Swiss scientists discovered genestroke

Update: February 2019

Swedish scientists from Gothenburg managed to find an interesting gene
FoxF2, в его обязанности входит развитие stroke. Everyone
endowed with this gene, but its manifestations have so far been impossible
to predict. Therefore, scientists have decided to identify patterns to
learn to control this gene.


Almost every person will face in this life
insidious disease if you live long enough. Required
to understand why some of this disease does not overtake in old age,
and at a young age.

Scientists have studied almost 150,000 experimental people and conducted
studies in mice. As a result, they got the conclusion that
inadequate work of this gene significantly increases
вероятность stroke (см. ишемический инсульт, его

Experts hope that they will be able to solve this
загадку, и они смогут дать четкие указания, как избежать stroke в
future or at least reduce its negative impact. They
утверждают, что вероятность возникновения stroke зависит на 40%
from genetics and the rest is dictated by the environment and manner
of life.

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