Stroke increases the risk of cancer

Update: February 2019

Entertaining study on the problem of early
cancer diagnosis was carried out by the Medical Oncology Center
at the Hospital named after Princess Isabella de Bourbon. Researchers
found the relationship between stroke and the risk of hidden cancer in such
patients. The official results published medical
ESMO organization on its website.


Experiments in which scientists tried to identify such
interconnection, were carried out more than once. Reliable data about her as well
Also, the degree of risk was not found. And now the head
research team Jacobo Rogado decided to fully understand
this issue.

For testing, 914 patient records were taken,
admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of “Stroke” in the period 2012-2014
yy Of these, 381 were the most suitable. It is for this amount
Sick scientists and observed the next 18 months. During
Experiment (on average after about six months), the doctors have set
cancer diagnosis in 7.5% of post-stroke patients. Most often it was
malignant tumors affecting the colon, prostate and
lungs. At the same time, in 62% the neoplasm has already metastasized (screenings
atypical cells to other organs).

It is safe to say that post-stroke patients approximately double
more likely to get cancer. Of course, this information is very important for
researchers around the world. However, Rogado himself does not consider her
absolutely credible and plans to conduct even more ambitious
experiments. In addition, the diagnosed stages of cancer
process with metastases (ie, late stages) indicate
the presence of a tumor before the stroke. It is quite possible that the vascular
disaster in this situation acts as a symptom

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