Stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth: how to remove them inhome conditions and using hardware cosmetology

After the appearance of the long-awaited baby, the young mother tries
to devote time not only to the child, but also to restore their beauty
and figures. Most women are confused by the appearance of excess weight and
stretch marks (stretch). And if you remove the gained kilograms will help
a lot of proven methods, how to get rid of
stretch marks on the belly? Here come to the aid of people’s means.
medicine and cosmetology procedures.

The content of the article

  • 1 Causes
  • 2 Prevention
  • 3 What to do if stretch marks still appear?
    • 3.1 Getting rid of folk remedies
    • 3.2 Cosmetology
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To solve a problem you need to know what you are dealing with. So what
is stretching? Растяжки (стрии) – дефект кожи,
which is formed due to ruptures of the skin layer during its
overstrain Have the appearance of burgundy (“fresh”) or pale
(“Old”) strips of different widths. After pregnancy and childbirth can
appear not only on the stomach, but also on the thighs, buttocks and

Causes of

  • Increase the production of the hormone cortisol during
    of pregnancy

One of the effects of this hormone is softening of the pubic symphysis.
(connection of the pubic bones) to facilitate the birth of a child. But
the same hormone has a negative effect on the skin, reducing collagen production
and elastin. This makes the skin less elastic, prone to appearance.
stretch marks.

  • Natural overstretching of the skin with an increase

The rapid stretching of the skin leads to the fact that with a lack of
elasticity breaks occur in the deep layer of the skin. This leads to
the appearance of stretch marks, which initially have a burgundy color, and after
overgrowth of stria with connective tissue – pale pink (lighter
surrounding skin) color.


Как известно, растяжки легче предотвратить, чем
then treat them. Therefore, the future mother needs to think about her skin.
в начале of pregnancy.

Several ways to prevent
stretch marks:

  • Proper nutrition

To support the condition of the skin, it is important to use products that
contain useful ingredients for it: nuts, cereals, wholegrain
bread, fatty fish, citrus, cottage cheese.

  • Sports activities

Sport brings in a tone not only muscles, but also skin. For
prevention of stretch marks is recommended to do swimming, swing
press doing morning gymnastics. До какого срока of pregnancy
you can do the exercises you need to check with the doctor.


Those who are not recommended to exercise,
can use simple breathing exercises to strengthen
кожи: вдох со втягиванием belly на 3 – 5 секунд, выдох с
bulging of the abdominal wall also for 3 – 5 seconds.

  • Massage

It is best to do an oil massage – this will provide not only
improving skin tone, but also its nutrition. Во время of pregnancy лучше
use baby oil, after childbirth – any. Massage нужно
hold in light circular motions so as not to cause
premature uterine contraction.

  • Butшение бандажа и специального

Специально созданное для of pregnancy белье позволит не только
support the fetus in the correct position, reducing the load on
spine, but also strengthen the abdominal wall. The bandage is worn from the 20th
недели of pregnancy. After childbirth, a pant belt is usually used.
послеродовой бандаж (носится до 6 недели после родов. Читаем о
postpartum bandages: how to choose and how to tie

  • The use of cream with nutritious

Cream against stretch marks designed specifically to maintain
skin elasticity and contains the necessary components for its tone:
витамин Е, коллаген, эластин, аминокислоты (Крема от
stretch marks:
«Девять месяцев», «Pregnacare», «Mustela»,
«Vichy», «Lierac» , «Mama Сomfort», «Mangosteen». See top 10
кремов от растяжек

  • Contrast packs

Skin tone can be enhanced by changing temperatures. For этого
need a terry towel moistened in hot water, wring out and put
on the belly for half a minute. Then repeat the procedure, but dipping
the towel is already in cold water. You need to change the compress 5 – 6

For того, чтобы предотвратить появление растяжек,
It is recommended to use all methods of prevention. The most
wearing bandage is considered to be effective as support
tummy prevents mechanical stretching

What to do if stretch marks still appear?

If prophylactic methods did not help, and stretch marks on the abdomen
yet appeared – no need to despair, there are proven
ways to eliminate them. For начала is necessary попробовать убрать
striae alone with various cosmetics and
�”Grandma’s recipes.” And only if these methods do not help, you can
resort to hardware medicine.

We get rid of folk remedies

Get rid of stretch marks at home will help
recipes of traditional medicine and cosmetics:

  • Mumie

Cream based on mummy prepares quickly and easily: 1 gram mummy
must be dissolved in 5 grams (1 teaspoon) of warm boiled
water, then mix the mixture with a tube of baby
cream (no more than 100 g). For этого рецепта is necessary
choose baby cream, as it contains a minimum of substances
affecting the health of a pregnant woman and her baby. everyday
After a shower, rub the product into the problem areas, the skin should be
well steamed. The resulting cream should be stored in
the fridge.

  • Oil (olive, sea buckthorn,

With the help of oils, you can do home peeling and at the same time
saturate the skin with substances necessary for its strengthening.

Several recipes for oil-based peels:

  1. add ground coffee to olive or any other oil or
    honey and rub into the skin to light redness for 10 minutes, after which
    wash off; such peeling can be carried out 2-3 times a week after
  2. mix 1 cup of salt, sugar and half a cup of oil (you can take
    vegetable, olive, coconut); rub while taking a shower
    massage in circular movements into the skin of problem areas for 5-7 minutes,
    then rinse and apply baby cream.

To increase the elasticity of the skin, it is recommended to apply oil
wheat germ (1 teaspoon) mixed with a few drops
oils of mandarin, neroli and lavender.

  • Avocado Peeling Mask

For the preparation of the mixture will need 2 tablespoons of oatmeal
flour and the same amount of cosmetic clay, 1 avocado, a tablespoon
any oil. With a blender or conventional fork, all components
pounded into a slurry, which is applied to the skin for half an hour. Mixture
no need to rub, it should be absorbed, after which its remnants can
clean swab.

  • Mask of aloe and dandelion

For этой маски is necessary смешать измельченные в блендере листья
dandelion and aloe in equal proportions (100 g), half a cup
olive (or any other) butter and some oatmeal to
gruel formation. Mixture наносить на кожу проблемных участков 2
times a day.

  • Wraps

With stretch marks on the abdomen after childbirth, cold and
hot wraps with cosmetic clay and essential oils. They
not only eliminate stretch marks, but also contribute to weight loss.

Mixture делается на основе глины, к которой добавляется теплая
mineral water until gruel is formed. Need to mix
only a wooden object (if there is no special spoon, it will fit
ordinary pencil). After receiving the mixture it is added
a few drops of any essential oil. The mass is applied evenly.
a layer on the skin prepared by peeling, the body is wrapped in a film
(you can take food) for 1 hour. After the procedure, the skin is cleansed.
warm water.

To obtain a lasting effect, you need to go through 10 – 12 procedures with
break between wraps in 2 – 3 days.

Также используют голубую глину и жидкий
мед, обертывания с морскими водорослями, щипковый массаж
и аромованна, применение скрабов: солевых, сахарных,

  • Советуем к прочтению: Восстановительная
    gymnastics after childbirth – 14 simple exercises

Watch the video recipe:


In the case when traditional medicine did not give the desired effect,
should still resort to the means of traditional therapy.

Ways to remove stretch marks in cosmetic

  • Mesotherapy

Nutrient injections (collagen,
amino acids, enzymes). The number of sessions before reaching the visible
result – about 10.

  • Microdermabrasion

With the help of grinding the smallest particles aligned
skin relief, its damaged layer is eliminated.

  • Laser removal of stretch marks

The laser beam evaporates the surface layers of damaged skin, which
eliminates stretch marks. After the procedure, crusts may form,
which, in time, fall away on their own.

  • Ozone therapy

The technique is the same as in mesotherapy, but under the skin
in this case, ozone is introduced, which increases the production
lacking skin collagen and elastin.

  • Professional peeling

Chemicals are used during this peeling.
(glycolic acid or fruit acids) that remove the top
skin layer followed by regeneration.

  • Abdominal plasty

Plastic surgery to remove stretch marks is used only in
extreme cases where other methods are ineffective.

Читаем далее: ТОП 10 лучших кремов от
растяжек после родов | Top 10 creams for stretch marks

Despite the widespread belief that
eliminating stretch marks, many know that striae is not a sentence. Need to
just choose the right method of treatment and stock up
by patience.

Здоровая Россия — Растяжкам БОЙ: 3 способа
make the skin perfectly smooth and elastic


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