Suicide can be prevented

Update: February 2019

No matter how frightening the phenomenon of suicide, scientists were able to find
a way to predict suicide in people of different groups of analysis
blood. The sensational study was headed by Alexander Nikulescu,
Professor of Psychiatry, representative of the Medical School in
Indiana University. The journal “Molecular Psychiatry” took over
responsibility in publishing work results.

Previously, the scientific community has already paid attention to the question
prevent suicide. Special applications were created with
included in the test tasks with which the doctor
could observe changes in the psyche and emotions in patients
psychiatric hospitals. However, this technique is impossible
fully anticipate the plans of the patient.

At this stage, Niculescu outlined two applications. First one
made a suicide risk assessment. The second carried out
measurement of anxiety and depression. 66 were included in the experiment.
patients who have an established mental disorder. Wherein
during the study, everyone noted an increase in their propensity to

The doctors, collecting blood from the experiment participants, watched
markers (signs) of the manifestation of those genes that are directly
associated with suicidal commitment. The same manipulations
conducted in 45 patients who had previously attempted
�”Death by the hands”.

The results were very valuable:

  1. When combining previously developed tests with taking blood on
    biomarkers have a 90% chance of finding a risk of suicide. And this
    completely independent of gender and diagnosis
    the patient.
  2. Four subtypes of suicidal behavior by
    активности четырех различных биомаркеров blood. In this case
    dependence on the diagnosis has already been traced. For example, there is
    LHFP marker, characteristic of the male population with depressive

Knowing this information, scientists will be able to try to develop
drugs that prevent suicide attempts.

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