Stroke recovery can speed uphyperbaric oxygenation

Update: February 2019

After a stroke, most patients experience serious
brain damage. Consequences of a left or right stroke, and
also the effects of a head injury today can be reversed
reversed with oxygen barotherapy.

This has been proven by Israeli scientists at Tel Aviv University.
Neuron recovery even 2-3 years after a stroke,
microstroke was possible with the treatment of large
oxygen concentrations that promote language improvement
skills, restore motor activity with partial
paralysis, increase sensitivity. HBO or hyperbaric
oxygenation is a unique modern method of oxygen therapy in
special pressure chambers under high pressure. Everybody knows,
that gases are more intensively dissolved in pressurized liquids,
therefore, it is used in a pressure chamber, dissolving here in
interstitial fluid and blood oxygen enters those cells and
tissues where hemoglobin cannot reach.

In Israel, with the help of oxygen barotherapy, doctors conducted
research on patients whose condition after a stroke does not
improved, there were no positive changes from standard therapy.
In the treatment chambers, the oxygen level in
body increased 10 times.

Восстановление после инсульта


Patients received regular sessions for 2 months, after
bringing a brain scan to register an increase in neural

That is, patients had a clinical positive
dynamics – speech improved, motor skills were restored and
sensitivity, patients began to take their own bath
could cook, read, climb stairs.

In addition to such treatment, American scientists have proven
very effective positive effect from the use of pine
cones with stroke.

With a normal healthy human existence, only 20%
the oxygen that the body receives is consumed by the brain. When
a person needs to recover from a stroke, the need for
oxygen increases at times. 10-fold increase in income
oxygen to the tissues and cells of the brain provides the best conditions for
restoration of neural connections and stimulation of activity

It is also known that providing emergency assistance in the first 3-4 hours
after starting a stroke, a person can avoid serious consequences
and recovering from a stroke will not be so hard. To
time to help a person at the beginning of a stroke, should be good
know the first typical and atypical signs of a stroke.

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