Speak these 30 phrases to your child so that hegrew up happy

To grow happy and confident, the child needs
feel absolutely loved. Not contrary, not thanks. And just
because you have it. You love him, how else? Simply,
talking to him, pick the right words.

счастливый ребенок


1. I love you. I love you as the moon, around the stars and back.
2. Love you always, even when I’m angry with you and am
upset. 3. I miss you when we are not together. 4. If I
given the opportunity to choose any child on earth, I would choose
you. 5. I love to play with you, it is so interesting! 6. I
glad you’re home 7. Thank you for having me.

Believe in him:

8. I trust you. Do as you like. 9. Incredible! how
did you succeed? I, an adult, do not know how! 10. how ты
could such a thing come up ?! how здорово! 11. I believe in you, you
sure to succeed. 12. Teach me!

Appreciate his opinion and choice:


13. What do you think about this? 14. I am interested to know
your opinion. 15. howой цвет тебе больше нравится? 16. What did you want
would you eat now – cottage cheese or yogurt? 17. how ты думаешь, этот
good or evil hero? And who do you like more in this cartoon?
everybody? 18. how ты считаешь, почему так случилось? And could be
otherwise? 19. how ты хотел бы провести выходной?

Tell about it:

20. When you were born, you were absolutely tiny, like this …
(show), and you did not know how to walk and even crawl. 21. We are with
dad thought how to call you, and we were ready here such
the names. 22. When you were 11 months old you took your first steps.
See how you grew up since then! 23. We first met
your dad long ago … (tell the story of dating with her husband).
24. Sometimes I get very tired because I have a lot to do (tell about
his “adult” life).

Be grateful:

25. how я рада, что ты помогаешь мне! 26. You yourself removed from the table,
Well done! 27. Do you share with me? Thank you, you are very generous.
28. Thank you for your help! 29. You put things in order, this is the best.
news for the whole day! Thank you very much! 30. You helped me
finish things faster and now we have more time to play

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