Spinal lordosis

What is this disease? Lordosis is a bend in the spine
cervical and lumbar, convex forward. Our
the spine cannot, and should not be absolutely straight, it has
there are natural curves due to which the body is supported in
vertical position, and deformations are compensated by static
loads and walking. Curvature of the spine, directed
on the sides (right-left) is called scoliosis, curved in
lumbar or cervical – back and forth, respectively, lordosis
and kyphosis.

Next, let’s talk about the causes, symptoms and treatment of lordosis.
in humans, and also tell you about the prevention that is necessary
observe for the normal operation of the spine.

What is spinal lordosis?


Lordosis – congenital or acquired protruding forward
искривление spine чаще всего располагающееся в поясничном и
cervical divisions. Usually the disease manifests itself during
formation and growth of the body in adolescence due to
violations of correct posture, or in the presence of any disease

Physiological lordosis is the natural curvature of the vertebral
pillars due to which the human body can withstand various
load and keep in shape.

Normally, the human spine has 4 curvatures:

  • two lordosis (lumbar and cervical)
  • two kyphosis (sacral and thoracic).

All of them are located in the anteroposterior (sagittal) direction.
Lateral curvatures (scoliosis) should not be normal.


Physiological lordosis is recorded in all people in the lumbar
and cervical spine. Huge role in shaping
physiological lordosis play the development of the humeral bones and
pelvic girdle, condition of the spine and muscular system

Physiological lordosis can be smoothed or straightened.
Smoothing a bend is called hypolordosis. When viewed from the body
the man’s side does not have a lumbar deflection. AT
in most cases this is a sign of intense contraction.
back muscles due to myositis pains,
невритом, радикулитом или другими заболеваниями.

Physiological lordosis helps a person:

  • absorb shocks when walking;
  • support the head;
  • walk upright;
  • bend over with ease.

In pathological lordosis, all these functions are impaired.

Pathological lordosis is localized, as a rule, in the same
departments, but differs from the physiological degree of bending. AT
in rare cases, pathological lordosis may occur in situ
thoracic kyphosis.

Taking into account the causes of occurrence are distinguished:

  • Primary lordosis, which develops due to various
    pathological processes occurring directly in
  • ATторичный лордоз, который носит компенсационный характер и
    arises because the body is trying to adapt to keeping
    equilibrium in non-physiological conditions for him.

More precisely, the severity of lordosis is assessed on a radiograph in
боковой projection. If its angle is less than or equal to 145 degrees, this
гиперлордоз, if more than 170 degrees – hypolordosis. AT большинстве
случаев дополнительно рекомендуется МРТ spine чтобы выявить
the cause of pathological bending and the possible consequences.

The reasons

Doctors identify the main causes of the development of curvature
spinal column:

  • вывихи, ушибы и перенесенные травмы backs позвоночного столба
    in particular;
  • bone disease characterized by deficiency
  • avitaminosis, insufficient consumption of protein – the main thing
    �”Building” material of all organs and tissues;
  • rapid puberty and rapid growth;
  • overweight and obesity;
  • small muscle mass.

Hyperlordosis of the spine is formed in the lumbar spine. it
one of two forms of pathological lordosis. With this disease
spinal flexure reaches critical deepening and protrusion
inside. The primary form develops against the background of such factors as:

  • overweight;
  • spinal tuberculosis;
  • the presence of carcinomas or other entities.

Lordosis in children is a consequence of such pathology as:

  • Cerebral Palsy – Cerebral Palsy;
  • Dysplasia of the hip joints;
  • Trauma in childbirth;
  • Rickets;
  • Kashin-Beck disease is a severe disease with
    impaired bone formation;
  • The rapid growth of the spine in adolescence in combination with
    weak back muscles.

Symptoms of lordosis

Characteristic signs of pathological lordosis of the spine:

  • knees spread apart
  • bulging belly
  • excessively flat sternum,
  • extension of the shoulders and head forward.

In addition to altered posture, the following symptoms are present.

  • повышенная утомляемость и хроническая усталость,
  • metabolic disease,
  •  back pain.

ATследствие перенапряжения спинных мышц ограничивается
mobility of the back.

Spinal lordosis Symptoms
  • head low and sharply protruding;
  • poor posture with a distinct bend of the cervical spine
  • pain on palpation of the affected area of ​​the cervical
  • occurring bouts of pain when turning the head to the side;
  • restriction of head movements and upper shoulder girdle
    due to severe pain.
Lumbar Signs of lumbar lordosis can be identified by appearance.
person is:

  • bulging belly and flat bust,
  • head and shoulders pulled forward
  • pelvis and body rejected back
  • knees apart.

Additionally noted:

  • overstrain of spinal ligaments and lower back muscles and
  • back pains occur
  • limited mobility of the back and lumbar spine
  • gait changes,
  • the metabolism is broken,
  • there is fatigue,
  • there is a prolapse of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity and
    their work is deteriorating.


Due to the disruption of the normal shape of the spine in all types
lordosis occurs a pathological redistribution of the load on
bones, ligaments and muscles. Bundles are over-stretched, muscles are constantly
are in a state of increased voltage. As a result
develops lethargy, weakness, fatigue. At the stand,
following lordosis may occur

  • Abnormal mobility of the vertebrae.
  • Multiple ladder pseudospondylolisthesis (reduction
    intervertebral disc stability).
  • Fallout drives.
  • Intervertebral hernia.
  • Psoitis (inflammatory process in the iliopsoas
  • Деформирующий артроз суставов spine.

It is necessary to consult a doctor if the following symptoms
which can be caused by the listed complications:

  • numbness or tingling in the limbs;
  • �”Shooting through” pain in the neck or back;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • muscle weakness;
  • impaired coordination and muscle control, impossibility
    bend and walk normally.


Diagnostics лордоза в большинстве случаев не представляет
hardships The disease can be suspected already on the basis of the above
characteristic changes. To confirm the suspicions
достаточно обычной рентгенографии spine сделанной в боковой

If its angle is less than or equal to 145 degrees, it is hyperlordosis,
if more than 170 degrees – hypolordosis.

In the presence of chronic diseases, additional
research. For arthritis, arthritis will require additional
x-ray images. A standard list of analyzes is also required:

  • general blood analysis;
  • blood test for ESR level;
  • blood test for rheumatoid factor;
  • total urine analysis.

The list of analyzes is consolidated; it can be expanded as needed.
or decrease. Usually for successful treatment add ultrasound of small
pelvis, electrocardiogram and x-ray of the lungs. The totality of the results allows
determine not only the degree of lordosis, but also its impact on the work
the whole body.

Self diagnosis lordosis

You need to stand next to a vertical surface, close
move to her shoulder blades, buttocks, heels. Assistant Attaches
his hand to the wall next to the loin and trying to push his fingers, and
then palm between the loin and the wall. Test results:

  1. If you had to make a little effort with this – normal
    lumbar condition, physiological lordosis;
  2. The palm could not be advanced – hypolordosis develops
    (insufficient deflection);
  3. The palm passed freely – excessive deflection.


To correctly establish the diagnosis you need to apply for
advice to a neurologist or traumatologist who will refer to
examination (MRI, radiography, computed tomography, ultrasound) and
prescribe a drug treatment consisting of painkillers
drugs, also appointed a complex of vitamins and minerals.

Before treating lumbar lordosis directly or
cervical, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the defect:
cure injury or osteochondrosis, eliminate inflammatory
процесс, избавиться от лишнего веса и т. д.

Manual therapy

  • Massotherapy. It allows you to increase the lost mobility
    cervical or lumbosacral, raise muscle tone.
  • Manual therapy. This technique allows you to unload
    intervertebral discs, relieve muscle spasms, recover
    anatomical position of the cervical vertebrae, normalize

Exercises for lordosis

Properly selected, metered, but at the same time giving
the right load on the vertebrae and limbs of motion is first assigned
specialist. ATыполнение упражнений также должно
be supervised by a medical professional until the patient gets used
perform gymnastics correctly, do not overwork, but at the same time
to work out the necessary areas.

For the prevention of hyperlordosis, the following are recommended.

  • circular rotations back and forth with arms bent in
  • neck tilts to the sides;
  • exercise “cat” – alternate bending and deflection in the lower back
    standing on all fours;
  • exercise “bridge” – raising the pelvis from the prone position
  • squats with a simultaneous tilt of the body forward;
  • any exercise sitting on a large gym ball
    (rolling, jumping, warming the shoulder girdle, bends, turns
    to the sides).

Doing exercises with lordosis:

  1. The initial position of the patient lying on his back. Lift your legs
    up, while throwing them behind his head, and then returning to
    initial position. Repeat 4-6 times.
  2. Starting position is supine. Do exercises
    press inflation – rising from the floor, without the help of hands.
    Repeat 4-6 times.
  3. In a standing position, legs shoulder-width apart to bend forward
    trying to reach the floor with fingers;
  4. Become back to a flat horizontal surface and try
    maximum cling to her heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and
    the back of the head;
  5. The same, but only on a horizontal flat hard
    surfaces with arms extended at the seams.

All exercises are done 5-10 times at the height of inhalation, and the original
position taken at the height of exhalation.


Many experts argue that the most effective method
treatment of lordosis – physiotherapy:

  • magnetic therapy;
  • UHF;
  • wearing neck collars;
  • manual therapy;
  • underwater spine traction;
  • massage of the affected area;
  • acupuncture;
  • course of physical therapy (swimming, gymnastics, etc.).

Spinal traction

This procedure should be carried out only by an experienced specialist.
manual therapist and preferably in the water. Special role in the treatment
lordosis is assigned to physical therapy.


Чтобы предупредить лордоз шейного отдела spine а также
bending and straightening of the lumbar spine, you must perform
simple rules:

  • Watch your posture in all situations.
  • Do not overload your back.
  • ATыполнять лёгкие разминки в течение рабочего дня
    (especially for office workers).
  • ATо время беременности носить специальный бандаж.
  • Do sports and walk more often.
  • Monitor nutrition and take multivitamin complexes for
    здорового позвоночника (витамины группы AT, D и А,
    calcium, magnesium and phosphorus).
  • At the slightest suspicious symptoms, consult a doctor.

To prevent the development of lordosis with back pain, with
visible violation of posture should immediately contact
medical workers, after all started treatment in a timely manner
contributes to the complete restoration of posture.

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