Start feeding baby on HB

Your baby is half a year old. Он до сtheir пор
gets mom’s milk and you understand that it’s time to introduce complementary foods!
When is it better to start feeding the child who is on
breastfeeding? – It depends on your health condition.
crumbs. Pediatric pediatricians define semi-annual age as
optimal for the introduction of complementary foods. Early dates of lure can
provoke the development of atopic dermatitis or disease
Gastrointestinal tract.

The content of the article

  • 1 How to enter feed correctly
  • 2 Companion table for baby on the chest
  • 3 Choose a feeding scheme
    • 3.1 Pedagogical supplements
    • 3.2 Complementary baby food
  • 4 The child refuses to eat new food – what to do
  • 5 Watch the video on the subject of feeding

прикорм на гв

By six months, the child’s stomach and intestines are ready to receive another
food. However, there are exceptions to any rule if the weight of your
baby stably falls short of the norm. then the doctor can
предложить вам прикармливать кроху уже в 4,5 месяца. If a же у
малыша наблюдаются проявления аллергии,  врачи посоветуют
wait with a change in diet to seven months.

We read подробно: как определить, что ребенок готов к
complementary foods – 10 signs

No matter how valuable breast milk is, it can no longer
provide an actively growing infant’s body with the necessary
substances. For organic development of the digestive system
fiber, vegetable protein, dietary fiber is necessary. WITH
age will make it harder to teach a baby to a new meal. But after all
the baby has a chewing reflex, teeth are actively growing,
bite is formed. Solid food promotes better development.
челюстного аппарата baby

How to enter feed

  • Use a small spoon (better coffee);
  • Do not force the crumbs to eat everything you suggested. If a у
    baby has no appetite, just do something else with him. And through
    some time offer food again;
  • In the early days of complementary foods, let’s have a little bit of new product,
    literally a few grams so that the baby’s ventricle is used to
    new food. Gradually increase the portion;
  • Keep a notebook (baby food diary). Write in it,
    what product did you give to crumbs, when and how much, how did you react
    baby’s body to a new food. Entries will be useful to you if
    baby something is wrong: there will be an upset stomach,
    there will be an allergic rash, etc. On them you will quickly determine
    which product caused the adverse reaction;
  • It is better if the baby is sitting in high
  • Introduce another product when the baby’s stomach gets used to
    one kind of prikorma. The interval between the introduction of new products
    ranges from 3 to 7 days;
  • After complementary feeding, be sure to attach the baby to the breast.
    Mother’s milk is still the main food for infants.

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Правила ввода прикорма на ГВ

Правила ввода прикорма на ГВ

We read подробную статью где даны рекомендации по введению
the first feeding

Companion table for baby on the chest

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Approximate scheme of introduction of complementary foods for a child on грудном feeding. (Клик для увеличения)

Approximate scheme of introduction of complementary foods for a child on
грудном feeding. (Клик для увеличения)

*Цифры в таблице, относящиеся к продуктам,  являются
average. Не стремитесь «впtheirнуть» в ребенка весь рекомендованный
объем food. Does the crumb turn his head away from the spoon? Do not force it
eat up. Уберите еду, а малышу дайте грудь.

Choosing a feeding scheme

Pedagogical lure

It is based on the expression of interest in food eaten by the kid.
adults. The main goal here is not to feed the child, and
introduce new food, create taste sensations, teach
chew. Give it a try from your plate. Of course her
it is necessary to prepare – grind, mash to ceiling.

What products can offer crumbs?

First of all, vegetables, cereals, fruits, dairy products (kefir,
natural yogurt), egg yolk, meat (rabbit meat, turkey,
chicken, beef, pork – the meat in the child’s diet – the rules
introduction of meat lures), marine fish (hake, cod, marine
perch), legumes.

WITHначала малыш просто пробует пищу, учится различать на вкус,
chew on it Something he likes more, something less. 
Постепенно он будет съедать все больше и  больше.
An additional plus of this method is expanding the circle of communication
baby, he copies the movements of adults, learns himself to take food
hand from the plate and put it in your mouth.

The first time, while he masters new skills, keep the kid on
lap. When the crumb will sit firmly, will be able to keep well
spoon in hand, plant it in a special highchair. WITH 8 – 10
months to teach to eat a spoon. It is important to show patience.
If baby влез в еду руками или кладет ее сначала рукой в ложку, а
then it carries in your mouth, do not scold him, grab a spoon and feed
the most. Gradually, baby will learn to do everything right. Let me
ему  все делать самому под вашим присмотром. Otherwise у вашего
the child just lost the desire to do it.  (see how
to teach the child to spoon)


I remember well how my daughter tied up a long oilcloth –
apron in front, planted her in the chair, and around on the floor I laid
the film, which at the end of the feeding was all covered with food. But
a month later, the baby ate by herself (under my

It often happens that a baby eats well, he likes food, and he
requires mom to give him more. It is important to have a sense of proportion.
The result of overeating will be a deterioration in health, pain in
tummy and indigestion. Gradually have a child
a sense of proportion in food, accuracy, he will acquire
навыки  правильного поведения за столом. Your task –
patiently, step by step help him in this.

Complementary baby food


The scheme of introduction of products and dishes for прикорма

The scheme of introduction of products and dishes for

Лет десять назад прикорм грудных детей начинали с
fruit juices and mashed potatoes. Now the opinions of doctors are divided, many
favoring vegetables. Motivating those fruits because
sweet taste is formed by addiction to sweets in a child, can
provoke the development of allergies, cause indigestion.
Известный украинский  врач Комаровский предлагает начинать с
kefir and curds. They do not overload the baby’s liver, because their
The composition is similar to breast milk.

See the opinion of Komarovsky:

Whose opinion is true, it is difficult to say, because specifically research
This problem has not been carried out. Therefore, choosing options for feeding,
rely on the opinion of the pediatrician watching your baby with
of birth.

However, for this type of complementary foods there are some rules:

  1. At first, mash puree from one type of product. If this
    fruits, start with an apple, if vegetables, it is better to take zucchini or
    cauliflower. These products are hypoallergenic, so you can not
    afraid to get allergies.
  2. Puree can be taken ready, it is better to cook yourself. All vegetables
    and fruits, except bananas, boil for a couple or bake in
    oven, then shred the blender. In this puree is not
    there will be lumps with which the crumb can choke.
  3. Fill vegetables with vegetable oil (ideally
  4. Do not sweeten or add salt to food for up to a year.
  5. Watch the baby’s stool. If it appeared
    undigested pieces of food, it’s not scary. And if the chair is sharp
    changed color, became liquid or, on the contrary, the child had constipation, appeared
    rash, remove new food for at least two to three weeks. If you gave
    the baby beets, then the urine and the stool will turn pinkish-red.
    This is natural and not dangerous.
  6. Kashi can be offered to the baby a month after the vegetables. Groats
    for porridges it is necessary to wash, dry, chop (conveniently in
    coffee grinder). Start with buckwheat, rice, corn porridge,
    boiled on water. They do not contain gluten – gluten,
    causing constipation, allergies. Good to add to the finished gruel
    breast milk. From eight months you can boil the semolina, oatmeal and
    mixed porridge. (Details about porridges)
  7. If you started feeding with vegetables, then it’s about time after cereal
    offer baby fruit puree. The first mashed potatoes are made from green and
    yellow fruit, so less risk of developing allergies.
  8. After fruit we teach babies to meat, fish, give nibble
    crackers, cookies.
  9. Do not forget to offer your baby a breast each time.
  10. As the child gets used to the new food, one breastfeeds
    (Usually lunch) try to completely replace the lure. If baby
    still requires a chest, do not refuse him.
  11. Suggest your child to drink boiled water. With the introduction of solid
    food fluid demand increases. If he refuses –
    Do not insist, so he grabs your milk.
  12. From 8 – 9 months stop using blender, just
    crush solid food with a fork. The child needs to learn
    chew food
  13. With extreme care, give new baby products
    prone to allergies. Start literally with micro doses in one – two.
    грамма, увеличивая their ежедневно понемногу.

We read:

  • On vegetable puree;
  • About meat puree;
  • About cottage cheese foods.

10 rules on when to introduce feed

The child refuses to eat new food – what to do

It happens that the baby does not want to try a new meal, spits,
crying. What to do? First – do not scold the baby. By this you only
scare him, cause even greater aversion to food. Take it with
собой, когда едите сами, но не пытайтесь «впtheirивать» ему еду.
Let just watch how other family members eat. If a
ask yourself – give. Do not turn on the TV while eating, remove
anything that can distract the baby from the food process. If a он измажется или
drop something, do not be indignant, calmly remove and pay
attention of the baby, how others carefully eat. Обычно этtheir мер
enough for the baby to show interest in food. Recommended by
что делать, если ребенок не хочет есть прикорм

Refusal of food

For a breastfed infant, maternal
Milk up to one year old represents the main type of food. Therefore not
Try to give the baby a large amount of solid food. Those numbers
what is offered in the tables are advisory in nature. Otherwise
you can overdo it and get digestive problems in
baby  Watch the reaction of a small body, consult
with your doctor, follow all measures, and your baby will actively grow
and develop.

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feeding >>>

Watch the video on the subject of feeding

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