Superficial gastritis: treatment, symptoms,diet

Update: November 2018

Gastritis of varying severity today
almost everyone suffers, even school-age children, and the older
man, the inflammation of the gastric mucosa becomes
more pronounced.

Crazy rhythm of life, rare snacks at work, food
dry food, most often junk food, and as a result – running
gastritis and the path to ulcer or oncology in the future. In order not to bring
your body to the last point, should be more attentive to
what and how often we eat and periodically
examination of the stomach – FGDs.

This disease, like other diseases of the gastrointestinal
tract, is acute and chronic. Chronic recurrent
long-term gastritis ultimately leads to
pathological change, degeneration of the mucous membrane,
atrophic gastritis, the symptoms of which are more pronounced in people
old age. This is the most dangerous type of gastritis of the stomach, having
pronounced oncological tensions. In this article, we
Consider the very initial stage of gastritis, which is easy
diagnosed – superficial gastritis, the treatment of which
produced only in combination with diet food. Everything
chronic gastritis in medical practice is classified by
several criteria:

  • in the area of ​​inflammation – on fundal and antral
  • on histology – superficial, hyperplastic and
  • due to occurrence – autoimmune, bacterial,
    reflux gastritis, endogenous, iatrogenic
  • acidity, that is, the state of the secretory function:
    increased acidity – hyperacid gastritis, reduced secretion
    – hypacidic gastritis, and normal secretory function.

Symptoms of superficial gastritis

Superficial gastritis is also called catarrhal, or
simple because during the inflammatory process, damage
only the surface layer of the gastric mucosa is exposed.
Moreover, the younger the person, the faster the recovery
this layer, subject to reduction or termination
arousing, provoking factor.

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Some time after an irritant enters the stomach
product or drink, an average of 2-6 hours, can occur
первые симптомы острого gastritis. By intensity of exacerbation
catarrhal gastritis is divided into: mild, moderate and severe
marked, respectively, in superficial gastritis, symptoms
also expressed depending on the degree of pathological changes.
With chronic superficial gastritis in the process of inflammation is not
glands are affected and their atrophy does not occur. Most often this
gastritis occurs in young men. Sometimes pain with superficial
gastritis, pronounced, resembling an attack of peptic ulcer
stomach. The main complaint of patients about pain and heaviness after eating,
belching and heartburn.

In acute superficial gastritis:

  • First, the appetite disappears, there is a weakness and
  • Then nausea, belching sour, possible diarrhea
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth with increased salivation or
    vice versa with dry mouth
  • Feeling of squeezing, fullness in the stomach
  • The intensity of the pain may vary from acute
    toe pains in the right hypochondrium
  • The skin usually becomes pale.
  • The tongue is coated with white or grayish bloom.
  • Perhaps a decrease in blood pressure, rapid pulse
  • In the blood test detected neutrophilic leukocytosis.

Of course, such symptoms of superficial gastritis do not occur on
flat place preceded by prolonged use of any
products that have influenced the development of the disease – acute,
low-quality food, drinking large amounts of coffee on an empty stomach,
food in dry food, stressful situation, long breaks in food.
If there are many provocative factors, they are constant, then even
superficial gastritis can be quite painful and

Usually catarrhal gastritis lasts no more than 5 days,
since the mucosa is fairly quickly restored. But,
when such an aggravation has occurred the patient should:

  • Firstly pass FGDs, to clarify the diagnosis, since similar
    symptoms may be with other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • secondly pay attention to what was annoying
    factor, clarify the diagnosis and undergo treatment because acute
    diseases almost always turn into chronic and superficial
    gastritis is no exception.

Treatment of superficial gastritis

Superficial gastritis gradually leads to dystrophic
changes in the cells of the surface epithelium, as well as the formation
воспалительной инфильтрации пластинки слизистой stomach. On
today the main method of determining gastritis is
fibrogastroduodenal endoscopy, this procedure has become much easier
tolerated by patients than before because modern
the equipment is more advanced.Диета

This diagnosis gives full information about the state of the mucous
the stomach, determines what kind of gastritis the patient has, the ulcer is or
онкология,  atrophic это или поверхностный гастрит.

Therapy for mild superficial gastritis may be limited
only the rejection of bad habits and the observance of rational

Many patients in whom only superficial is detected
gastritis calm down and do not take this diagnosis seriously.
Recently, however, medicine has found a direct link between
the development of chronic gastritis and the reproduction of bacteria
Helicobacter pylori, which is in the stomach of every person.
When helikobacteriosis is detected, most often by the method of specific
antibodies in the blood, should be mandatory course
treatment prescribed by the doctor.

One dietary food with pathogenic bacteria is not
to cope and if not to undergo treatment, then in the future
not only the surface layers of the gastric mucosa are destroyed, but also
deeper layers of epithelium.

  • To fight the most common risk factor for development
    gastritis – a microorganism Helicobacter pylori, a gastroenterologist
    prescribe antibiotics and medicines to reduce
    acidity of gastric juice. Usually used immediately two
    drug: metronidazole with clarithromycin or amoxicillin with
    clarithromycin. The course and dosage are determined by the attending physician, but
    treatment usually lasts no more than 14 days.
  • To reduce the acidity of gastric juice can be
    appointed omeprazole or ranitidine. These funds by their action on
    reduce acidity, contribute to the protection of the mucous, and
    pain relief.
  • Antacids may also be used to reduce the amount of
    acid in the stomach. These tools include Almagel, Maalox,
  • For superficial gastritis, the use of gastroprotectors for
    treatment is not carried out, since these drugs are required during therapy
    stomach ulcers.

Chronic superficial gastritis and diet

  • Lifestyle. If you have a diagnosis –
    superficial gastritis, treatment should begin with a rethinking
    your lifestyle, food, bad habits. Cut your
    life of smoking and excessive drinking is stupid,
    thoughtlessly – the lot of the weak. Now each of us in varying degrees
    proximity is with no less terrible diagnosis than gastric ulcer
    – this is oncology, stomach cancer. And today die from this disease
    even very young women and men. Therefore, optimal management
    healthy lifestyle, reducing daily stress
    tensions or his skillful opposition, development
    stereostability, reducing nerve overload and of course
    proper nutrition is a guarantee of long normal work
    organism, and the digestive tract including.
  • Диетическое питание — также основная
    component of the treatment of superficial gastritis. Crucial
    when the diet has a temperature regime – dishes whose temperatures
    выше 60С и  ниже 15° вызывают сильнейшее раздражение на
    gastric mucosa, especially on an empty stomach. Optimally, if the temperature
    food at each reception, close to 37C.
  • The consistency of food. It should be as much as possible
    crushed, preferably liquid, mushy consistency, should
    avoid hard, coarse foods.
  • Суточный рацион должен быть примерно 3 кг.,
    when developing a diet and menu, it should be borne in mind that for breakfast
    a person should eat about 30% of the total daily calories and
    food volume, lunch or pre-dinner snack only 15%, lunch
    must contain 40% and 15% remains for dinner. If the patient has
    there are concomitant diseases such as pancreatitis
    (Pancreatitis symptoms, treatment), cholecystitis, etc., it is desirable
    do not take the daily ration not 4 times a day, but break it into 6-8
  • Ужинать следует задолго до сна, как минимум за
    2 hours
  • Категорически запрещено: переедание, большие
    breaks in food and food dry meal.

Diet for superficial gastritis

And yet the most important thing for superficial gastritis dietary
питание. Details about what you can eat when
read gastritis in our article.

At the same time excluded:

  • Thick meat, chicken broth, high concentration
  • Spicy, salty, pickled food
  • All products containing a lot of spices, preservatives,
    artificial flavors, flavor enhancers
  • Raw rough vegetables rich in fiber

This shows:

  • Meat-only boiled chicken and rabbit. Use only in
    crushed, in the form of soufflé, steam cutlets.
  • Fish: only low-fat varieties – cod, pike perch, pink salmon,
  • Vegetables only shabby as vegetable puree
  • Fruit – in the form of juices, mashed potatoes and compotes
  • Porridge – rice, semolina, oat on water
  • Milk, low fat cottage cheese.

Folk remedies for gastritis

Among the folk remedies can be identified the most popular
available and effective ways to relieve inflammation with superficial
Gastritis is a treatment with vegetable juices.

Сок картофеля — это, пожалуй, самый эффективный
method of eliminating small inflammation of the gastric mucosa. Squeezing
juice of ordinary potatoes through a juicer (or chopping on shallow
grater, then strain) and drink as early as possible, do not
waiting until it gets dark. First you should drink quite a bit,
about 1/8 cup, half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner, then
increase the volume to half a cup at a time. Course of treatment 21
day. Very useful and therapeutic tool.

Сок капусты — также хорошее средство, его можно
use in the morning and evening before meals for half a cup. Cabbage juice
should drink an hour before meals. Its use is contraindicated
in acute gastritis or exacerbation of chronic superficial

Льняное семя — когда вываривается льняное семя,
mucus is formed, similar in properties to the mucus from oatmeal,
when using this broth mucous protected from
acid exposure that promotes rapid healing
inflammation. To make such a decoction, you need 1 tbsp. a spoon
семени прокипятить 5 минут, дать настояться 2 hours, пропустить
through a sieve and take 1 tbsp. a spoon отвара перед каждым приемом

Herbal collection. Chamomile, St. John’s wort
celandine – required in equal parts, 2 tbsp. spoon collecting should
pour 2 cups of boiling water overnight. The next day half an hour before
еды выпивать по 1/4 стакана 4 раза в day.

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