Swimming in the sea can be dangerous

Update: February 2019

Research from University of Exeter Medical School,
Center for Ecology and Hydrology (Exeter Medical School
University and the Center for Hydrology and Ecology) showed that swimming
at sea increases the risk of developing gastrointestinal infections and inflammatory
processes in the ears.

Sea bathing lovers and surfers have:

  • 77% greater risk of developing otitis media
  • 29% higher risk of gastrointestinal diseases (intestinal flu)

This conclusion was made on the basis of 19 different studies
conducted in different highly developed countries, with an analysis of medical
данных более чем 120 000 человек.

Residents of many countries with a high level of economic development
(United Kingdom, United States and others) believe that health risks are
bathing in the sea is small. But these studies indicate that
pollution of sea water – a problem that is relevant for the rich

  • Diseases obtained during bathing, most often pass
    imperceptible to humans, without marked clinical symptoms and without
  • But for people with low immunity, children and the elderly, this
    can be dangerous.

Scientists do not call for people to give up useful
for health bathing in seawater, but hoping that the authorities
pay attention to the problem of pollution of sea water and
insufficient coastal cleanup.

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