Swaddling a newborn: “FOR” and “AGAINST” – typesbaby swaddling

Swaddling a newborn for the first time in a maternity hospital when
mother in the ward bring her baby. Then she has her own
can learn how to swaddle discretion – this simple matter will teach
Nurse, or immediately put on cooked clothes, taken from

Even less than a century ago, swaddling was obligatory, since
the diapers served not only as clothes for the child, but also carried the absorbent
function – absorbed baby stool before they have time
to stain the bed. Now, in the age of diapers and abundance of goods
there is no need for swaddling. Doctors do not give specific
recommendations, the decision on the use of diapers lies on the shoulders
mom herself. But at the same time there are opinions for and against swaddling
newborn, and below we will consider them.

Swaddling a newborn baby “for” and “against”

Пеленание новорожденного

Proponents of swaddling a newborn explain their choice.
�”FOR” so:

  • In the first weeks of a baby’s life, swaddling helps to keep
    normal body temperature;
  • a baby wrapped in a diaper sleeps better because it cannot
    wake yourself up with random movements of the arms and legs;
  • It’s natural for a baby to be swaddled as in the past
    there was little room for movement in the uterus during the week, and
    the child is used to this position and even feels comfortable and
  • the last of the arguments can be called the material side – from
    tiny baby clothes will quickly grow, and considering what it costs
    on an equal basis with adults, swaddling will be substantial savings.
    Some mothers manage to swaddle babies up to five months of life,
    true in this case we are talking only about night swaddling to
    the child fell asleep in his usual conditions.

Opinions “AGAINST” swaddling also have the right to
existence, and this is what they are guided by:

  • if the child was born in the summer, when swaddling his body can
    overheat because the baby’s thermoregulation mechanism is still quite
  • a child can slow down when swaddling
    blood circulation that adversely affects the neurovascular
  • the child cannot freely learn to move and move
    handles / feet, which may cause a lag in

Many points are controversial, in any case you decide, you accept
swaddling a newborn or not.


Consider the types of swaddling a newborn.

Types of swaddling

  1. Full tight swaddling baby. In this form
    swaddling the baby wrapped in a diaper completely, and even the head of the baby
    covers the “hood”, rolled up from the edge of the diaper. Such swaddling
    suitable for sleep, or calm when the child is over-excited.
  2. Simple swaddling. Baby wrapped in a diaper by
    neck, head fully open.
  3. Free swaddling. In this case, the diaper
    closes the lower torso and legs of the child. Rib cage and
    the handles are open. Provides greater freedom of movement.

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    to rock

Each type of swaddling has its own advantages, the main
Mom’s task is to adapt to alternate different diaper changing techniques,
to make life easier for yourself, and from time to time to give freedom
movements recently born baby.

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