Список таблеток, лекарств от allergies для детейand adults

Update: October 2018

Allergy – individual hypersensitivity of the body
to different substances, i.e. inadequate defensive reaction
organism to alien agents.

AT последние годы население стало страдать от allergies на солнце,
холодовой allergies, что является казалось-бы естественным для
any person, temperature drops should not cause negative
body reactions. The cause of allergic manifestations is failure
in the immune system, so it is especially sad when allergies
starts in a child, and to soothe skin rashes,
stop allergic cough, children and adults have to
принимать массу таблеток от allergies.

Лечение allergies — достаточно сложная проблема с медицинской
point of view, since such a defense mechanism is associated with deep
changes that still cannot be determined,
therefore, most often doctors prescribe only symptomatic treatment,
reducing its manifestations:

The first thing to determine is the allergen, the very substance
which provokes a reaction, most often it is:

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  • pollen of flowering plants (pollinosis) – ambrosia, quinoa,
    most flowering trees, dandelions …
  • drugs
  • allergic to the sun, allergic to cold
  • house dust, more precisely mites that are in it
  • mold fungi
  • wool of many animals – cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas
  • insect bites – mosquitoes, wasps, bees
  • пищевые продукты — чаще всего in children это коровье молоко,
    citrus, red fruits and vegetables, nuts, seafood, some
  • household chemicals, perfumes, cosmetics – abundance
    various chemicals in washing powders, in all
    cleaning and disinfecting products, cosmetics and perfumes,
    моющих средствах провоцируют аллергию in children и adults.

Try to eliminate contact with the allergen, but this is not always
it seems possible if for example allergic to weed pollen
herbs, a person can only take antihistamines
drugs that reduce itching, tearing, sneezing,
allergic rhinitis, cough, bronchospasm, choking.

  • Doctors also recommend specific immunotherapy.
    so that the body develops blocking antibodies.
  • In severe cases of allergic reactions apply
    corticosteroids, strong-acting drugs that should
    use only in extreme cases when there are no other ways
    relieve swelling or itching, rash.
  • The use of sorbents, such as Enterosgel, Filtrum STI
    (manual), Poliphen, Polysorb, activated carbon, cleansing
    organism from allergens.
  • Using invasive blood purification methods, for example,

Какие таблетки от allergies лучше — список

ATозникновение симптомов allergies, воспаления носоглотки, глаз,
skin or bronchi in allergic diseases are accompanied
high histamine production, therefore, to relieve symptoms
allergies чаще всего назначают антигистаминные препараты. On
Today these medicines exist 3 generations.
И если перед вами стоит вопрос какие таблетки пить при allergies? AT
этой статье мы рассмотрим, какие таблетки от allergies существуют на
Russian pharmaceutical market, their positive and negative
action on the body.

The information presented in the article is informative.
character, is for reference only. ATыбор
An antihistamine is administered by the attending physician.

Metabolites – 3rd generation antihistamines

These are modern, effective, newest pills to eliminate.
симптомов allergies, в меньшей степени вызывают седативный эффект
(cetirizine – 14%, loratadine – 8%, левокабастин -3%), не обладают
cardiotoxic and sedative effects do not have a negative
действия на ЦНС,  поэтому их can принимать и детям с 1-2 лет
(in syrups), levocabastin – up to 3 years of restriction, Acrivastin – up to
12 years old and adults whose work requires concentration

ATозникновение сонливости от применения этой группы препаратов
возcan только у особо чувствительных людей, а также она
observed in persons with chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. it
не является поводом для отмены drug.

Положительным особенностью таблеток от allergies 3 поколения
является их возcanсть использования при продолжительных
allergic manifestations:

  • with chronic urticaria
  • атопическом dermatitis in children и атопическом dermatitis у
  • with year-round allergic rhinitis
  • seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
  • with allergic contact dermatitis

3rd generation antihistamine drugs include: cetirizine,
Loratadi, Acrivastine, Ebastine, Terfenadine, Levocabasti,
fexofenadine, astemizole, acelastine.

The most preferred allergy remedies for today
day are considered cetirizine and loratadine (oral), for
topical treatment of allergic manifestations – Accelastin (ophthalmic
drops and nasal spray).

  • These drugs are less likely to cause drowsiness, do not affect the physical
    and mental activity of a person taking these antihistamines
    means does not depend on food intake, it is quickly reached
    effect and has a prolonged effect (up to 48 hours). Even with
    prolonged use does not decrease antihistamine activity
  • When taking Terfenadine and Astemizole may be manifestation
    serious cardiotoxic action, which increases with
    concomitantly with grapefruit juice, with antibiotics
    (macrolide – Sumamed, erythromycin, clarithromycin),
    antidepressants, antimycotic agents (intracanosol and
    ketocanol) and in persons with hyperkalemia and dysfunction
    the liver. Поэтому пожилым людям или лицам с заболеваниями
    cardiovascular system of the 3rd generation drugs better
    prescribe loratadine and cetirizine.
  • Acelastine (allergodil) is a drug for topical treatment,
    has a symptomatic effect after 20 minutes, does not have
    serious side effects, improves mucociliary
  •  Cetirizine

This is a highly effective antihistamine last
a generation that is practically not metabolized in the body,
penetrates the skin well, therefore it is also effective for skin
rashes. Prolonged use of cetirizine in children with
early atopic syndrome reduces future risk
progression of atopic conditions.

After taking 2 hours there is a lasting effect.
prolonged action, enough to take 1 tablet per day,
perhaps every other day or 2 times a week. Sedation
minimal, but should be carefully prescribed to persons with
impaired renal function. This allergy medicine for children can
use if the child is over 2 years old and only in the form of syrup or
suspension, it is especially convenient for use in young children with
difficulty inhalation of the drug.

The table below presents: allergy pills, names
analogues, release form and their average price in pharmacies.

Name of drugs analogues Release form Average price in pharmacies (summer 2013)
Tsetrin tablets of 20 pieces and 30 pcs. syrup for children over 2 years old tab. 150 rub. syrup 120 rub.
Zyrtec 7 tablets, drops for oral administration tablets 220 rubles. drops 330 rub.
Zodak tablets of 10 pieces, 30 pieces, drops for intake, syrup tab. 120 rub. drops 200 rub.
Letizen tablets 10 pcs. 90 rub.
Parlazin tablets 10 pcs. 30pcs, drops for oral administration tab. 130 rub. drops 260 rub.
Cetirizine tablets 10 pcs. 20 pieces tab. 60 -120 rub.
  • Лекарства от allergiesFexofenadine

– a metabolite of terfenadine, also does not interact with other
not metabolized in the body, does not cause
drowsiness and does not violate the psychomotor function. Considered
safe and effective among antihistamines
drugs. These allergy pills should not be taken by children.
6 years.

Telfast tab. 10 pieces. 420-480 rubles
Fexofast tab. 10 pieces. 190-200 rub.
Fexadine tab. 10 pieces. 160 rub.
  • Clarosens Loratadine, desloratadine

It is the most popular antihistamine of the 3rd generation.
shown for all age groups due to its proven
Security is available without a prescription. Its effectiveness is higher than in
funds 1 generation, but less than the metabolites. Sedative
the effect is minimal, does not affect the heart and psychomotor
activity is very well tolerated and does not interact with
other drugs.

Loratadine – a medicine that can be taken by children after 1
years in syrup. The following is a list of pills for allergies group
loratadine and desloratadine. Among these drugs, Erius is considered to
Today is the most powerful antihistamine drug, he
contraindicated in pregnancy, but in syrup mono take children
older than 1 year.

Name of drugs analogues Release form Average price in pharmacies (summer 2013)
Loratadine 10 tablets 15-20 rubles
Clarosens 10 tablets, сироп tab. 60 rub. syrup 30 rub.
Lomilan 10 tablets, суспензия tab. 130 rub. suspension 100 rub.
Loragexal 10 tablets 50 rub.
Klarotadin 10 tab. and syrup tab. 110 rub. сироп 130 rub.
Claritin 10 tab. and syrup tab. 220 rub. сироп 250 rub.
Desloratadine Teva 10 tab. 360 rub.
Erius 10 tab. syrup 60 and 120 ml. tab. 500 -560 rub. syrup 450-700 rub.
Lordaestin 10 tab. 210 rub.
Desal 10 tab. 160 rub.
  • Phenystyle Dimetenden

by action it is close to antihistamines of the 1st generation, but
more active and long-lasting, has a slight
sedative effect, can be used both inside and as
external means for allergic reactions on the skin.

Fenistil gel  gel 30-50 gr. 290- 350 rub.
Fenistil drops  oral drops 320 rub.
Phenystyle emulsion  emulsion 280 — 350 rub.
  •  Akrivastin (Sempreks), Astemizol
    (Histalong), Terfenadine (Trexil)

because of their cardiotoxic action, short-term effect,
due to dangerous side effects and, as a result, not
popular, today these drugs are practically
ceased to be used in practice.

Allergy preparations are chosen according to age,
the nature of allergic reactions, the presence of concomitant chronic

Children 1-4 years
  • Loratadine
  • Cetirizine
Lactation period
  • Clemastine (Tavegil)
Children under 12 years old
  • Loratadine (Claritin)
  • Cetirizine (Tsetrin, Zyrtec)
  • Диметинден (Phenystyle)
The presence of abnormal liver function
  • Cetirizine
  • Loratadine
  • Fexofenadine
Pregnant women
  • Loratadine
  • Fexofenadine
Renal failure
  • Astemizol
  • Loratadine
  • Terfenadine

Comparative characteristics of modern drugs for

loratadine cetirizine fexofenadine ebastine (questin) astemizole terfenadine
Use in different categories of patients
in children from 2 years old from 2 years old since 12 years old since 12 years old after 1 year from 3 years
in pregnant women can undesirable can can’t возcan can’t
during breastfeeding can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t
Drug action
Effect duration day day day 48 hours day 18-24 hours
When the effect comes 30 minutes 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour 1 hour
Reception ratio 1 time / day 1 time / day 1 time / day 1 time / day 1 time / day 1-2 times / day
Side effects
QT lengthening + +
Sedation seldom
enhances the effect of alcohol +
increased side effects when combined with
erythromycin ketoconazole
+ + +
weight gain +
Use with specific disorders in patients
renal failure should reduce the dose should reduce the dose should reduce the dose
liver failure counter-indicated counter-indicated counter-indicated

1st generation antihistamines

These drugs today are also used much
реже, чем препараты 2 и 3 поколения,  поскольку:

  • They have a pronounced hypnotic, sedative effect.
  • Reduce muscle tone
  • All 1 generation antihistamines action occurs
    quickly, but the therapeutic effect lasts no more than 5 hours, except
    Tavegila – 8 hours, which is a significant drawback in
    compared with the prolonged action of drugs 3 generations.
  • Sometimes patients experience psychomotor agitation,
    особенно in children, и при передозировке или длительном применении у
  • Из-за снотворного действия их can’t принимать при выполнении
    various actions, activities requiring concentration –
    drivers, when working with different mechanisms, when training.
  • Эти лекарства от allergies усиливают действие алкоголя,
    analgesics, hypnotics.
  • They also have tachyphylaxis, that is, with long-term use
    their effect is reduced, so you should change every 20 days
    лекарства от allergies 1 поколения на другие.
  • In some countries, many of these drugs are withdrawn from
    production and prohibited for sale due to the mass of side effects
    such as tachycardia, urinary retention, decreased vision, dryness during
    mouth constipation.

Given the above, the following is a list of pills from
allergies – антигистаминные препараты 1 поколения, применение
which is not desirable:

  • Suprastin, Chloropyramine – the only means of the 1st generation,
    which continues to be popular because not
    causes strong cardiotoxic effects. It does not accumulate in
    крови и его can использовать длительное время, особенно при
    allergies на коже, крапивнице, атопическом dermatitis, зуде,
    allergic conjunctivitis, angioedema. Disadvantage is
    short-term effect of the application and sedation.
  • Tavegil – is used now, but much less often than
    earlier. It is considered a highly effective antihistamine drug,
    has a similar effect as diphenhydramine, but lately
    наблюдаются случаи возникновения allergies на сам Тавегил.
  • Diphenhydramine – unpredictable on the effects of action on
    central nervous system.
  • Diazolin – causes irritation of the mucous membrane
    gastrointestinal tract, severe drowsiness, mental and
    motor stuntedness, dizziness, delay
    urination, has a toxic effect on the nerves
  • Перитол –  вызывает повышенный аппетит, но его продолжают
    use in various types of migraine.
  • Pipolfen, Diprazin – used mainly as
    antiemetic, also has a pronounced effect on
    central nervous system.
  • Fenkarol – less sedative distinguishes it from Dimedrol.
    action, however, and antihistamine efficacy is also lower than that of
    прочих лекарств от allergies 1 поколения. It is used when
    addictiveness to other antihistamines.

 ATиды лекарств от allergies для детей

  • Antihistamines

ATыше мы перечислили все таблетки при allergies, обладающие
antihistamine properties available in the arsenal of modern
pharmacology. Среди этих средств детям after 1 year can принимать
Lomilan, Clarosens, Лоратодин, Klarotadin, Claritin. Children over 2
лет Zodak, Tsetrin, Zyrtec, Parlazin, только в сиропах или

  • Mast Cell Membrane Stabilizers

детям can применять только Кетотифен в сиропе, Кромоглин,
Кромогексал – в виде ингаляций, назального спрея, а Интал can
use only after 2 years. These tools strengthen the membrane
mast cells that provide immune protection. At destruction
the shell of these cells is histamine – the strongest mediator
воспаления при allergies. And these funds, stabilizing the shell
cells, do not allow histamine to start the process of allergic

  • Corticosteroids

These are rather dangerous means for a children’s organism, their
can’t использовать при любом аллергическом проявлении, а только в
in extreme cases, when nothing helps and only
the appointment and control of a pediatrician. GCS is included in the standard of treatment
бронхиальной астмы in children и менее опасны в ингаляциях и при
pulse therapy. The effect of the use of hormonal eye drops,
nasal sprays, creams, ointments and pills are very fast, but
prolonged use has long-term effects. To such
means include prednisone, beclomethasone, betamethasone,
hydrocortisone, dexametozon, methylprednisolone, etc. Crema from
allergies для детей – подробно в нашей статье.

Автор: Мельникова Светлана Георгиевна врач-дерматолог

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