Smoking will affect granddaughters smokers

Update: February 2019

Prof. Markus Pembri, together with Jean Golding, are
the leaders of the tobacco research study group,
found out: there is a relationship between smoking grandmothers along the line
mothers and their granddaughters with autism. Fruits of labor
Bristol researchers were published in Scientific

Doctors say that over the past 10 years, this disease has become
meet more and more often. Researchers claim that such
The trend is largely related to both heredity in families and
with non-compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Of course now
improved techniques that allow as early as possible
identify autistic disorder. Besides, earlier
experiments were conducted to find the connection between this disease and the fact
maternal smoking. Success they were not crowned. Today
Bristol scientists managed to shake the usual ideas
scientific community.


The large-scale study covered as many as 14,500 children who
born between 1900 and 2000. There was a study
anamnesis of their families (ie, “history”, information about family members, their
lifestyle, etc.) and watching the babies themselves. At the part
children were certainly diagnosed with autism.

And scientists have noticed a sensational pattern. Tobacco smoking
mother’s grandmothers in 67% of cases can be associated with
other manifestations of autism in their granddaughters. Among such manifestations
met low social adaptation skills, looped
behavior of babies. If we talk about addiction to tobacco in general,
That is 53% – the risk of the disease in girls from families of smoking mothers and grandmothers.

The researchers paid special attention to the fact that the risk
the formation of autism disorder was high even with
non-smoking mothers in families. Bristol scientists explain this
damage to the genetic apparatus of cells persisting from
generation to generation. But so far no explanation has been given.
gives in to the fact that the relationship described above applies only to the female
floor. This requires new experiments in the future.

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