Supermarket baskets are more pollutedpublic toilets

Update: February 2019

Studies conducted by American experts from
University of Arizona, have established the fact that baskets and
food carts used by millions of people are much
more dangerous than public toilets.

Their bacterial contamination is even more intense than
public toilets. On handles more than 70% of all carts and
shopping baskets found intestinal health hazard
wand, and other fecal bacteria.

To determine the degree of contamination of these items in common
washes were taken from 85 trucks in 4 states of the country, from
largest shopping supermarkets. Bacteriological results
analysis simply shocked researchers-microbiologists. On the handles
72% of the carts were present intestinal bacteria, more than half of
which constitute Escherichia coli, leading to severe forms
intestinal infection. Also to dangerous bacteria that can easily
get on the handles of baskets, carry salmonellosis (see salmonellosis –
as transmitted, the incubation period, the route of infection), dysentery (
see dysentery symptoms in children and adults).


Supermarket baskets are more polluted туалетов

According to microbiologists, researchers found on
food baskets and carts fecal bacteria by quantity
exceed the number of bacteria in public toilets – it’s easy
due to the fact that public restrooms are constantly processed
disinfectants because it is necessary
health regulations and shopping carts are still not
belong to the subjects that must be exposed

Sometimes the health of the person who visited the mall depends on
the previous user of the shopping basket, and
also from your own hand hygiene habits. After all, everyone
it is known that one cannot start eating without washing before
hands with soap.

Researchers, on the basis of the shocking data,
convincingly recommend to wipe the surface of the handles of carts
wet antibacterial wipes before
use, especially it should be made to parents who
put small children on the seat in the cart.

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