Smoking during pregnancy – as reflectedon the baby and what harm can do

At the moment when a pregnant woman takes a puff,
poisonous substances immediately pass through the placenta into the amniotic
water. They grow turbid, while there is a spasm of the blood vessels of the head.
brain and oxygen starvation in a child. The result is
premature and difficult childbirth, the body weight of a newborn up to 2500
g, short stature, reduced head circumference, chest
cells, frequent health problems.

The content of the article

  • 1 Harm of smoking in the early stages
  • 2 Effect of smoking on late pregnancy
    • 2.1 Effects of Smoking
    • 2.2 Как повлияет курение в переод беременности на
      child in the future
    • 2.3 Effect of passive smoking on the child
  • 3 The effect of smoking on the body of a pregnant woman
    • 3.1 How to prepare for pregnancy if the woman is long
  • 4 Несколько рекомендаций как бросить smokesь
  • 5 Видео гид: Вред курения во время беременности (мнение
  • 6 Ministry of Health tired to warn and removed the transfer


Видео консультация: Можно ли smokesь беременной

Harm of smoking in the early stages

This is the most crucial period in the life of the fetus. In the first weeks on
all vital organs are at the stage of initiation. Their development
completely dependent on adequate intake of nutrients in
placenta. But along with the necessary vitamins, trace elements
tar, nicotine and other poisons are coming. This is extremely negative.
affects the further development of organs and systems.

  • One pack of cigarettes per day provokes intrauterine death
    the fetus and by 30% increases the risk of having a child with an extreme
    low weight;
  • A pack of cigarettes in combination with alcohol increases the risk of miscarriage
    4.5 times;
  • The risk of sudden infant death increases by 30%. Special
  • Excessive doses of nicotine before conception 10 times increase the risk

From 4 weeks the pancreas, intestines, sexual
organs, eyesight and smell, limbs. No wonder what exactly
pregnant smokers later most often are born blind, deaf
children, and even with the development of the legs and arms.

The effect of smoking on late pregnancy

Smoking in the second half of pregnancy can trigger
severe toxicosis in the mother. The child develops oxygen
fasting, which in the future will lead to endless bronchitis,
bronchial asthma and acute respiratory diseases.



Effects of smoking

Pathology of the placenta

Carcinogenic toxic substances and tar immediately penetrate into
placenta, cause irreversible changes in it. This leads to
pathology of fetal development. miscarriage, stillbirth.


Oxygen starvation leads to delayed and developmental pathology
nervous and respiratory system of the baby. In the future it will manifest
high incidence of coughs, pneumonia, blood clots
in the brain.

Addiction to nicotine addiction

In the overwhelming majority of cases, a mother who has not found in
the strength to get rid of nicotine addiction, children are attached to
cigarettes very early. Back in high school. Also statistics
says: the daughters of such moms are 5 times more likely to become more and

Reproductive system problems


Sons suffer the most because nicotine depresses
sperm production. They become sedentary, have
abnormal shape. Tobacco smoking causes cryptorchidism.
This is when the testicles do not sink into place. And also destroys
Y chromosome. If you do not need an heir and do not want to have grandchildren –
тогда smokesе на здоровье.

Developmental defects

Very high risk of having a baby with heart disease, pathology
nasopharynx (cleft lip, cleft palate), squint, abnormality
mental development, Down syndrome.

Huge risk of sudden infant death

Proven fact: smoking during pregnancy provokes 19%
more cases of fetal death, 30% stillborn and 22%
more sudden deaths in the perinatal period.

Как повлияет курение в переод беременности на ребенка
in future

  • One third of children develop diabetes until adulthood;
  • Another third are obese already at school;
  • Children more often than others fall behind in school from their classmates, they
    much harder to learn to read and write;
  • Hyperactivity, restlessness, often problems with
  • Oxygen starvation triggers mental retardation
  • High risk of suicidal tendencies from the very
    early age;
  • Drug and antisocial behavior is more common than
    children whose mothers were healthy before and during
  • Girls are much more infertile, and boys
    Often diagnosed with the pathology of sperm, their

The effect of passive smoking on a child

курение беременной влияние на организм ребенка

Even если будущая мамочка не smokes, но часто находится в
a smoke-filled room, she and the baby in the womb are also threatened
danger. Passive smoking can cause many problems with

  1. Improper development of the fetus.
  2. Anomalies in the structure of internal organs.
  3. Premature birth.
  4. Stillbirth
  5. Lack of body weight newborn baby.
  6. Delay in infant development.
  7. Frequent and chronic bronchitis.
  8. Asthma attacks.
  9. Heart disease.
  10. Leukemia.
  11. Frequent colds.
  12. Diabetes.

Show this list to your husband or closest associates,
которое smokes. Are they ready for such problems in the unborn child?
And after the birth of passive smokers will be one more. Even
tightly closed doors to the balcony will not be a reliable obstacle to
smoke. One hour stay indoors in which smoked
equal to a whole pack of self-smoked cigarettes. By this
reason, think twice before going to the cafe, where it is allowed

The effect of smoking on the body of a pregnant woman

  • Toxicosis in the early and late periods;
  • Complications of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Vitamin C deficiency, which leads to metabolic disorders
  • Reduced immunity;
  • Depressed states;
  • Phlebeurysm;
  • Dizziness;
  • Migraine.

Как подготовится к беременности, если женщина давно smokes

курение во время беременности

Nicotine is completely excreted one year after
the last cigarette you smoked. So if you want to give birth
здорового ребенка, бросайте smokesь прямо сейчас. Take
multivitamin, sign up for the gym – prepare the muscles and the whole body
childbearing and childbirth is very important. Do not be amiss to go on
spa resort, complete a full course of mineral treatment
water Pass all tests, pass X-ray beforehand.
Try to eat healthy, freshly prepared food.

Nicotine adversely affects not only the female body. Men’s
potency also suffers from this poison. If you want to have a healthy and
крепкое потомство – бросайте smokesь вместе с мужем или партнером.
Опыт показывает, что бросить smokesь гораздо легче, если пара это
doing at the same time.

Unlike the female, the male body is restored
much faster. Мужчине достаточно не smokesь в течение 3 месяцев,
to completely get rid of nicotine in the blood.

Несколько рекомендаций как бросить smokesь

  • Do not throw sharply;
  • In the first week, double the amount of cigarettes smoked.
  • In the second week, go to the lightest;
  • Take a few puffs and put out your cigarette. This will help
    reduce nicotine starvation;
  • In the third week, smoke only in the most extreme
  • If you follow the previous tips, in the fourth week
    вам уже не захочется smokesь.

The health of the future child is completely in your hands.
Believe me, it is much easier to give up cigarettes than constantly
wander through hospitals and collect money in social networks for complex and
costly surgery for a seriously ill baby!

История о том, как Анастасия бросила smokesь:читать
историю >>>

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Видео гид: Вред курения во время беременности (мнение

Ministry of Health tired to warn and removed the transfer

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