Sulfuric plug in the ear: symptoms, removal inhome conditions

Update: October 2018

Sulfuric plug in the ear is a very common situation. Long
time until this conglomerate consisting of the product of secretion of special
ear glands, does not block the ear canal, the person about him does not even
guesses. He begins to notice her when sulfur accumulates
will increase or by itself, blocking the course for air and sounds, or
when water enters the ear, causing the conglomerate to swell. Then
a person notices that he does not hear well in one ear, feeling in him
congestion, own voice gets the sound “like
бочки», can появляться головокружение и тошнота.

In this case, attempts to clean the ear with thick instruments –
bad idea: this way you can only push through the conglomerate
even further, where the diameter of the passage is even narrower. Sulfur removal
пробки в home conditions возможно только с помощью растворения ее
by means such as 3% hydrogen peroxide or the like. To kid
it’s better not to risk removing the sulfur accumulation yourself, but
visit the ENT doctor, since in childhood the reasons for the formation of such
conglomerates are different, and otitis media may well be under the stopper
and even perforation of the eardrum.

After washing out the pressed sulfur with a warm solution of sodium
chloride, furatsillina, dioksidina or warm boiled water (if
промывание было сделано в home conditions), слух не сразу придет
back to normal. Temporarily after this procedure will be a feeling
congestion, which later will pass.

The structure of the ears

The external auditory canal is a “tube” that is
�”Conductor” of sounds from the external environment to the drum area
membranes. Her initial department is framed by the ear cartilage that serves
a kind of “locator” that collects and conducts sound waves.
Closer to the eardrum, the ear canal is already inside
temporal bone, so this part of it is called bone. Here
sound vibrations are transmitted to the eardrum, she
hesitates – and passes it to the bones, let alone their wiggle
sets in motion a particular fluid that is in
inner ear, in the so-called “snail”.

Since the main part of the ear is in the cavity of the skull,
close to the brain, and is practically an open structure (from
only the eardrum separates it from the external environment),
the body tried to protect the ear canal from
possible penetration of microbes. For this, here besides greasy and
sweat glands are located special glands – sulfur; there are about 2
thousands in each ear. Their secret, being viscous, provides
sticking to it of microorganisms, dust or accidentally flown
small insect. After immobilization of potentially dangerous
substances, earwax treats them with antimicrobial agents, and
then it should be gradually removed from the ear during movement
jaw (when we chew or talk).

Sulfuric glands have the same feature as the sebaceous glands: if
all the time to clean the skin of their developed products, it will
�“Inform” the nervous system that the secret is not enough, and the last
will stimulate the glands to work even harder. Normally a month
only 15–20 mg of sulfur is produced and it is removed itself: to man
you only need to periodically wash your ears and blot them with a napkin.

What is earwax?

Before we tell you how to remove a sulfur plug, we’ll give
some more interesting features about her. So, it consists of:

  • fats, first of all, cholesterol;
  • proteins;
  • skin cells;
  • enzymes;
  • hyaluronic acid (a substance that attracts water to itself)
    and holds it);
  • immunoglobulins and lysozyme – structures that protect against viruses and

After the onset of puberty, the secret of the sulfur glands of men
and women begins to differ in content. In women, he should
to be such that it would provide sulfur to a more acidic pH. Also composition
This secret will be different for representatives of different

Why are sulfur plugs formed?

It is not enough just to clean the cork: if not removed
conditions provoking it, it will be formed
again that will affect the quality of life. So provoke
the compression of the secretion of the sebaceous glands and the blockage of the auditory
The passage factors are:

  1. Incorrect ear hygiene. it – наиболее частая причина создания
    sulfur accumulations, especially in children. Under improper hygiene

    • frequent irritation of the skin of the ear canal with an ear stick or
      solid improvised means, which further increases
      sulfur formation;
    • pushing sulfur deep into the ear canal with cotton buds,
      matches, rods, pins;
    • do not need to clean the ears more than 2 times a week and it should be done,
      just wet your ear washed with a clean cloth or
      a towel.
  2. Genetic predisposition. It may consist in one of
    following factors:

    • the more viscous composition of the secretion of sulfur glands transmitted by
      inheritance, speed up the process of blocking the ear canal;
    • genetically programmed narrowness or excessive crimpiness
      auditory canal also will contribute to the accumulation of sulfur;
    • the growth of a large amount of hair in the ear canal is not always
      is a sign of atherosclerosis; sometimes it is transmitted by
    • if sulfur forms a normal consistency but its
      secreted a lot, it is also capable of being compressed into
      conglomerate – sulfuric plug.
  3. High humidity or frequent ingress of water (for example,
    divers or swimmers) in the ears lead to the swelling of that volume of sulfur,
    which the body has prepared to go outside. If you found out in this
    your situation, you need to take care to remove the sulfur plug
    as soon as possible: between the eardrum and the conglomerate
    High humidity conditions are created in which fast
    microbes penetrating with water multiply. Antimicrobial molecules
    of sulfur unable to resist it.
  4. Being in an area with drops in atmospheric pressure is also
    promotes the formation of traffic jams. This is due to fluctuations
    eardrum, which is then drawn inward (if the pressure
    decreases), then vybuhaya out (with its increase), contributes
    sulfur secretion seal.
  5. Elderly age. Sulfur plugs are formed due to
    a combination of three reasons:

    • deterioration of ear hygiene;
    • hair growth in the ear canal;
    • more viscous secret.
  6. Frequent inflammatory diseases of the ears that change
    Sulfur viscosity and pH is the second main cause of traffic jams
    in children. That is why you should not remove sulfur
    пробки ребенку в home conditions: под ней может «скрываться»
  7. Work on dusty production. Earwax – a viscous substance,
    therefore, dust particles easily stick to it, forming a dense
    conglomerate. In addition, when available sulfur is quickly covered
    dust, the body “gives the command” to form more sulfur, which
    дополнительно увеличивает серный conglomerate.
  8. The use of headphones, frequent phone conversations, especially
    through the mechanism of Blue In this case, the person intentionally “turns off”
    auricle from participating in sound conversion, moreover, with
    using the device increases the humidity in the ear canal.
  9. Increased blood cholesterol. it одновременно и
    provokes excessive hair growth in the ears (the mechanism of this is unclear), and
    increases the amount of sulfur produced.
  10. Skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis) that
    affecting the area of ​​the ear cartilage or cartilage of the ear canal,
    complicate the excretion of sulfur from the ears.

Types of sulfur plugs

Эти конгломераты can быть:

  • pasty: soft, light or dark yellow;
  • plasticine-like: their color is brown and their viscosity is as in
  • solid: they contain almost no water, and color can
    vary from dark brown to black;
  • epidermal. it – особый феномен, происхождение которого не
    found out. Such a cork consists of sulfur, particles of the upper layer of the skin.
    (epidermis), has a gray color, stony density and often
    causes middle ear inflammation. Scientists believe that
    these formations occur either in people with congenital syphilis, or
    those who have other general biological changes in the body
    (deformation of nails, teeth). Often such arrays are formed from two
    sides and are able to grow towards the eardrum, destroying

When the ENT doctor performs an ear examination, he assesses which cork
takes place in this case. So he makes a decision, you can
whether to wash the sulfur conglomerate, or it will have to be removed dry
in a way.

How does the sulfuric plug

Signs of sulfur plug in the ear usually do not appear until
the conglomerate does not fill the entire lumen of the ear canal. Usually they
appear after bathing or washing your head when it gets to your ear
water and makes sulfur swell. it:

  • loss or significant hearing loss in one ear;
  • ear noise;
  • feeling of ear congestion;
  • obsessive sensation of getting a foreign body from the auditory
  • a person begins to hear in the ear an echo of his own voice.

Symptoms of a condition when a sulfuric plug in the ears has developed
right next to the eardrum and puts pressure on her

  • dizziness;
  • yawn;
  • cough;
  • nausea (as with motion sickness in transport);
  • lack of coordination;
  • headache;
  • there may even be a cardiac abnormality, since
    the work of the heart is reflexively connected with the nerve endings,
    Coming to the ear.

If sulfur accumulation exists for a long time, or it could
create in the ear conditions for the development of microbes, inflammation develops
middle ear, manifested by pain in it, a sense of “transfusion”
or “gurgling”, the appearance of discharge (sometimes purulent) and increased

If for all the symptoms you see that the child has a sulfur plug,
what to do? The only possible solution is to visit the ENT doctor,
good for this does not necessarily sit in the queue at the clinic, but
You can sign up (for the same day) to a private otolaryngologist
clinics. itт врач проведет диагностику, быстро и грамотно удалит
education, then re-examine the ear for otitis media and
prescribe the appropriate treatment. Remember: otitis is a disease,
dangerous by its complications, especially those that can
develop in the cranial cavity. Therefore, to self-medicate,
especially in children, is unacceptable.


To determine that a child or an adult has a cork in the ear, is very
simply. The ENT doctor may suspect this diagnosis for only one
complaints, and then confirms his examination “otoscopy”. it
examination of the ear using a funnel or a special light fixture that
ear does not concern. If a doctor needs to examine the ear before removing
sulfur, it can enter it with a special bell-shaped probe.

Никакие другие исследования (УЗИ, рентген или другие) не поcan
make this diagnosis.


To get rid of the conglomerate formed by “efforts”
sulfur glands, it needs to be removed. The doctor can do it by two
methods – “wet” or “dry”.

�“Wet Method”

So you can wash the sulfur plug. The method is painless, but
unpleasant. It consists in the following:

  1. the patient sits on a couch or chair, turns to the doctor
    sore ear;
  2. on his shoulder lay an oilcloth, which put metal
    kidney shaped tray;
  3. the doctor fills a large syringe with a warm sterile solution (Janet)
    without needles;
  4. introducing its tip into the ear, injects a jet of solution over the top
    wall of the auditory course.

In some cases, this procedure does not immediately release
accumulations of sulfur, which requires its two or three repetitions.
Between the ENT procedures, it may be advisable to drop a drop in your ear:

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide 2-3 drops 3-4 times a day. Solution
    should be in the ear for 2-3 minutes, after which it is drained;
  • A-Cerumen: 1 ml in each ear (1 drop will immediately go to 1)
    bottle) twice a day. In children under 2.5 years old A-Cerumen is not
    is used;
  • �“Home-made” or prescription (ordered in special pharmacies with
    prescription) drops, consisting of 1 g of soda, mixed with 20
    ml of glycerin and 20 ml of boiled water.

�”Dry method”

Sometimes the doctor has to pull out a sulfur stopper. This is done when
dry formations, only the ENT doctor, under visual control.
The doctor inserts a special ear hook into the ear, through which
conglomerate and retrieved piece by piece.

What can be done at home

Try to get rid of sulfur plugs at home
may be if:

  • the ear does not hurt, but it was laid, and it appeared after the water
  • we are talking about an adult person;
  • when you press the cartilage of the ear sticking forward (closest to the face)
    shells (trestle) do not hurt;
  • body temperature is normal.

To this end, you can:

  1. 1-2 days drip ear peroxide, A-Cerumen or soda solution
    (possible without glycerol), as described above;
  2. find a ballpoint pen from which you can make a tube by removing
    the rod and those parts that hold the rod inside;
  3. climb into the bath;
  4. adjust the water so that it is 37 degrees, and the pressure was not
  5. unscrew the shower head and attach a tube to its place
  6. gently, tilting the head so that the ear “looked” down,
    pour water into the ear for about 3 minutes, holding the shower with one hand, the second –
    tube, the second end of the tube should be loose
    leaning against the entrance to the ear canal;
  7. there should be no pain, you can also see how it goes
    bung. She can be “helped” by inserting the tip of the little finger into the ear canal,
    moistened with water;
  8. even if it doesn’t happen, don’t try again right away,
    it is better to re-drip the ear with 3% peroxide;
  9. if the cork is out, you need to drop the ear “Ciprofloxacin”
    dioxidine from the ampoule, “Okomistinom” or other antiseptic

You can also buy a solution of furatsillina or make it from
tablets (you can use saline sodium
chloride, dial it into a “pear” – syringe №14, put in a warm
water so that it warms up to 37 degrees and a gentle stream, without
pain, wash ear. In this case, the second hand delays the auricle
back and up so that the stroke is smooth and the jet is not very

Officially allowed to remove traffic jams at home
special fito-candles that should be applied with an assistant. They
are hollow tubes, on the inner surface of which
essential oils are applied. One part of the tube has a tip and
foil: it is inserted into the ear after igniting the upper portion
fito-candles. The candle must be removed, and the flame – to extinguish upon reaching them
marks on the body of the candle. The effectiveness of this method is 30-40%.
It works by creating negative pressure in the tube.
time of its burning, which draws sulfur.

We do not advise to continue any manipulations with your own
ears of the house, if from the first or second time they were unsuccessful
or accompanied by minimal pain. Otolaryngologists accept
in many private centers, where it’s pretty easy to get after
work and without any direction.

Traffic jam prevention

Take the following steps:

  1. No need to clean the ear canal more often than once a 7-10
    days Do this with a cotton swab with a limiter, which only
    slightly injected into the ear and rotates right-left and not
    �Back and forth.
  2. Control your cholesterol.
  3. People working in dusty production should be protected.
  4. Those who have to dive, use hearing aids,
    headphones, be in high humidity conditions periodically
    (once a month) need to use A-Cerumen drops or similar
  5. Treat eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis in a timely manner.
    qualified dermatologists.

Автор: Кривега Мария Салаватовна врач-реаниматолог

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