pipes.
  6. Frequent stress and overwork.
  7. Disorders of hormonal, which are obtained by stimulation
    use of potent hormones or
    preparation for IVF.
  8. Impaired in the development of fertilized female genital
  9. Smoking. ATредная привычка значительно повышает риск
    прикрепления зародыша в любое место, кроме uterus.
  10. Surgical intervention in the internal organs or uterine
  11. ATрождённые отклонения в развитии половой системы женщины.
  12. Endometriosis. With нём слизистая оболочка матки, которую называют
    endometrium, begins to actively grow inside the body and for its
    the limits.

Danger of deviations

Often, with the appearance of signs of pathological phenomena of women
Do not rush to contact a gynecologist. With of pregnancy такая
negligence can lead not only to the loss of a child, but also to
serious maternal health problems. AT ожидании, что
malaise will pass on their own, placed embryo outside the uterus
continues to grow. AT таком случае стенки органа, где находится плод,
may burst under pressure.

Symptoms of uterine rupture

  1. A sharp pain that suddenly arises in the lower abdomen.
  2. Extremely low blood pressure.
  3. A woman feels very weak.
  4. Often there is a blue nasolabial triangle.
  5. Blanching of the skin.
  6. Prostration of sticky cold sweat all over the body.
  7. Loss of consciousness.
  8. Heavy bleeding.

Симптомы разрыва маточной трубы

Acute pain and bleeding that occurs when
serious pathological course. If the fetus was in the fallopian
pipe, pain comes from its rupture. Bleeding can
arise for different reasons, each of which requires
immediately contact a specialist. Finding the embryo for
outside the uterus does not cause such sensations until
peritonitis will begin to develop.

Complete ovarian rupture is characterized by constant strong
pain. It is felt from the affected side, where the fetal
egg. Pain syndrome gives to the shoulder and rectum. Such a symptom
indicates that a spontaneous abortion occurred, and
возникло прерывание of pregnancy, протекающей вне uterus.

Bleeding depending on profusion can lead to death.
women in just tens of minutes or a few hours. It is capable
disrupt the normal functioning of the internal organs not only
sexual sphere, but also other systems.

Повреждение маточных трубDamage to the fallopian tubes may
prevent the patient from having children in the future. Besides, in
in some cases, to save the life of the expectant mother, doctors
прибегают к удалению фаллопиевых труб, яичников или uterus.

Even after successful removal of the embryo may occur
seals in the pelvis. This is due to the development of intestinal
obstruction and inflammatory processes that occur after
surgical intervention. Therefore, after surgery to a woman in
It is imperative to undergo a regenerating and
противовоспалительное treatment. This will help reduce the consequences.
неправильной of pregnancy к минимуму.

Before the next conception, it is imperative that the body
recuperated, otherwise the risk of re-pathology increases.
ATрачи-гинекологи не рекомендуют планировать следующую беременность
not earlier than 1−1.5 years after the intervention.

Diagnostic methods

If during the examination on the chair the gynecologist felt education,
resembling a tumor, in appendages or other female organs he
begins to compare the patient’s complaints. After that appoints
necessary examination to confirm suspicion
ectopic attachment of the embryo.

Для выявления развития of pregnancy вне матки проводят
diagnosis, which includes the following procedures:

  1. Blood test for hCG level. Its result allows to determine
    embryo development fact. With нахождении плода в любом другом месте
    human chorionic gonadotropin indices grow significantly
    slower than normal development of the fetus.
  2. УЗИ органов малого тазаUltrasound of the pelvic organs. His spend
    at the end of the first month of carrying a child to identify
    pathological processes. With влагалищном исследовании заметить
    ectopic attachment is possible at 4 weeks, and
    transabdominal – on the fifth.
  3. Laparoscopy. This is a study of organs that is carried out through
    small notch. Experts resort to this method when there is
    suspicion of internal bleeding occurring against the background
    развития of pregnancy в трубах или на шейке. The procedure is performed under
    general anesthesia. The patient is injected into the abdominal cavity through a small
    hole special camera. With подтверждении диагноза женщину
    immediately transferred to the operating room.
  4. Отслеживание уровня прогестерона в крови. This hormone
    often called pregnant. It is secreted by the ovaries. Like hCG, its
    level is significantly lower with ectopic attachment, compared
    with normal.

Most often at 4-6 weeks of pregnancy outside the uterus on their own
is interrupted. That’s when she makes herself known.

Therapeutic method and recovery

Самым опасным способом лечения внематочной of pregnancy
considered medication. It is used only in the early stages.
pathological course. Most often, gynecologists resort to his
use in cases where the ectopic pregnancy was
accidentally revealed during the inspection.

AT женский организм вводится особый препарат For deliverance
from the fetus, which develops abnormally outside the uterus, into the female
the body is injected with a special drug containing hormones. is he
stops the development of the embryo and causes a miscarriage. This method has become
known not so long ago. Before using the patient carefully
surveyed. The medical staff who will conduct the procedure
must have the necessary qualifications and enough experience. Not worth it
look for the name of the drugs used and try on your own
abort pregnancy at home whatever it is

Some specialists use in the complex medicamentous and
surgical method. A woman is given a hormonal drug, which
causes placental abruption. Next, the fertilized egg begins
squeeze out. After the procedure, the patient must pass
rehabilitation therapy that helps to normalize
appendages and other genitals.

ATнутренние женские органы восстанавливаются довольно быстро.
Especially if laparoscopic surgery was performed. Wounds after
interventions are delayed after 2−3 weeks. Next, for 3
months, the woman banned exercise. In addition, should
avoid constipation.

Анализ крови на ХГЧ. To make sure that all
fragments of the ovum were removed from the body, the woman will have to
several times after treatment to pass a blood test for hCG. Otherwise
fruit particles can remain and continue to grow. This leads to
tumor formation.

With появлении необычных симптомов и подозрении на патологическую
pregnancy should not be delayed with an appeal to a gynecologist.
It is highly recommended to go to the antenatal clinic when
the delay. This will help to identify as soon as possible.
pathological abnormalities and begin treatment. Prophylactic
measures will further reduce the risk of offensive
прикрепления зародыша вне uterus.

Prophylactic меры

Предотвратить появление патологий при of pregnancy можно, если
to plan the child in advance. A woman who is preparing for conception,
must be examined by a gynecologist before proceeding to
fertilization. Routine inspection can give a lot of information about
female health condition. After the examination, the doctor does
conclusion that indicates whether the body is ready for development
of pregnancy без патологий.

For women who have had an abortion or have had a sexually transmitted disease.
заболевания, осмотр перед зачатием крайне важен.
It is necessary to obtain a complete picture of the state of the reproductive system.
and find out whether adhesions are absent in the genitals. With
deviations the gynecologist prescribes a course of treatment, after which
возрастают шансы спокойного протекания of pregnancy.

Prophylactic меры

Of course, routine inspection and examination do not give 100%
guarantees that egg fertilization and embryo development will
proceed without pathological disorders. Even without adhesions
in case of damage to the integrity of the mucous membrane of the fallopian tube
germ can stay in it. This most often occurs after
passing a woman long-term antibiotic treatment.

Заметить на УЗИ наступление патологической of pregnancy на
early timing is difficult when later such an examination can
confirm the diagnosis or refute it. With осмотре на
gynecological chair using a mirror and palpation can
заметить увеличение и смягчение uterus. In addition, often
there is a cyanotic neck. The ovary or tube may
no clear contour. These organs are painful and enlarged.

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