Special belt from colic for newbornschildren

A newborn baby is crying, paws and legs,
screaming loudly, can’t fall asleep – these are familiar to mommies
symptoms of colic. The child makes a real tantrum, causing
panic at parents who do not know what to do with it. Before when
colic to the tummy of the baby was applied heated by iron
flannel diaper or heating pad, light tummy massage was done
(read also: how to help your baby with colic). Now there is more
modern tool – special belts of colic for
новорожденных children.

Popular brands belts: “Happy tummy” from
Adam and Eve LLC and Baby Nurse from Pecorella. Average belt price –
900 rubles.


What is a belt from colic

The belt is created in order to remove the pain in
tummy have crumbs and help the natural output of gazikov. It’s made
made of organic cotton, soft and pleasant to the touch, which is not
irritates the delicate skin of the baby, does not cause redness and does not
delivers no discomfort. Belt size
~ 12,5 * 57 см. В комплекте с поясом продаётся
battery – a bag of gel, which is heated in water.

The warming belt gently squeezes the baby’s tummy, quickly
facilitating the passage of gas. Warm terry cloth gently warms
area near the navel, relieving pain. The product is easily adjustable by
size thanks to a convenient velcro.

Warming up belt

How to apply Baby Nursey belt:

  • Take out the Herbal S Linen Pouch and place it in the
    microwave in the “average power” for 20 seconds.
  • Then carefully place it in the pocket of the belt and close it with
    using stickies.
  • Fix the belt on the baby’s tummy, adjusting the density
    прижатия с using stickies.
Baby Nursey Belt

Baby Nursey Belt

Купить поясок от колик Baby Nurse можно в интернет
магазине АКУШЕРСТВО — поясок от колик Baby Nurse

Как применять поясок «Счастливый

  • Microwave heating
    Поместите пакет с гелием (аккумулятор) в
    plastic container so that the package is completely
    covered with water. Heat it in a microwave to 50
    degrees Celsius (30-90 sec., depending on the
    power). For prolonged use, use an interval of 15
  • Нагревание кипятком: Залейте аккумулятор
    boiling water and leave it for 3-4 minutes, then remove and wipe
    his dry If the bag heats up too much, leave it on
    some time at room temperature. Product will lower
    temperature and in a few minutes will be ready for
Поясок Счастливый животик

Поясок Счастливый животик

Как пользоваться пояском «Счастливый животик»

  1. The optimal belt temperature is 45-50 degrees Celsius.
    Check that the gel battery is heated up exactly
    temperature and no more. Can attach battery to inside
    the surface of the hand – it should not cause burning or other
  2. Insert the battery into the front pocket on the belt.
  3. Lay the belt on a table, bed or other flat
  4. Put the dressed child on the belt belly down. Battery
    should be in the navel.
  5. Check the correct position of the battery. If necessary
    correct it. Only then fasten the belt. He should sit
    tight enough, without squeezing too hard belly.


The principle of the belt – warming effect, quickly eliminates
baby from pain and discomfort. Jeep depart freely
without causing spasms. The belt evenly distributes pleasant warmth
tummy baby. Thanks to this crumb quickly and calmly
falls asleep.

Precautionary measures

  • Do not heat the belt too much. Temperature – no more than 50
    degrees Celsius. The average time of heating the belt is 15-20 seconds
    in the microwave and 40-50 seconds – in boiling water.
  • When heated, the battery must be immersed in
    water completely.
  • You can not use the belt more than 30 minutes.
  • You can not overtighten the belt so that it squeezes strongly
  • Do not use the belt for skin irritations.

Reviews of mummies belt from the forums

�”The belt may not remove the problem of colic completely, but he
uniquely reduces abdominal pain. Our baby has become much
calmer We like the fact that it is comfortable and good in the belt
warms, and the gases began to move more intensively. ” Elvira.

�“Our baby’s colic was tormented very much before the belt was bought.
Tried a lot of ways before you came across the Internet
this device. But I did not immediately buy it – first
consulted a pediatrician. And he approved my decision
apply belt. ” Helena.

�“Baby has become much easier to endure colic. So that
Many thanks to the creators of the belt. Now I will recommend it
to friends. ” Alevtina.

�“I’ll be brief – this uncomplicated invention is really
helps. Anna.

�”The belt is used infrequently, only when it hurts a lot
tummy. The child quickly calms down, especially if you still take it.
on hand. Good tool for reasonable money. ”


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