Swimming in open water can lead todeath

Update: February 2019

When summer comes, the heat, everyone wants to swim. But unfortunately,
According to the findings of Rospotrebnadzor, only one place in St. Petersburg
suitable for swimming. The reason for the ban is banal, in all waters
teeming with:

  • all kinds of intestinal infections
  • parasites
  • even hepatitis A

in general, not to swim.


Specialists of Rospotrebnadzor carefully checked all the reservoirs, their
there are 24. The result is rather sad and very upset
citizens, because many want to plunge into cold water in
summer time.

The happiest body of water allowed to swim in is
lakes “Bezymyannoe”, which are located in Krasnoye Selo.
Sanitary epidemiological station strongly advises not to visit the city
water reservoirs, as the mere ingress of water into the mouth can cause hepatitis
A, and also contributes to infection by parasites and other unpleasant

But the townspeople do little to listen to the recommendations and continue
swim in forbidden places. And then the valiant doctors have to
treat them or even save them from imminent death. Therefore not worth it
Risk, refrain from a dangerous venture.

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