Sunburn – what to do, first aid thansmear, home treatment

Sunburn is an acute inflammation of the superficial layers of the skin,
arising as a pathological reaction in response to an action
ultraviolet radiation, the source of which, in most
Occasions is the sun. Used excessively, sunlight
becomes unhealthy and is often the cause
painful burns.

The most aggressive sun rays are in the late spring.
period and early summer. In relation to the daily activity of the sun
it can be said that its peak falls on the period from 11 to 15-16 hours.
Next, we consider: what to do if there is a sunburn, how
correctly provide first aid and what treatment is most

What are dangerous sunburn for human skin

О негативном воздействии солнца на организм и о том, чем
dangerous burn, heard many. But not everyone adheres
elementary rules of being in the sun. И все же стоит
pay attention to your health to avoid unpleasant

The main places of localization of burns:

  • face;
  • shoulders;
  • back;
  • upper chest;
  • legs;
  • lateral surface of the thighs.

The main cause of sunburn is exposure
UVB rays that are absorbed by the upper layer of the skin – the epidermis. AT
the same layer produces substances that cause pain,
puffiness and redness of the skin.

UVA rays penetrate deeper into the dermis, and also cause
significant damage. Their prolonged exposure leads not
only to burns, but also, in the long run, to
premature aging of the skin.

UV exposure suppresses human immunity. Weakening of the protective
The body’s function opens up access to many infections and viruses.
Therefore, it is not surprising that on a sunny day you can catch a cold.
Herpes virus is often activated. With reduced immunity and
excessive overheating of herpes is activated and gaining momentum.

People with fair skin are at increased risk – they can
get a burn in bright sunshine in a very short period (up to 30 min.

Symptoms of sunburn

солнечный ожог на фото

If badly burned in the sun, the first symptoms begin
to disturb already in half an hour, and in a day full
clinical picture including the following symptoms:

  • focal or general redness of the skin,
  • skin feels hot and dry swelling,
  • skin soreness and sensitivity
  • itchy skin
  • hyperthermia
  • fever
  • chills infection of the skin (secondary attachment
  • headache
  • dehydration down to a state of shock.

Symptoms of severe sunburn:

  • Blistering of the skin;
  • Puffiness;
  • Chills;
  • Increased body temperature (usually up to 38 ° C and above);
  • General malaise.

ATсе это может сопровождаться такими признаками перегрева, как
dizziness, headache, and nausea.

With signs of severe sunburn, with burns
the extensive surface of the skin, as well as a burn for a small child
need to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Sometimes there are no obvious symptoms, but a long stay on
the sun still affects the skin, increasing the risk of formation
wrinkles, freckles and skin cancer.

What to do if the first signs

When the first symptoms of sunburn appear, you must:

  • Immediately hide in the shadows. If the skin has already suffered, then even
    clothes (when working in the country) open sun will be the source
    gain painful sensations. Better, of course, if such
    the room will be cool as the coolness will reduce a little
    body temperature and reduce unpleasant sensitivity in place
  • Suitable wet compress, which must be imposed on the 15-20
    minutes, it should be cool, but not icy. Water temperature
    when wetting should be close to t of the body, a sharp drop can
    cause additional skin damage;
  • Also, if possible, take a bath room
    temperature These procedures are best repeated several times over.
    of the day

Assistance needs to start as early as possible. More than
it will be timely, the lesser the degree of burn will be.

After how many days will sunburn?

As a rule, the burn passes within 24 hours. But reds and others
described unpleasant phenomena accompany a person for
a few days. So a full recovery takes a week.

The recovery time of the skin from sunburn can affect
following factors:

  • severity;
  • timeliness of the use of drugs;
  • the correctness of the use of drugs;
  • skin lesion area;
  • the presence of additional skin diseases;
  • immunity level;
  • the presence of purulent complications;
  • age of the patient;
  • localization of sunburn on the body.

Degrees of severity

The severity of sunburn is determined by the depth and strength
damage to the surface layers of the skin. The deeper and stronger she is
damaged, the more severe the skin burn. Also do not forget that
that the severity of symptoms always depends on the area of ​​the burn.


The first life-saving measures for the skin and the body should be
started immediately for any degree of burn, especially since
The degree of skin damage cannot be determined initially.

Degree of sunburn Symptoms
First Redness of skin and discomfort on burned areas.
Usually does not represent a threat and does not require medical
treatment. –
ATторая  The same symptoms, accompanied by the formation of miliary
papules and blisters. Very often with such a burn increases
fever, chills and dehydration. Is required
medical assistance and treatment with ointments.
Third and fourth  3 и 4-я степень встречаются редко, поскольку такая
severity of damage is more characteristic for thermal or chemical
damage. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a person
which is under the scorching sun for more than 10 hours on its
will. A grade 4 burn involves severe skin damage,
accompanied by severe dehydration, depression of the heart and
kidney and can cause death.

AT зависимости от степени и размеров поражения skin состояние
may be slightly painful or extremely severe.

The risk of sunburn is higher if you have blond hair and
leather. Keep in mind that members of the same family vary greatly in
degrees of resistance to sunlight. If your brother or sister
tan quickly without burning, it does not mean that you are so
you can.

First помощь при солнечном ожоге

First aid should be started as early as possible.
Priority activities aimed at eliminating solar
burns, are to cool the damaged areas of the skin. it
necessary in order to reduce pain and stop
the damaging effects of high temperatures that are observed in
burned skin for a few more hours after exclusion
contact with sunlight.

If you suspect a sunburn,
you must act in the following sequence:

  1. Leave the sunlit space and hide in the shade
    or indoors.
  2. After you examine the skin area and determine the degree
    severity of damage. The presence of blisters indicates seriousness.
    burns AT такой ситуации необходимо обратиться за помощью к
    a specialist.
  3. Pain and burning can be relieved by overlaying cooling
    compress or showering. The applied compress should be
    permanently hydrated to help prevent destruction

После оказания первой помощи и отсутствие необходимости
doctor intervention can begin treatment at home.

When sunburn is strictly forbidden to use ice in
quality of cooling, wear tight clothes made of non-natural fabrics,
scratching the site of damage.

When is it best to seek help from a doctor?

Help from a medical professional will be required if signs
infection, manifested in the appearance of pus, severe pain,
swelling in the area of ​​the burn, as well as an increase in lymphatic

Seek help from a doctor, you need:

  1. In the presence of bubbles on the dermis.
  2. In the presence of a strong lesion of the dermis of the face.
  3. AT том случае, когда ожог охватывает около 50% тела.
  4. With an increase in temperature, nausea, headaches. They
    may indicate sunstroke.
  5. The appearance of pus in the place of injury;
  6. Красные полоски, расходящиеся по сторонам от места burns

How to treat sunburn at home

If, however, escape from the sun failed, and the skin got
increased dose of ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to establish the degree of burn
and take steps to reduce pain symptoms. Treatment should be
immediate with the very first symptoms of ultraviolet
aggressive impact should take two simple

  1. Maximum temperature reduction in sun-damaged areas
  2. Maximum moisten the affected areas of the skin.

Pain can be relieved with Ibuprofen, Paracetamol,
�Aspirin. Antihistamines can reduce itching and burning

To reduce inflammation and reduce pain, there are special
средства, которые продаются в аптеках. Ни в коем случае
do not smear the affected area with oil, fat, urine, alcohol,
одеколоном и мазями, не предназначенными для лечения ожогов.
Использование таких средств может привести к ухудшению
состояния, а также инфицированию skin.

ATаши actions:

  1. for mild to moderate sunburn, help
    independently at home;
  2. with severe form after relieving some symptoms and
    Primary treatment of the epidermis visit a dermatologist.

Sunburn treatment on face

it наиболее распространенный симптом повреждения кожных
covers by aggressive ultraviolet radiation. Not difficult
guess the reason, because the face is the most open
plot subject to the inevitable exposure to the sun. Luckily,
sunburn of the face is usually limited to redness
epidermis, mainly nose, cheeks and forehead (most prominent
parts). With intense exposure to rays at the site of a burning sensation
possible swelling.

What to do, how to treat? For the convenience of treating burns
We suggest that surfaces be applied to the face with panthenol ointment. On
the rest of the epidermis is better sprinkle spray, for example, olazol. AT
the pharmacy has a rich arsenal of anti-burn drugs at affordable prices.
price, so there is no need to use folk

Чем мазать солнечный ожог skin

What kind of ointments, creams to smear sunburn determines the doctor
individually for each patient. Superficial wound is treated
open method without closing the bandage. Deep damage
smeared with healing ointments.

Ointment Description
Panthenol  The active ingredient is dexpanthenol. There are various
topical form of the drug – ointment, cream,
spray. The drug has regenerative effects.
(stimulates epithelization and healing of the skin), and
moderate anti-inflammatory action. Ointment наносят при
sunburn externally with a thin layer on the skin in the affected area,
легко втирая, 2–4 (при необходимости – чаще) раза в день. If a
skin area is infected, it is necessary to pre
antiseptic treatment.
Hydrocortisone Ointment гидрокортизоновая, 0,05 или 1% в зависимости от возраста
affected and the degree of damage to the epidermis. Applied
2-3 times a day by applying a thin layer to the affected areas
Bepanten Bepanten в виде мази или крема, противомикробный,
anesthetic and regenerating drug.
Zinc It has a drying effect, prevent the development
secondary infection in areas of sunburn. More often
The drugs in question are used in the treatment of
small burns. How to apply: apply funds 2-3
once a day directly on damaged skin.

Let us consider in more detail the question of how to smear a sunburn.
There are many drugs that bring good results in
treatment of such injuries:

  • Livian (aerosol);
  • Olazol (aerosol);
  • ATинилин (бальзам);
  • Actovegin (cream);
  • Psilo-balm;
  • Radevit;
  • Solcoseryl;
  • Fenistil (gel);
  • Eplan

Sunburn cream must contain moisturizers,
antiseptic and preferably anesthetic components, that is, it
should be an integrated action.

What not to do?

Some manipulations not only do not bring you relief, they
can make things worse. If a вы получили ожог от УФ-излучения,
It is prohibited:

  1. wash the wounds with soap or any alkaline products;
  2. Sunburn cannot be rubbed with ice. Such a measure may
    bring some relief, but then it causes dying off
    epithelium and increases the healing time of injury;
  3. rub with a washcloth, scrub, towel;
  4. smear with petroleum jelly or any oily agents that
    seals the pores;
  5. также не стоит обеззараживать кожу спиртом – он не только
    irritates the skin, but also pulls out moisture from it. Meanwhile the skin after
    sunburn and so suffers from dehydration;
  6. open, crush blisters, pierce them with needles;
  7. use caffeine, alcohol products, including making
    alcohol compresses.

And remember, if you have blisters on a large area of ​​skin,
you experience fever, chills and confusion, you need to turn
to the doctor for medical care.

Treatment of sunburn folk remedies

In addition to traditional pharmaceutical remedies for the treatment of solar
burn, there are many popular recipes. Therefore, if next
there is no pharmacy, and you are burnt in the sun, you can smear with food,
which is in the fridge of every person.

  1. Aloe vera is a good remedy for burns. It heals
    skin after minor burns. ATы можете мазать соком этого
    plants directly on the skin or use a cream or lotion containing
    aloe vera. Plant oils reduce itching and burning and reduce
    вероятность отслаивания skin.
  2. How to treat sunburn with a cucumber? ATыдавите из него
    сок и мазать поврежденные участки skin. He will soften and
  3. Starch is used to apply burns several times.
    per day. You can also dilute it and make lotions.
  4. Compress with herbal infusion. Brew chamomile,
    calendula Couldn’t get all the components? ATозьмите
    one of the plants. On 0,5 л кипятка – 1 ст. l raw materials. Get stuck,
    strain in half an hour. Apply compresses with infusion
    several times a day. Wash not with water, but with healing infusion.
  5. Another popular burn remedy is baking soda.
    Как и молоко, пищевая сода – это одно из тех средств, которое
    almost always be at home. It creates a feeling of cooling.
    on the skin, taking away some of the heat. Add water to baking soda to
    Paste turned out and apply on the burnt areas.


To prevent the development of sunburn on the body, follow
following recommendations:

  1. Применяйте солнцезащитное средство за 20–30 минут до того,
    как выйти на солнце. it позволит крему или спрею впитаться и
    start acting.
  2. You should not visit the beaches and stay for a long time on
    outdoors in the hours of “active sun”. The best time for sunburn
    – morning until 10 o’clock or evening – after 16 o’clock.
  3. AT жаркую погоду нужно всегда при себе иметь бутылку с чистой
    water (not a sweet drink, nor with juice, nor with compote!) – this is not
    will only make you feel better in the heat, but also will prevent

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