Smoking with breastfeeding is harmful andeffects

Smoking is a scourge of modern society. Sad to watch as
barely taking off the bows of the schoolgirl, hiding around the corners, ruining their young
body smoking. But it’s even worse to see a young mom rolling
stroller and smoke. And the baby lies panting, slaughtering its
emerging lungs of tobacco carcinogens from the air, and if more
a woman breastfeeds a child, then it is generally terrible. What can
привести курение при грудном вскармливании, рассмотрим в
this article.

The content of the article

  • 1 What are harmful cigarettes
    • 1.1 Effects of Smoking
    • 1.2 Harm of smoking for a nursing mother
    • 1.3 How does smoking spoil breast milk?
  • 2 Harm to the baby from breast milk smoking mom
    • 2.1 The consequences of smoking for the child during the subsequent
      growing up
    • 2.2 TOак снизить вред курения в период ГВ
  • 3 How to quit smoking
  • 4 Video about the dangers of smoking

курение при грудном вскармливании

Smoking is a persistent psychological dependence on which
it’s hard to get rid of yourself, but you can reduce the amount of harm
is always. Nursing mothers should definitely think about
what damage do they bring to their child because of their imaginary
pleasure. Even if it is very difficult to give up cigarettes,
Try to follow simple rules when smoking nursing moms.
To combat nicotine created many systems, including
psychological. It is possible that having learned about the successful experience of other moms on
forums, you too can overcome this habit.

Самый большой вред от курения во время грудного
вскармливания несет в себе никотин. This is a toxic substance
extremely dangerous for humans. Nicotine has a lethal dose –
1 мг на 1 кг веса для здорового человека, то есть если женщина
weighs 55 kg – her to stop the heart and stop breathing
enough to smoke 55 cigarettes. But even in this case, not yet
Nicotine is taken into account, which is in the tobacco smoke itself. TO
For example, in cyanic potassium – the strongest poison – a lethal dose
not much higher – it is 1.7 mg per 1 kg of weight. Wherein
every smoker irretrievably takes 20-25 years from life …

What is harmful cigarettes

Токсичные вещества в сигарете

Токсичные вещества в сигарете

О том, насколько вредно курение мы начинаем узнавать еще со
school desk. And yet less pregnant women are ready
give up this addiction for the sake of your good health
baby Возможно, они забывают, что в любой сигарете
collected about 4000 dangerous to the human body
Of this number, about 70 can cause
oncological diseases.

Watch a presentation on the dangers of smoking

The harm from tobacco smoke is not only immediate
smoker, but also surrounding. They are passive smokers,
as they inhale the “cigarette cloud” formed from your smoking.
TOурение беременной женщины или кормящей мамы не может не сказаться
On the state of the baby, he, regardless of his desire
receive a portion of harmful substances first through the umbilical cord, and then
through mother’s breast milk.

Effects of smoking

TOормящая женщина, которая курит, должна помнить о том, что
nicotine is absorbed into its blood within the first 30 minutes. Then he
comes to the baby in the composition of the milk. It is noticed that breast
feeding in smokers is different from that which is present in
moms without a passion for nicotine.

  1. First, the volume of milk produced is much lower. it
    due to the fact that the concentration of the hormone prolactin decreases and does not
    allows you to produce milk in the right amount.
  2. Secondly, the quality of milk also deteriorates with the volume. It
    not so rich in various vitamins, beneficial enzymes,
    hormones, protective antibodies.

TOурение вредно не только, когда ребенок находится на
breastfeeding, passive smoking of children is not less dangerous.
Children from smoking families in most cases become the same.
heavy smokers already in the initial stages of puberty, and
bad habit is passed from generation to generation.

Tobacco smoke, in which the baby plunges, is able to cause
nausea, allergies, vascular spasm, various diseases
respiratory tract. The most obvious example of tobacco harm is
that instead of pure oxygen the child gets carbon monoxide,
known for its poisonous properties.

Harm of smoking for a nursing mother

Pregnancy takes away from a woman not only a lot of strength, but also
полезных веществ from the body. All necessary items for
the full birth of life is taken from the maternal resources
so after 9 months of carrying a child a woman falls into
maternity ward tired and exhausted. Improve your health
it will be possible as soon as the crumb is born. Nutritional and
healthy food, compliance with the regime will restore the lost forces,
replenish the “baggage” of vital trace elements. With a smoking woman
the renewal process most likely will not happen: nicotine staunchly
ingrained in the body, took the place of the necessary substances and now they
just no place to stay.

Cigarette addiction negatively affects emotional
the state of not only the nursing mother, but also baby Him
irritability and constant moods knock out even more tired
out of balance, so it seems that this situation is never
will end.

How does smoking spoil breast milk?

Harmful enzymes contained in cigarettes, mainly acting
on vessels: narrow them, and the milk ducts are not here
the exception. Narrowing, they do not allow the chest to pass
milk in full, hence the problems with the development
hormone prolactin. Him недостаточный уровень снижает темпы
staying milk in the female breast.

The nutritional value of milk, which carries nicotine particles,
заметно снижена (читаем статью о составе и пользе грудного
). Any food eaten necessarily affects it.
taste, so the smoking nurse, it is necessary
will be endowed with an unpleasant cigarette flavor. When tobacco
depending breastfeeding period is not long – up to 4 – 6
months. Then the milk itself begins to “go away” and avoid
this is unlikely to succeed unless a caring mother puts an end to
his “passion.”

Важно: как увеличить лактацию

Harm to the baby from breast milk smoking mom


Now imagine that partially nicotine through maternal
milk enters the body of the child. He is fast enough
spreads, and the baby begins to occur destructive
processes in a still very immature tiny body.

The first thing the little heart of the infant begins to suffer –
nicotine causes dysfunction of this organ and if the mother will smoke
throughout breastfeeding – the child may
develop heart failure. From daily
nicotine penetration into the blood of a newborn,
малыша постепенно нарушается сердечный ритм, вследствие чего
появляются такие заболевания, как аритмия,
. For the infant organism, this is the most serious
danger posed to life.


TOакие еще могут быть effects для
грудного ребенка от курения мамы?

  • Sleep disturbance – the child’s sleep is often interrupted, the baby is very
    restless, over-excited;
  • Decreased appetite, weight loss, slowing development and growth
  • Almost one hundred percent susceptibility to allergic reactions – very
    difficult to introduce new foods for feeding, skin reacts
    rashes and inflammation;
  • Malfunction of the gastrointestinal tract – the child suffers
    gas, colic, constipation, frequent vomiting;
  • Склонность к легочным заболеваниям (никотин оказывает
    влияние на дыхательную систему ребенка, вызывая астму и
    various respiratory diseases), reduced immunity;
  • Harm of smoking during breastfeeding may affect
    нервной системе ребенка, в итоге это может привести к
    lag of the child in development;
  • Smoking mom makes the child nicotine dependent in the future;
  • And the worst thing is the predisposition to cancer.
    заболеваниям и возрастает риск внезапной младенческой
    of death.

effects от курения при грудном вскармливании

Вред от курения при ГВ несоизмерим с тем
�“Pleasure” that a mother gets when smoking a cigarette.
To reduce the health effects of cigarettes, you can only drop this.
addiction, there is no other way.

If you are interested in the question, which is preferable – feed
breastfeed and smoke or translate it into artificial
feeding, there is no consensus. Breast milk
preferably for a child, and the WHO organization talks about
that when smoking up to five cigarettes a day breast
feeding can continue. On the other hand, it is unknown whose
Immunity will be healthier: a child “artificial artist” or a child
fed breast milk with nicotine.

Продолжая курение в период ГВ, будьте готовы к
that lactation will be short for you – according to medical statistics
кормление у таких матерей длится всего 4-6 months. Breast milk,
�”Flavored” with nicotine, has a bitter taste and the smell of cigarettes –
so your little one can abandon him even in
maternity hospital.

Consequences of smoking for a child during the subsequent growing up

Lactating mother, still with a cigarette,
risks the health of his offspring, not only in the period of infancy.
Addiction can negatively affect the emotional and
the physical condition of the baby, slow down his mental development
already at a more mature age.

Research scientists have concluded that with further sexual
mature child, in infancy accustomed to nicotine, is very
early tobacco-dependent. Children who were forced
употреблять никотин с грудным молоком, впоследствии могут
differ in increased irritability and aggressiveness. Usually
have a bad time at school, have problems with memory and behavior.
If we talk about health, then the children fed on milk with
nicotine is more often susceptible to respiratory problems, problems with
respiratory system and various allergic
reactions. Weak immunity and developmental delays will not allow
child to be among the best students and students.

TOак снизить вред курения в период ГВ

If you still can’t “tie” or you think that
breastfeeding and nicotine are completely compatible, then at least
limit yourself to the number of cigarettes smoked. Fundamental rules
To reduce the harmful effects of cigarette smoke on your milk:

  • The maximum number of cigarettes smoked per day – 5 pieces.
    Smoking is allowed only during the day, as at night comes the most
    the turbulent stage of prolactin and tobacco cannot be allowed
    interfere with this process.
  • Smoking cigarettes should be immediately after the crumb eat, so
    at least 2 hours elapsed before the next feeding
    getting nicotine in mom’s lungs.
  • Do not smoke in the same room with the baby.
  • Change clothes after smoking, brush your teeth and rinse thoroughly
    mouth, wash your hands from the smell of tobacco.
  • The time interval between cigarettes is 2-3 hours.
  • Eat nutritious and rich in minerals food, eat
  • Drink more fluids, it will quickly deduce nicotine
    from the body.
  • Frequent walks with the baby on the street.
  • Gradually reduce the dose of nicotine, reducing it to zero.

Итак, в любом случае, не курите в одном
with the child, when walking over the stroller, minimize
inhaling the smoke of your baby. Before manipulating a baby –
changing diapers, feeding – wash your hands with soap and brush your teeth. If a
so you can not give up this habit, then make it a rule
smoking after feeding – so less will get into the baby’s body
amount of nicotine.

Remember, cigarettes are poison. Do not poison your
child, because taking care of his health is your main goal and
prerogative. Get rid of addiction and be healthy!

курение во время грудного вскармливания

How to quit smoking

It is especially worth pondering over this if you are a mother and your baby
is now on GW. To self wean yourself from
cigarettes, it’s enough to make a list of positive facts that
you will be able to get on giving up the habit. It can be a savings.
money, improving health, craving for sports, etc. You should be
the best example for your children. Looking at their parents, baby
will likewise build your life.

The method of quitting smoking on
basis of self-restraint. From the above list, you must select
Only 4 rules and try to fulfill them. When they are tight
settle in your lifestyle, add 2 more from the list. Complete
freedom from cigarettes will come to you, while respecting the entire list.

  • Replace smoking time with sports or
    walks in the fresh air.
  • Do not smoke 2 hours before meals.
  • Do not smoke on an empty stomach. Avoid smoking for as long as possible.
    in the morning, delaying the dose of nicotine.
  • Do not smoke immediately after you eat.
  • Попробуйте заменить выкуривание сигареты на употребление
    something tasty (candy, seeds).
  • Smoke in an uncomfortable position (squatting or standing like
    uncomfortable posture).
  • Не носите с собой зажигалку.
  • Do not smoke during a telephone conversation or for
    by computer.
  • Spend rest time in interesting and useful activities, not
    spend it on poisoning your body.
  • Smoke only half a cigarette.
  • Do not pull deep.
  • Choose cigarettes you don’t like.
  • Stop smoking if someone is smoking nearby.
  • If you need to smoke, try to distract yourself with something and
    delay time
  • Do not smoke in the open air.
  • Do not take cigarettes as a present.
  • Do not rush to open a new pack of cigarettes.
  • Buy no more than one pack of cigarettes at a time.
  • Do not smoke in your home or at work.
  • If a сигареты закончились, то не стоит их просить или
  • Do not smoke while waiting for the bus, etc.

Along with this effect, folk
means (herds) and pharmacy methods (nicotine patch,
special chewing gum, pills).

Anyone who still doubts to quit smoking or not is worth a visit.
special forums and blogs. There you can read real stories.
from life, for example, about the fact that in families of smokers syndrome
sudden infant death occurs 7 times more often than in families without
cigarette addiction. Perhaps it will make you think about
какой вред можно нанести своему ребенку,
crossing their addiction successful future of the baby or
even his life. No satisfaction of your addiction
can be compared to the health and development of your child
already in adulthood.


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