Symptoms and treatment липомы (жировика)

Lipoma Lipoma (Wen) is a neoplasm
benign nature, developing from the cells of adipose tissue.
Such a tumor looks like a dome-shaped lump, soft on
touch and easily shifted to the side when pressed. Capsule,
filled with adipocytes, as a rule, is localized in
subcutaneous fatty tissue of the limbs, head, back, however
perhaps its education and in the internal organs.

The mechanism of formation of Wen

The expert community advances several theories of formation
lipomas. The most likely are considered
The following hypotheses:

  1. Violation of the outflow of secretion of the sebaceous glands and, as a result, –
    accumulation of adipose tissue in them. Lipoma due to
    This is often located on the surface layer of the skin.
    and does not have a lobed structure.
  2. Lipoma причиныLocal autonomic failure
    regulation of lipid metabolism, leading to lipomatosis. According to
    this concept, the adipocytes that make up the tumor
    neoplasm are clones of a single cambial cell, from
    which subsequently forms the whole colony. In favor of this theory
    speaks lobular structure of deeply located limes, and
    the presence of specialized lipocytes with high mitotic

Provoking factors

The exact reasons that trigger the formation mechanism of Wen are up to
the end is not studied. There is a theory that an important role in shaping
lipoma plays a metabolic disorder triggered by an enzyme
insufficiency. Дерматологи выделяют целый ряд
неблагоприятных факторов
, так или иначе участвующих в
development of a similar pathology:

  • metabolic failure;
  • hormonal imbalances in the body;
  • abnormal intrauterine development;
  • Как выглядит липома deviations in work
    digestive system;
  • low hemoglobin concentration in the blood;
  • the prevalence in the diet of fatty and overly high-calorie foods;
  • increased blood sugar and cholesterol;
  • bad habits;
  • lack of physical activity;
  • insufficient hygienic skin care;
  • immunodeficiency.

Genetic predisposition to fatty acids clearly
traced with lipomatosis – the pathological process, with
which is observed the formation of multiple nodes in
subcutaneous fat layer. The reason for this phenomenon, according to scientists
become genetic mutations transmitted from parents to children
regardless of their gender.

The growth of lipomas also contribute to any violations of fat metabolism.
However, this does not mean that a wen
likely to occur in an obese person.

Lipoma симптомы

People who have a low body mass index are also quite often
lipomas are formed that can reach impressive

The body is equipped with mechanisms that regulate lipid deposition.
tissue in one quantity or another in different parts of the body. When a person
subjected to stress, is under the influence of negative
environmental factors are not excluded violations in the work of this
regulation, resulting in increased uncontrolled growth
fat cells. Healing injuries are often accompanied
an increase размеров адипоцитов, что, вероятно, может послужить
impetus to the formation of wen in the area of ​​subcutaneous damage

Classification of lipomas

A benign connective tumor may appear in those
places where there is at least a little fatty tissue: in the skin,
mammary glands, heart cavities, gastrointestinal organs
tract, retroperitoneal space, the membranes of the brain. AT
in rare cases, the lipid neoplasm is located in the liver and
uterus. AT дерматологической практике используют классификацию липом,
which takes into account their cellular composition. ATыделяют следующие
clinical types of wen:

  1. Lipofibroma. It is a soft-touch fatty
  2. Fibrolipoma. The tumor is characterized by a dense structure.
    Such a lipoma contains not only fatty tissue, but also blotches.
  3. Удаление липомыAngiolipoma. Distinctive feature
    this wen is the presence in it of individual elements of the vascular
  4. Myolipoma. Tumor formation, which includes
    there are smooth muscle fibers.
  5. Myelolipoma. Infrequent benign tumor
    represented by a combination of mature lipid tissue with

Topical lipomas are represented by adipocytes present in the organ,
which they hit. From diembriogenetic lipid primordia
tissues may form heterotopic wen. AT зависимости
the forms are distinguished from nodular and diffuse lipomas.

Clinical manifestations

On visual inspection, the subcutaneous wen looks like a round,
the formation of a soft consistency, not welded to nearby tissues,
which does not cause pain when pressing on it.
If you stretch the skin a little over it, then retractions will immediately appear,
caused by lobular structure of the lipoma.

Lipoma мягких тканейTypical localization zones
подкожных жировых опухолей
— руки и ноги, спина,
scalp. New growths can be single, but
often have multiple character. ATстречаются липомы the most
different sizes, their size varies from a couple of millimeters to
a few centimeters. When a large wen droop, it forms
in the place of its attachment a thin leg of leather that turns around
blood stagnation, edema, and even necrotization of soft tissue. Lipoma
gigantic size is due to her overweight
owner, but more often its growth is in no way associated with
anthropometric data of man.

As already mentioned, most fat tumors are different.
soft consistency and lack of clear symptoms, but with
marked development in them connective tissue layers occurs
their gradual compaction. Pathology rarely makes itself felt.
A person almost never complains of discomfort and
pain in the affected area, he is more concerned about the aesthetic side
question, especially since over the years the lipoma occupies an increasing area
on the body.

Tumors arising in the retroperitoneal space have
propensity for rapid growth. Enlarged neoplasm begins
squeeze the nearby internal organs, thereby causing
pain. Multiple miniature nodules, localized along the way
large nerve fibers, sometimes painful due to
mechanical compression of neural structures.

Diagnostic measures

ATыявить поверхностно расположенные липомы для дерматолога не
make a lot of work. AT тех случаях, когда жировик находится в
inaccessible to palpation (inside the chest, in
retroperitoneal space or spinal canal), accounted for
resort to the help of instrumental diagnostic methods such
like ultrasound and radiography.


ATо время ультразвукового исследования происходит визуализация
wen by displaying reflected mechanical
high frequency waves.

X-ray examination of fatty tumors is based
on the application of long x rays which allow
to evaluate in detail the structure of deeply located soft tissues. With
suspected lipoma growing in the thickness of the muscles specialist
increases the beam of electromagnetic waves. On the received pictures
the tumor will be reflected in the form of enlightenment with smooth outlines,
mostly correct form.

Wen липома With внимательном рассмотрении
radiographs on the bright spot occasionally you can see small
Calcium salt deposits. With локализации доброкачественной
tumors in the peritoneum or chest, radiography is performed with
using a contrast agent.

The most effective diagnostic method that gives
гарантированный результат, по праву считается компьютерная
. It can be distinguished without problems
lipid tissue with a low absorption rate
X-rays, from soft tissue structures that have more
high density.

With возникновении сомнений в доброкачественном характере
tumor formation carry out puncture aspiration
biopsy with further histological examination, for what purpose
using a thin needle, they take a small piece of lipoma, and then study
him under the microscope.

Treatment methods

The specific treatment of lipomas consists mainly in
elimination of the entire fat tumor together with the capsule. ATрачи
categorically prohibit self-treatment. ATо-первых,
a person who does not have a sufficient theoretical base is unlikely
will be able to accurately determine exactly how it looks
доброкачественная tumor. ATо-вторых, нехирургические способы
struggle with this pathology demonstrate extremely low efficiency.
Finding a suspicious entity, you should immediately
See a doctor.

Drug therapy

Lipoma лечениеIf a small wen causes neither
physical or esthetic discomfort then it is entirely appropriate
take a wait position since surgery
may lead to unpredictable consequences. Lipoma развивается
very slowly and rarely malignized, so you can limit
observation by a dermatologist.

Drug treatment is based on the use of
особых фармацевтических средств, способных в
short term break down fatty tissue. Such tactics are considered
especially productive when dealing with
unformed tumors. The surgeon pierces the lipoma with
fine needle and through a small hole enters the medicinal
a substance that breaks down fat into carbonic acid and water.

For the breakdown of lipids also use a group of drugs
called statins. They reduce the percentage of fatty
fractions in the blood mass and prevent atherosclerosis. Wide
Medicines such as atorvastatin and
Simvastatin. It is believed that they block the formation of fats in
body, but the scientific confirmation of this hypothesis, unfortunately,
not. Uncontrolled reception of such funds may result
irreversible violation of metabolism, so before you drink them,
Need to talk with a doctor.

Instrumental removal

The doctor chooses the best way to eliminate the lipoma, taking
attention to the size and location of the tumor, as well as its
morphological features of the structure. In the clinics practice
следующие методы удаления жировых

  1.  липома грудной клеткиSurgery.
    It is a radical removal of a lipoma with a scalpel.
    If the tumor has a size of 5 cm or less, it is eliminated by applying
    local anesthesia. Large fat growths located in the area
    clusters of blood vessels, always excised in stationary conditions. Wen
    removed together with the capsule, which minimizes the likelihood
    recurrence. The main disadvantage of the procedure is the presence of
    postoperative scar.
  2. Puncture aspiration removal. Main manipulations
    performed with a small endoscopic device.
    The procedure is indicated in cases where the tumor is localized in
    eye areas and other exposed parts of the body. Lipoma should
    be quite tiny in size. The essence of the method is that
    a needle is inserted into the neoplasm equipped with a wide opening, and
    then gently pump out the fat. Among the shortcomings noted high
    risk of recurrence, since the capsule remains in place.
  3. Laser destruction. An innovative method for removing Wen,
    based on the use of non-ionizing electromagnetic
    radiation. Indisputable advantages of the method – low invasiveness and
    inconspicuous postoperative scars.
  4. Electrocoagulation. Excellent proven with small
    size of fat tumors. Special coagulator evaporates lipoma
    together with the capsule, thereby providing a stable result.
  5.  миолипома Radio wave exposure. Helps
    get rid of limes up to 5 cm in diameter. Wen удаляют под местным
    anesthetic due to the action of electromagnetic waves. Traces
    after such a procedure is almost invisible.
  6. Cryodestruction The neoplasm is frozen with liquid nitrogen,
    resulting in lipid tissue being destroyed. In place of lipoma
    there is only a small pigment spot.

If the wen was removed by the traditional method, the wound periodically
treated with hydrogen peroxide. Ligation is done until
until a crust forms on the damaged skin.

To speed up the process of wound healing, impose on it
Regenerating ointment, then sealed with bactericidal
a plaster.

Use of traditional medicine recipes

A person tries to remove a lipoma with improvised means only.
when panicked by surgery or experiencing unpleasant
symptoms associated with an allergic reaction to certain
medication. Before you turn for help to the means
alternative medicine, be sure to discuss all the nuances
such treatment with a doctor. In the fight against small lipomas with the best
стороны зарекомендовали себя следующие рецепты народных

  1. Honey. It is necessary to mix 10 ml of vodka and 2 tablespoons of the product.
    beekeeping. The resulting mixture is placed on a bandage and attached to
    lipoma. The dressing should be changed three times a day, putting up
    complete elimination of tumors.
  2. Жировая опухольGolden mustache. Dried raw materials
    grind, put on a gauze, and then attach to the sore spot.
    Top all wrap cling film. The treatment course does not interrupt
    for two weeks.
  3. Aloe. The leaves of this plant are valued for disinfecting
    action, as well as for the ability to pull the contents out
    ulcers. Aloe-based compress will help remove the lipoma,
    appeared on the neck or arms. For this from fresh cut leaf
    peel off, cut it across and apply to fat
  4. Celandine. This medicinal plant is no less effective in
    fight against wen Its poisonous juice eats away easily
    the surface layer of the lipoma, and through the resulting wound pull

Possible complications

Lipoma is considered by many to be a harmless neoplasm, which
It manifests itself only in the form of a minor cosmetic defect.
Disappointing statistics indicate that Wen
prone to sprawl. Without taking appropriate action great
вероятность появления следующих осложнений:

  1. Displacement of surrounding tissues and, as a result, pain syndrome.
    For example, if a tumor neoplasm occurs in
    preperitoneal tissue, it can easily provoke hernial
  2. For unexplained reasons, the lipoma can acquire impressive
    dimensions and become painful. If the neoplasm starts
    squeeze the internal organs, then the operation becomes vital
  3. In exceptional cases, a wen can be reborn
    malignant tumor.

Preventive measures

Unfortunately, preventing lipoma is not always obtained
as much depends on the hereditary factor. Doctors advise
придерживаться простых правил, которые уменьшат риск
development of fat tumors:

  • abandon the pernicious eating habits;
  • forget about bad habits;
  • regularly take multivitamin complexes;
  • follow basic hygienic rules;
  • lead an active lifestyle and in every way to deal with
  • при первых признаках демодекоза обращаться к врачу.

Due to the fact that the lipoma belongs to the category of little-studied
pathologies, the formation of fatty tumors should be given increased
Attention. Confronted with pathological growth and an increase
the number of Wen, be sure to visit the office
dermatologist. Timely diagnosis and removal
benign education allow you to forget once and for all
a problem like lipoma.

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