Swimming with infants in the pool


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Swimming is an activity that many people love, but often stop after the appearance of the child in the family. Most don’t even suggest the possibility of conducting classes with infants.

This is very useful for both parents and the child. Swimming has a positive effect on the general condition. person.

Swimming with infants can be carried out both with an instructor and by yourself. This must be done in the pool with a clean water. You also need to know the general rules. With them we are now and get acquainted.

When can

Many mothers are concerned about this issue. Swim in the pool with the baby it is possible after tightening the umbilical wound. It is important to make sure that she completely dragged on.

Experts say that for the effectiveness of classes they need start until the child is 2 months old. In the first weeks life in infants, the breath-holding reflex under water. Training will strengthen this reflex and contribute to it. development.


Swimming with infants in the poolMost parents prefer their children to go swimming later age. But swimming has a special effect on infants.

The main advantage of such exercises is hardening. a child. Even if you catch a cold after visiting the pool, it’s not means you need to stop attending training. Get well soon and come back to sport again.

Due to swimming, the physical development of the baby is improved. Numerous studies prove that swimming strengthens muscles of both a child and an adult. Also strengthened joints, increased lung capacity.

It is important to form a correct posture at an early age. Swimming will contribute to this. Nursing class attending with time will become much more enduring and stronger than their peers.

And all of the above are far from the only ones the benefits of swimming with the baby in the pool. During training the respiratory and nervous systems are strengthened, metabolism improves. Activities contribute to healthy sleep and good appetite.


Be sure to take a few towels with you to the pool. It is preferable to take a towel for the parent, for the child and one as a litter on the changing table. In this case a towel will better serve as a diaper.

Swimming with infants in the poolYou will need certain bathing accessories:

  • For parents, this is a bathing suit hat and slates;
  • A child will need special panties for swimming;
  • If the baby’s hair is already long enough, you can purchase a hat for him;
  • Take the child his favorite toy;
  • It is recommended to take pacifiers and rattles – at the right time they will calm the baby.


First you need to give the baby to get used to in the water. Roll it around surface, lay it on your back. You can splash water, but make sure that she does not get into the child’s eyes. You can find a few more mothers who agree to walk with you their children to the pool. This will give you confidence.

Never let the child go while you are in a swimming pool. Always keep it close to you, trying maintain eye contact. Talk to him, let him feel encouragement.


Monitor the temperature of the pool water. For babies temperature from 32 degrees will be acceptable. She should not be too hot. If you see the baby begin to tremble or his lips turn blue, go out of the pool and warm him with a towel.

Do not immediately take an hour of classes. To start ten minutes will be enough. Over time duration training can be increased. Find out on our website why the child walks on toes.

It doesn’t matter at what age the newborn begins to crawl – he can swim earlier!

Read here about when the child finally sits down by yourself.


We examined the main features that provides swimming with babies in the pool – now you can proceed to classes.

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