Stress is contagious. Panic attack capablechange your brain forever

Update: February 2019

Scientists have once again made a stunning discovery: stress
transmitted from person to person, like infectious
diseases. This is not the end of the world, but pleasant in this fact.
also a little.

A team of specialists from the University of Calgary Medical School
(Canada) has collected reliable information that any person
like the receiver is able to perceive the stress of others and based on
of this exposure to model your own stress reactions,
broadcasting them further on to other people.

The cells of the central nervous system become victims of this process.
systems and first of all the brain. Previously it was thought that only
the level of neurotransmitters (substances that regulate behavior) jumps
or falls sharply from nerve overload.

The reality was even more disappointing: changes
affect the structure of brain cells.

As usual, the mice suffered

During the experimental experiments were involved populations
laboratory rodents. And just like in human
populations, females were more adapted and able
faster males out of a stressful situation due to the establishment
social contacts. Shopping as a mouse release no one
suggested, but sniffing with companions, run on closed
spaces with a crowd of friends surrounded by males
provided plenty that favorably affected the central nervous system

Most of the time, mice were spent in pairs. Removing one of
partners, physiologists subjected him to soft influences,
triggering stress. After that temporarily seized half
returned to the pair. And they began to investigate neurons in both mice.
CRH, responsible for the reflection of stress in the brain.

The conclusion was unequivocal: the neurocytes of both mice suffered and their
the changes were the same. That confirms the possibility of broadcasting
stress and the involvement of at least close ones (see how to remove
stress – 20 ways).

Under the leadership of Tony-Lee, Sterley was later carried out
gene rearrangement of mouse neurons in order to be able to
arbitrarily enable or disable trigger stress zones.

During the experiment, it was found that their launch
due to the excitation of CRH neurons and the inclusion of a chemical reaction
by producing pheromone anxiety that is perceived by others
specimens of the species.

Turned off neurons lost the ability to transmit stress
sentiment partner tortured mouse.

The discovery of this mechanism sheds light on the possibilities
non-verbal communication among animals of the same and different species.

In relation to people

It turns out that stress prepares such pathological changes.
brain structures that can give rise to depression, panic
attacks, neurotic and anxiety disorders. According to
Jedil Baines, professor of physiology, pick up stress on
A wave of strong emotions is worth nothing. Correction of these
The disorders are mainly mediated by
aimed at fighting low or too high
hormones and neurotransmitters.

The Canadian experiment has put a serious theoretical base under
explanation of the effectiveness of psychotherapy and group therapy
neurotic states. Also, Canadians were able to prove that
the gentle and gentle treatment of women, especially during periods of their
hormonal storms and changeable mood, has
significant positive effect on their psychological

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