Summer and child safety – 8 year old hazardstrapping children

Летом детишки большую часть свободного времени
spend on the street. It’s a difficult time for parents when
more and more often there is a need to look into the home first aid kit.
Active summer games sometimes have unpleasant consequences –
various injuries, abrasions, scratches and bruises. let’s
Consider the 8 dangers that await children during the summer
holidays, and find out how parents can protect their


1. Helmet for head protection

Самой частой причиной травматизма у children являются
random falls. Обычно ребятишкам удаётся отделаться
незначительными ссадинами и царапинами. However riding on
cycling and rollerblading are fun activities during which
дети могут во время падения сильно удариться головой. To reduce
the risk of getting a serious head injury by 85% will help the helmet.
Take care that it fits your child in size.

ребенок на велосипеде в шлеме

Remind the children to use a helmet and
other safety equipment during cycling and
roller skating. If you already have a helmet with
last year, inspect it thoroughly for cracks and
breaks. A damaged helmet can no longer provide reliable
protection, it is better to buy a new one.

2. What is the condition of children’s sports equipment?

The helmet is not the only means of protection for the child during
active rest. Make sure that all sports equipment
is in good working condition and fits children in size.
The kids are growing very fast, so last year’s bike or
roller skates may be small for them. Before you start
use the bike again, inspect its frame for availability
damage, adjust the height of the seat and steering on the growth of the child.
It is also necessary to tighten the nuts and lubricate the moving parts.
bicycle. Make sure the roller skates do not become a child.
are small.

3. How to avoid heat stroke and dehydration?

Although heat stroke is a great danger to children,
easily overlooked. During a strong heat the child needs
make up for the loss of body fluids to avoid heat
hitting Remind children to always take a bottle with them for a walk.
water. According to pediatricians, during active games you need to drink every
20 минут по стакану water.


Protection from heat stroke will help light clothes from
natural fabrics. On the head you should definitely wear a hat or
Cap light colors. In order not to overheat, during the heat better
играть в тенистых местах.

4. Make inaccessible chemicals and drugs

During holidays, children are often alone at home when parents
go to work. They have the opportunity to freely
inspect every corner of the apartment. Playing explorers or
учёных есть риск что детишки в своих играх могут использовать
various chemicals and drugs at home. To
it did not happen, it is better to block access to poisonous
substances – detergents and cleaning products, insecticides,

Find a safe place to store chemicals where
children will not be able to reach. It is better if it will be some kind of
lockable cabinet, the key from which parents should keep
yourself It will not be superfluous to explain to the child how dangerous it is to play with
poisonous substances. Provide little experimenters
harmless materials for their games.

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5. Keep your eyes on the water

Drowning is the second most common cause of infant mortality.
age from year to 14 years. This should make you think.
Ваша обязанность как родителя научить baby плавать. This is
the minimum guarantee that if something happens the child can
hold out on the water for a while until it arrives
help. Даже если ребенок отлично плавает, вы или воспитатель
должны быть все время рядом и постоянно держать вашего baby в
line of sight.

безопасность baby у водоема

Adults must tell the child how to behave.
pond and in the water, explain why it is dangerous to indulge in
bathing. Нельзя разрешать детям купаться в неизвестных
ponds, unequipped beaches, swim for the buoys.

6. Is your first aid kit ok?

Before the start of the summer holidays is worth a look into your home
аптечку и проверить, есть ли в ней всё необходимое.
Рекомендуем проконсультироваться у педиатра, какие средства и
препараты обязательно необходимо иметь под рукой, так как
the same driver’s kits are not always equipped with what can
need a child. If your child suffers from some special
take care of the availability of first aid
emergency situation.


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Do not forget to update the existing first-aid kit – review all
drugs, removing those that are expired, and instead buy new ones.
Check if the instructions for the available drugs are preserved, they are
must always lie in the package of medicines.

7. Protect the baby from insects

A few years ago insects didn’t create as much
inconvenience as it is now. In connection with virus mutation, vectors
which are insects, even mosquito bites are increasingly
accompanied by severe allergies and swelling. What to say about
bites of blackflies, wasps, and moreover, ticks that represent
serious danger – because these insects can cause
a deadly disease – encephalitis. To защитить children от
tick bite while walking in a wooded area
одевайте закрытую одежду и головной убор. Returning home
carefully examine the head and body of the child – are there any signs
bites. Some spiders and caterpillars are also dangerous – they excrete
toxic substances with mucus.

укусы насекомых

Good protection is provided by repellents – sprays and creams,
insect repellent. Используя их для children не перестарайтесь,
after all, these are chemicals. Repellents are made with
varying degrees of concentration – 10% and 30%. Their difference is not in
the effectiveness of the spray or cream, and the duration of action. If a
you go for a short walk, use
repellents with a concentration of 10%, they are valid for 2
hours, while 30% sprays can work up to 5 hours. Children
allergic reactions are not recommended for use.
кожу подобные химические вещества, поэтому лучше
use natural products – lemon, eucalyptus,
carnation or lavender. Insects do not tolerate the smell of these

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mosquitoes, midges, bees, wasps – first aid for insect bites

8. Sunburn

дети на солнце

Starting from 10 am to 4 pm the sun’s rays especially
are active. A long stay under them can lead to strong
burns, especially in early june. To уберечь от них нежную кожу
своих children, старайтесь правильно подбирать одежду – отдайте
preference for natural fabrics – cotton, chintz. Ok if outfit
covers most of the body. Must have Panama or
hats. Do not neglect and sunscreen. Every
2 hours use baby creams with a level of protection SPF 15 and

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Лето и безопасность children

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