Sperm on guard for women’s health

Update: February 2019

Scientists of the Leibniz Institute of Physics and Technology (Leibniz
Institute for Solid Stafe and Materiales Research) proposed
A unique method of treating oncological tumors of the female genital

For quick and accurate delivery of chemical ingredients to malignant
cells were used sperm cells, which are known to
possess unique properties of motion in a viscous medium.

In laboratory experiments conducted in Petri dishes,
doxorubicin was injected into the sperm head and delivered to
malignant cells by the natural movement of sperm.

To make sperm targeted and straightforward
movements on the flagella were placed magnetic clutch and created a magnetic
field. The result exceeded all expectations:

  • Within 3 days, about 97% of the malignant were killed.
  • In the near future, experiments will be conducted on laboratory

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