Swaddling increases the chance of deathtoddlers

Update: February 2019

Researchers at the University of Bristol analyzed data
and came to the conclusion that swaddling and sleeping the baby on the tummy or side
helps to increase the likelihood of sudden infant syndrome
death (SIDS). And interestingly, as the child grows, the risk of SIDS with
swaddling greatly increased.

SIDS occurs due to sudden respiratory arrest,
occurs in children under one year old. He is also called “death in
cradles. This diagnosis is established if at the opening of the body
the baby was not identified other factors and causes leading to
of death. Currently, a great many factors are known
which reduce or, conversely, increase the likelihood of
Svds. This list is constantly updated.


About a dream on a tummy knew for a long time that to sleep so safely,
but about swaddling is a discovery, because such a phenomenon before
not explored.

Ученые изучили 2519 toddlers, из них умерло 760 детей. It was
4 experiments have been studied that have been conducted over the past
20 years, and in three different geographical areas with different
culture and traditions. From these experiments, scientists have come to
conclude that babies that are swaddled are most susceptible to SIDS,
and they fall asleep on the tummy. After conducting this experiment
The following results were found: control group – mortality
less than 1%, and in the group of deceased much more (8%).

  • If the child fell asleep on the side or on the tummy in diapers, then
    SIDS increased 2 times.
  • If the baby was swaddled before bedtime, and he fell asleep on his back, then SIDS
    was much lower, but still higher compared to the control
    by group.
  • The highest probability of SIDS was among those children who knew how to
    roll over on tummy.

During the experiment some points were not taken into account:
features of swaddling in different states, sleep along with
parents in the same bed, which previously significantly increased
the probability of SIDS, now this moment is specified. But the result can be
make one and give advice to new parents
adhered to it in order to reduce the likelihood of ADHD –
if you swaddle your baby, be sure to put him to sleep on
backrest. If your baby has learned to roll over on his tummy, then his
no longer need to swaddle.

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